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You have to contact and invite people to meetings

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • 8 steps to thrive: 5. Contact and invite
  • Lesson Nugget: When you consistently call people, you will start to build momentum, and it will become easier and easier to pick up the phone.
  • Lesson Nugget: When you consistently call people, you will start to build momentum, and it will become easier and easier to pick up the phone.
  • Lesson Nugget: Have a plan of what you are going to invite your prospect to before making the call.

Daniel: Step number 5 is going to be contact and invite. Holly: Another hard one because you have your list, and now it's like, "Oh, what do I do? I actually have to call these people?" We want to look at the computer, we want to look at our list, and we want them to call us. Daniel: Sure. Holly: Hey, I put it out there on Facebook and on Instagram that I've just joined this company. Everybody's going to call me. Daniel: That'd be nice. Holly: Well, they're not, and you probably just blew it because you posted it out there. You blasted it before you picked up the phone and called them first. You're just getting in, you're excited. You've got your list of people. You've set your goals. Daniel: Yeah. Holly: I'm going to call two to three new people everyday. Maybe for you it's one person a day. Maybe for you it's one person a week. I like fast and easy rather than slow and painful. I wanted to build this business quickly. Daniel: Right. Holly: The more I started calling, the more excited I got, the momentum kicked in, your adrenaline kicks in, and it just got easier and easier to pick up that phone. Daniel: Okay. Holly: Start contacting. Start inviting. You're calling them, you're making that contact, you're introducing them to the product, the opportunity, but your mainly just connecting with them, and just saying, "Do you have a time that we can meet?" Daniel: Okay. Holly: You're inviting them to Starbucks, sitting down for coffee to introduce it to them. Daniel: Okay. Holly: Maybe you're having a party at your house coming up the next week, and you want to invite them to that. Whatever it is, have a plan because it's one thing to contact them and be excited, but how can I get in front of it? "Oh, I'm not sure, they should be scheduling something next week." Have a plan, have a meeting, have a party, something planned to where you can immediately invite them and bring them to it. Daniel: Okay. You said that by contacting and inviting, and getting the ball rolling, your confidence is growing, your enthusiasm is growing, you're gaining some momentum, and then also have something for them to point to. Holly: Absolutely. Daniel: Have some event coming up. Have something that ... Okay. Holly: You left a party, and you're all excited, and you're calling your friend, "Oh my gosh. I just went to this party. I just learned about this product and this comp plane. I'm so excited. I want you to do it with me." "Great, when can I come?" "I don't know." Daniel: I don't know. Holly: "I'll call you back when I find out." You've kind of lost a little bit of your momentum right there with them. Daniel: Sure. Holly: Always have something that you can point to, whether that's getting one on one in front of them, five to ten minutes, or it's a three-way call with your up-line sponsor and this new person, or it's a party that's actually going on and you're going to take them to it. Daniel: Okay. That's step number 5. Contact and invite.

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