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This business coaching lesson will explore 3rd party websites.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Lesson Nugget: People spend a lot of time on Facebook, which can increase the likelihood of your ad being seen.
  • Fun Factoid: Facebook's more than 1.44 billion monthly active users around the world spend an average of 20+ minutes per day on the social network, liking, commenting, and scrolling through status updates. People in the US spend much more time than that, according to Facebook's internal numbers.
  • Lesson Nugget: Facebook ads can be video-based or graphical.
  • Boom:
  • Editor's Note: If you need any assistance, email us at: info@thrive15.com
  • Lesson Nugget: Facebook Lead Ads allow you to collect customer information with a simple click.
  • Lesson Nugget: Advertising on 3rd Party Websites
  • Lesson Nugget: http://www.handmadecharlotte.com
  • Lesson Nugget: http://www.eofire.com
  • Facebook Lead Form Ads:

- So the next part is, people spend a lot of time on Facebook, and we're gonna put the stats on the screen right now, we're gonna put the actual statistics. People are spending hours on this Facebook every day. - Yeah, that's true. - Why? - Especially young people too. - Why? - I don't know, social awareness, vanity? - Talking about cats. Let's look through my Facebook for a minute. I never go on here, so I'm kind of excited to see. It's kind of like, - [Man on right] Voyeurism, maybe? - Yeah, I mean it's like, let's see what people are doing. They got a new car, Mother's Day present, I guess we just like to share about ourselves. We like to talk about our life, we like to just sorta share with people, we're socializing people, that's why, okay? So don't overthink it, advertise. People are on Facebook, they're on Facebook more than they're on TV right now. So let's get off of Facebook, it's freaking me out. It's taking me to an emotional dark place, I can't go there. Now the third is Facebook ads can be video based or graphic. So let's scroll down so we can find a video based one. Here we go, go to video based. Now video means the videos will show in the feed. Now the thing about the video-based ones, that's Mister Kayser, he's a good guy. But the video based means they're gonna be a video that plays, oh, there we go. And it's a flexible hose. Look, 'cause I have chickens, I'm probably seeing this. Flexible hose, EZ Jet transforms your garden hose into a powerful pressure washer instantly! Oh, sick, I love it. Buy me eight custom sprays. Shoots up to 40 feet away. You can clean your body with the EZ Jet. Anyway, so that's an ad and it shows it's 30 seconds long, that's the maximum, and I'm seeing it right now because it's an autoplay deal, it's an autoplay deal, and I am really excited about these ads. I've done very very well with our other businesses with this, and I'll just say, that's a great move, Thrivers. - You get that super effective video, just like you would with YouTube, right? - Yeah, absolutely. - But it's in your feed right there. - It's a great deal for you, so I'm just encouraging you to think about that. My Boston Red Sox tie is getting a little out of hand here. Okay, now the final thing is the Facebook leads allow you to collect the customer information with simply a click. They have this new thing called the instant click, it's weird, but you click it, if you click the ad, I don't know if you see one anywhere, but you click it, and it automatically fills in your information into the lead form. I don't know if we have an example to show right now, but we can add it and post that, we'll add it. So Jose and the editor team, find one of our people, add it to the screen right now. Find one of our people, add one to the screen. What happens is when you click the ad, it automatically fills in your cell phone number, bro, your email and your name. And how does it have that information? - That is creepy. But you've put that information into Facebook, so it prepopulates it is what you're saying. It pulls that out of your profile. - You've chosen to equal all income. You've chosen to put your information into here, you've chosen to give the man control of your stuff, and now communism can be yours. So that's how it works. That's how it works on Facebook, and we have very detailed trainings where you have screen-grabs and screenshots on how to do this. If you don't know what you're doing, email us Info@Thrive15.com or get out to a workshop. We do all day, all weekend workshops, they're crazy, and they're fun, they're interactive, they're life changing, they're game changing, imagine that. We don't upsell you a bunch of hoo-ha, it's awesome. Next up here, Stew, we were talking about advertising on third party sites. Third party sites, it's a website that is, you're not doing this kind of community ad exchange where you're paying Google or you're paying Yahoo for your ad to display on thousands of different websites, but you're going to a specific website, and you're saying, website, I love what you do so much, I want to advertise there. So if you look at one of our good friends, she's one of our Thrive15 mentors, great lady, her name is Rachel Faucett, her name is Rachel Faucett, neat lady. She has this website here called Handmade Charlotte, and on her website she has millions, I'm not exaggerating, millions of people who go to her site to learn about DIY projects, food, holiday, it's all these DIY kind of things. And right there you can buy an ad on her website, and that is a third party site. One more example, let's go to EOFire.com, EO Fire. This is a podcast that I've been blessed to be featured on. Neat guy runs it, just a neat guy. His name is John Lee Dumas, and John Lee Dumas, what he does is he runs this huge podcast called EOF, it's Entrepreneurs on Fire, and he has thousands and thousands and thousands of people who listen to his podcast, but at the top right, look at it, top right, what does it say? March income, $116,100. $116,100.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: Some websites sell their own advertising. In that case, you will request a media kit and pricing and work directly with the website to place your ad on their website.
  • Lesson Nugget: Direct advertising is usually limited to a specific time frame or click through rate.
  • Boom:
  • Lesson Nugget: Be sure that you understand how to measure success for a direct advertising campaign.
  • Story Time:
  • Definition Magician: An impression (in the context of online advertising) is when an ad is fetched from its source, and is countable. Whether or not the ad is clicked is not taken into account. Each time an ad is fetched it is counted as one impression.
  • Lesson Nugget: How To Measure Success on 3rd Party Website Advertisements. 1. How much money are you willing to pay per customer?
  • Lesson Nugget: 2. Make sure you are tracking your advertisements.
  • Lesson Nugget: There are many different measurements of advertisement effectiveness. Make sure you are focused on the ones that achieve your goal.
  • Editor's Note: http://www.crazyegg.com

- Where does this money come from? Well, let's look at his income report, let's click on that. No, I do not want to do whatever that asked me to do. Now I'm here, and guess what? This right here shows his income report, and where does he make his money from? He makes his money off of... - [Stew] Advertising. - [Clay] Advertising. And how do you buy an ad? How do you get featured on his program? How do you do it? You buy an ad. And the ad costs money. - [Stew] That's an audio ad, right? - An audio ad. Third party ad, though. This is the kind of stuff I'm talking about. You can do this. Now, some websites will sell their own advertising. In that case, you'll usually find a media kit and pricing, and work directly with the website to place your ad on the website. - And that's an example of knowing your ideal and likely buyer. For example, Good Charlotte... Handmade Charlotte, sorry. You know what, who is that demographic, would you say? - They're usually moms who like to do DIY, fun projects with their kids. They're going, "I do want hide my treasures in DIY s'mores boxes. I mean, I would never do that, but that's what - or, how to sew a DIY bike pan-eer - I don't even know what that word is. "How to sew a DIY back" - what is that word? - [Stew] Paneer? - Paneer backpack? We don't even know what that is, that's how out of our league we are, we don't even know what's going on there. - [Stew] That's true. - [Clay] Now, so that's what I'm talking about. That's a third-party website. Now, direct advertising is usually limited to a specific time frame, or click-through rate. What it means is they have certain parameters, certain deals where you get this many clicks for the money. You get this many clicks or you get maybe 100,000 clicks, maybe 50,000 clicks or you get clicks for two weeks, clicks for a month. They have parameters they've set up on there. - [Stew] And you need to know those. Right? - Yes. - [Stew] Otherwise you're just throwing your money away. You really need to understand what you're buying. - And I don't have a problem throwing money away. I mean, every once in a while - It's just kind of... Why does it? I want it to be louder. I just want it to be "boom." But every once in a while, you just want to throw the money away. - [Stew] It's true. - Sometimes you're - I've seen you - "That's it, it's Friday." And you just throw the money away. - [Stew] I do, yeah. - You don't even want it. Okay, and now the third thing is you want to be sure to understand how to measure success. Because again, the advertisers are going to try to convince you. This is what they're gonna do. Let me go ahead and cue up my music here. They're gonna say, "Hello, thank you for calling boomboomboom.com... Okay, yeah. Yeah, so you're looking to advertise. You're looking to grow your business, okay, yeah. So you're looking to make millions? I love your idea, your vision's beautiful. What kind of product do you have? Oh it's beautiful, you're beautiful, I love, I love-" They're gonna stroke the ego. "You have a great product, let me tell you what. Your product is so great that if you were to get your product in front of thousands of people, millions, you would make millions. You make millions, I make millions. Boom, we're all making millions." This is the story they're gonna tell. They're gonna say this, and they they're gonna say, "Here's the deal, now normally we don't do this. Normally, I don't normally do this. But I would be willing for you, because I love your product so much. I would be willing to give you a discount. And so, I'll talk to my manager. I don't know if I can guarantee it, but I'll talk to him. We have a special going right now, very limited. Don't tell anyone about the special, huge deal. And you can go ahead and start advertising right now for as little as 'x' number of dollars per impression, or for 'x' number of pennies." And every month you get a report, and the report shows you how many impressions they had. And the impressions are what, again? - Just the number of times that someone saw the page. Not the ad, but the page it's on. - We're gonna put up the actual definition on the screen here so you can see it. Just marinate on that for a minute. Just rotisserie, just slow, kinda marinate on that. Then, they're gonna talk to you about clicks. And the clicks aren't - what, I mean they're not cash. They're not money, they're not... So, if you get... how many impressions does it cost to buy a steak? - [Stew] (Chuckling] Right. - I mean, that's a question, right? - [Stew] Yeah. Right, exactly. - So I'm just saying, I mean, this is something to think about here, thrivers. So very, very important, we think about this is how many impressions does it cost to buy a steak, how many clicks does it cost to buy a steak? The answer is infinite, you need actual money. So, be very careful when advertising on third-party sites to make sure that you know how to measure success. And here's how you do it. I'm gonna give you the specific moves, and we'll put 'em on the screen here. One, you want to know how much money you're willing to pay per customer. Are you willing to pay $10 per customer, $1 per customer? Figure out that amount, and make sure the math works for ya. The second is make sure that you're tracking this. Don't just run ads, and not track where people come from. You have to track. Stewart, am I missing something? - No, I mean, we can go into specifics in another episode. But Google analytics is something we talk about, right? There's all kinds of different software to track. So you talked about landing pages earlier, right, so if I'm gonna go from that ad to a landing page, a landing page is on my site. So I can look at those statistics, right? And if that wonderful salesperson comes to me and says, "Oh yeah, 20,000 impressions." Well you know how many people actually landed on the landing page. - [Clay] That's phenomenal, man. No matter how many impressions you're having, I mean, it's amazing. The amount of clicks, what I can tell you about that. I mean, it means that people want what you're selling. "That's why you need to stay consistent for a minimum of 24 months of consistent ads. And at only $6,000 a month, I mean, it's a good deal. The thing is, I'll lower it, roughly right now, red tag special $5,000." That's how it goes. - Yeah, totally. - Now, actually, and I still wanna make sure we put this down, and I wanna commit to doing this. We're gonna have a very detailed training on how to use Crazy Egg. Stay tuned for that, look for it. Crazy Egg lets you see specifically where on the site people click, and you're gonna see what sites they came from, so you'd be able to pull up your website and see how many people came to your website as a result of the ads. Specifically, what ads they came from, where they clicked. Very specific, there's a heat map, it's awesome stuff. So before you start advertising, you want to learn how to start analyzing. And we're gonna teach you those moves, so stay tuned.

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