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This business coaching episode is about the importance of ad demographics.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Definition Magician: Local Awareness Ads: Ads that are targeted by area
  • Definition Magician: App Installs / Engagement: When a customer downloads your app or interacts with your website.
  • Lesson Nugget: Ads Manager - user friendly Power Editor - Pro, thorough tool.
  • Lesson Nugget: Facebook wants your advertisements to be successful to be able to keep selling advertisements.
  • Definition Magician : Ad Sets: Where you set up your targeting, budgeting, and ad schedule.

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-Local awareness ads, these are the ads that you can run without a lot of set up on Facebook, as if you have brick and mortar store.


-And you can run those ads to Facebook users as soon as they are in that area. So they are--

Dirty. It's a dirty move.

-Some geotargeting here. Well, dirty-- I think it's, depending how you use it, it can be very useful. Let's say you're a tourist in an area, and you don't know where you want to have lunch.

-There's about three Thrivers on the website now who are big preppers. You know, preppers? They're really into the big brother state, wanting to watch out for our privacy. And for the entirety of this training, I'm going to represent those three or four.

-All right.

-So I'm going to go with that conspiracy theory here. I'm just trying to-- I mean, really, though, you can say, oh, Clay just landed in Santa Barbara. Let's serve him this ad.

-Yeah, absolutely.

-Oh, man.

-And flights into LAX, and serve them an ad for a rental car.

-Oh, man.

-And the ad created might be that, hey, our rental cars are ready when you are.

-This is the Matrix. This is the dream within the dream.



-With rental cars, I heard it doesn't always happen that


-As installs and engagement. It's very similar, just a different purpose. Also, again, big image, call to action button. Use the app. That's the version, mobile version, down in the bottom right, the sidebar version.


-So what tools do we want to use to run those ads, and there are two tools that I would recommend that Facebook makes available for free, Ads Manager and Power Editor. Ads Manager, Facebook just improved Ads Manager a lot, and it became a lot more user friendly. You can do a lot more things. Power Editor is more the professional version, which I would recommend.

-Power is the professional.

-Power is the professional. Yeah.

And Ads Manager is what, like an amateur, just hacking away on the Facebook game, or--

-It's not amateur. I'd say maybe it's a little bit more user friendly for the average user. And it didn't have all the functionality that Power Editor has, but Facebook just improved the functionality of Ads Manager a lot. I haven't paid too much attention to Ads Manager because I use Power Editor, because usually Power Editor gets the new features first.

-Now, one thing I want to share real quick about Facebook, even though we have a conspiracy about Facebook, is they actually want you as an advertiser to be successful so you'll keep Tulsa advertising. So they keep giving you better and better tools to reach your audience more and more, and they want to make the user experience better and better so people want to stay on Facebook.

So it's kind of they're, in my mind, because the customer's always right, they're trying to make their Facebook experience better and better, and they're trying to make it easier for advertisers to have success. Is that right?

-Oh, that's absolutely correct. Yeah. As an advertiser, I want to make sure there's an audience I can reach. But that's why Facebook's very interested in keeping the audience, their users happy.


-And to keep advertisers happy, they want to give them tools that actually work.


-So advertisers have a good return on investment, on their ad dollar. So, talking about the Facebook advertising organization levels-- this is how Facebook ads are organized. First you have the campaign level, and we'll get into this in a little bit, but I'm going to get you through the chart real quick.


-So we have an idea about how it's organized. Campaign level, and then it goes into different ad sets. And you can have multiple ad sets per campaign.

-Ad sets, like different advertisements, different designs?

-No. The ad sets is where you mainly set up your targeting, your budgeting, your ad schedule.

-So your campaign is like your overall plan?

-Campaign is the overall plan, the overall objective.

-And your ad set is what, again?

-Your ad set is how you split up different audiences, for example.


-I use it for different audiences, because I want to run different ads for different audiences. And so within the ad set you have 10 different ads... Business Education.

-It's getting intense. It's getting heavy. OK.

-We'll walk you through it, and it will make sense. I think it's organized very well. I think there's not really a better way to organize it.



-Hi. Hi, honey. It's mom.

-Hey, what's up?

-How are you?

-I'm good. I'm at work, so I'm kind of busy right now. Maybe I can call you later.

-So you know how to do a Facebook?

-What do you mean, do a Facebook? Do you actually mean make a FaceTime phone call?

-No-- is that what they call it?

-Well, I'm not exactly sure what you're talking about.

-Well, you know, where you can see what you're doing.

-That still sounds like both of them.

-When people see your pictures, and--

-OK, that's Facebook. You're talking about Facebook.

-Yeah. I'm talking about Facebook. Can you copy Facebook into my new computer?

-Mom, you don't put it in your computer. You just-- it's on the internet.

-What do you mean?

-Wait a second, Mom. You have a Facebook account. I know this because you like almost every picture I post, like instantly.

-I do. But, um, I want a new one for my birdhouse business.

-OK. Just log into your account and make a page.

-I have done that. I log in, I put in all the information, I put in all the pictures, and then the next time I go back, it's all gone, and I have to do it all over again.

-When you get on, are you signing into Facebook, or signing up?


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