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This business coaching episode explains the importance of establishing affiliate accounts.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Steps To Monetize Your Blog: 3. Sell products on your site
  • Steps To Monetize Your Blog: 4. Sell your own speaking services
  • Lesson Nugget: Don't be afraid to be a catalyst and to reach out to people before they begin to reach out to you.


-So that's how that works. That's the affiliate. And there are tools for affiliates. And we have very in-detailed Thrive episodes about how to set up those affiliate accounts. But this is the concept. So you're promoting a product through the affiliate. The third is you're selling products actually on your site, like in a shopping cart.


-Make sense? So you'd actually set up a shopping cart. And the tool that I recommend for that is Shopify. Shopify.com is S-H-O-P-I-F-Y.com, Shopify. They have programs starting as low as like $25 a month. And you can set up a shopping cart that looks clean. It looks simple. It's solid.

You can do it. It's easy. You don't-- doesn't require you to really be a genius, or a great-- you don't have to vast knowledge of the classics or of nuclear propulsion. You can just set it up. You can do it. So I highly recommend you do that. And the fourth way is that you can sell your own speaking services.


-Now this is something that's kind of fun. I'm going to put this one here, highlight this. You can sell your speaking services. Well, what do you mean? Well, if you're a thought leader, if you're a blogger, if people read your blog, if people read your blog, then that means that they value your opinion about the classics.


-So you have a little button on there that says, interested in hiring Melissa to speak, call us today. Or click here. Tell us when your event-- you can submit the date of your event, your phone number, how many people are attending. If you'd like to hire Melissa to speak at your event, contact us here.

What'll happen is, is that you'll get people who do want to hire Melissa to come speak. So you just put a button on your site. And you say, want to hire Melissa to speak? And there's people that will go, yeah, I didn't ever think about that. But yeah, I would love to hire to her. Because that would be a perfect fit for my conference. So that's really how you monetize a blog. But again, just in review here for you, you have to get to 30,000. You just, you have to get to about 30,000. And then these online advertisement companies, these advertising agencies, they will begin contacting you.

But if you want to get the mojo going first, you can then reach out using these companies I gave you, beaconads.com. Or you can reach out to buysellads.com and companies like that and say, hey, I would like to begin selling ads on my site. And the first thing they're going to say to you, these companies, is they'll say, well, how many people are on your site every month? And if you say, we have 30,000 unique visitors, they go, oh.

And then they'll say, what kind of ads do you-- are you interested in? Who's your target audience? And as long as you're authentic, then the advertiser knows, OK, I could advertise with her and it will be a safe bet.


So I guess the best examples of this, Thrivers, if you want to look this up, is the Pioneer Woman. She's phenomenal. Pioneer Woman is absolutely phenomenal. There's another blog called "Lifehacker." There's different blogs out there, where people-- if you kind of want to hack your way through life, and find out shortcuts to improve your life, and ways to basically live life more to the fullest, lifehacker.com has those kinds of things on there. So it's a great blog.

There's a blog called "The Art of Manliness." One of my companies has been featured in there. But it's basically about how to be a real dude. You know, how like grow your mustache with the handlebars. How to do a straight razor shave. How to start fire in the woods without a lighter. You know, just man stuff, the art of manliness.

So you might have the most incredible blog ever about how to enjoy the classics in a very real way. But does that all make sense to you, as far as kind of review here?

STUDENT: Yeah, it's like coffee, cream, and sugar.


STUDENT: Like it.

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