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This business coaching episode explains how website design is all about complying with Google.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Action Step: Look for top Google search terms in your industry that you can optimize your website for so you can easily be found by customers looking for services you provide.
  • Action Step: Build your site using an HTML format to comply with Google.
  • Lesson Nugget: In order to have a successful and functioning website your company must be Google compliant, have backlinks, and provide original content.
  • Definition Magician: Wireframe - Images, that represents the structure of a web page or website, showing the information on it, how it is arranged, and how a user can find the information.


-Now, there's a tool I want to give you. There's a lot of other tools out there. But there's one great tool called crazyegg.com. And this allows you to monitor where people are clicking on the site-- when they're clicking, how much they're clicking, what search terms they found, OK? So Crazy Egg allows you to monitor the traffic on your site. Cool?


-So this is for traffic. This allows you to monitor the traffic. Now, the other site you're going to want to know about is seomoz.com. And this allows you to find out what people-- whoa-- this allows you to do search research. You can tell how many people are looking for this term or that term on the internet right now. And then you can make sure you're there.

So if a ton of people are looking for energy efficiency, plus the name of your town, wouldn't it make sense to be top in Google for that term?


-It tells you what terms people are looking for. Makes sense? So, example, one lady I work with, she sells gluten-free products. And she found out there were hundreds of people a month looking for gluten-free desserts. So we made sure that she came up top in Google for all the gluten-free terms.

It's totally changed her business. Makes sense? That's how you do it, though, OK? So that's the idea. Now, a couple other rules to keep in mind as we're building out your site here is you have to build your site in an HTML format. Why? I don't know. That's the Google compliance stuff.

Google ranks sites highly that are HTML formatted. You have to do it that way. Now, we have some really great trainings. And we have a document that will-- we have some training that will show you the nitty gritty of search engine optimization and how to go in and do it. But make sure your site is in HTML format.

And when possible, use WordPress, OK? It will help you. Now, we don't get paid to endorse WordPress, it just works. It's a great tool. So make sure you absolutely-- HTML format, WordPress when possible. Cool?


-Now, the way that Google works-- the equation to win in Google, this is how it works-- if your site is Google compliant-- meaning that it meets the requirements that Google has-- so Google wants to be mobile friendly, it wants to make sure that you have HTML format, it wants to make sure you have title tags and descriptions. And we have specific trainings that will get into that.

But if it's Google compliant, and you have more links-- they're called backlinks, if you have more sites that link to you. And if you have more content, original content, that equals a win. But if you do all this search engine work, which we've had people I've talked to who have done this, they do a ton a search engine work, but they don't use the tools I talked about earlier.

If they don't actually follow this system, your conversion won't be any good. So you'll have all these people visiting a site but no one buying anything. Makes sense? It's very, very important, though, that you have it Google compliant, the back links, the content, all those things added together will allow you to win. Makes sense?

SUBJECT: It does.

-OK. So the big thing with-- as you're building your website today-- what are the big takeaways? We need to build a wireframe of your actual site. Do you know how to use Photoshop?


-OK. What we're going to do-- and we'll help you and other Thrivers do this-- is we'll have some training where we'll teach people how to actually use those tools on Photoshop and that kind of thing. But before you leave, we'll have our crew here. We'll have them screen grab this beast, and we'll have our team help you make a wireframe today, so you have it.


-Is that cool?

SUBJECT: Awesome.

-So we'll get that done today. Cool?

SUBJECT: Thank you.

-And then, programmer or server guy, if you can just jot that down, we'll make sure we get that today. Cool. And you put it on your notes?


-Before you leave I'll make sure that we make a wireframe for you.

-What is a wireframe?

-A wireframe is a mockup of your website.

-Just no links?

CLAY CLARK: It's kind of like a blueprint. It doesn't actually work. It's just a mockup about how it should look. Makes sense?


-Awesome. My friend, I am pumped up. We're going to convert the heck out of stuff on Google. But you've just got to be pigheaded. We're going to give you all these tools, but make sure you follow these every time.


-So if you start company 2, company 3, you get a wild hair to start company 4, just make sure you do that. Hey, I appreciate you being here. You're a great American. Can I get a boom?

-Thank you.




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