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This episode is a business coaching course that teaches to attack the problems.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • SUPER MOVE #4 : Attack the Problems, Not the People
  • Notable Quotable: The Law of Reproduction: (how great leaders became great) Natural Gifting – 10% Result of Crisis – 5% Influence of Another Leader – 85%
    -John Maxwell
    (Best-selling author of more than 74 leadership books, with over 22 million copies sold.)
  • Lesson Nugget: You have to build good people, you just don't find them.
  • Notable Quotable: "Sensing when to hug and when to kick. Of course, arrogant people who refuse to learn from their mistakes have to go. If we're managing good people who are clearly eating themselves up over an error, our job is to help them through it. That doesn't mean you have to take it easy on your top performers."
    -Jack Welch
    (Chairman and CEO of General Electric between 1981 and 2001. During his tenure, GE increased its market capitalization by over $400 billion. He remains a highly-regarded figure in business circles due to his innovative management strategies and leadership style.)
  • Notable Quotable: “Managers will play every game in the book to avoid identifying their bottom 10%. Sometimes they’ll sneak in people who were planning to retire that year or others who already have been told to leave the organization.”
    -Jack Welch
    (Jack Welch Former CEO of GE / The World’s Largest Corporation (on Management).)
  • Lesson Nugget: According to Jack Welch, differentiation holds that a company has two parts, software and hardware. Software is your people. If you are a large company, your hardware is the different businesses in your portfolio. If you are smaller, your hardware is your product lines.
  • Notable Quotable: “Failure to deliver on commitments is, in the end, unacceptable."
    -Jack Welch
    (Former CEO of GE / The World’s Largest Corporation (on Management).)

- I'm so glad that you said that about, talking in private because this super move number three flows with our final super move here. Super move number four, which is It says this, "Attack the problems, not the people." "Attack the problem, not the people." John Maxwell, in his book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. Let me set it up for you here in his notable-quotable. He says in law of reproduction, it says this, "The Law of Reproduction is how great leaders become great." He says this, "The natural gifting is 10%, result of the crisis is only 5%. Influence of another leader is 85%." - So what allows you to reproduce as a leader? What he was talking about here is that, 10% of it is just natural gifting, you know. You're able to reproduce other leaders cause you're just naturally gifted at doing so. 10% is like, there was a crisis and so somebody in your team had to take over a key position just due to a crisis. They're all of a sudden, they're in sales. The sales manager quits, now all of a sudden they're in charge of sales. But the biggest thing, 85% of that is they had a leader who nurtured them. The leader who encouraged them. There's a leader who influenced them. And so, what I wanna do so we can really marinate on this. - [Voiceover] Yeah. I'm gonna-- - [Clay] I'm gonna kinda read this in Yoda talk here. So here we go, "Natural gifting 10%, results of crisis 5%. Influence of another, 85%" The whole thing is... The whole thing is that's big stuff here. Influence of another leader, 85%, - [Voiceover] That's huge. That's huge. - Just make sure you're get into your inner Yoda and marinate on that because, you have to build people. You can't go out there-- I see so many business owners, ahh makes me nuts. I see so many business owners say, "I cant. "Cannot find good people. "People we cannot find. "No, we cannot." And you're going... Stop talking like Yoda, one. - [Voiceover] Right. - But two, you have to build people. You can't go out there. You don't have the budget big enough to build big... To buy big people. - You know my experience Clay, in ministry and churches and leadership, direct sales. One of the greatest principles that I ever learned was when I had to address or flogged somebody in private. I always set them up by saying this, "Hey, I wanna separate you from the issue." - [Clay] Yeah. - "You, I appreciate, I love you." Whatever you wanna say. But now we're gonna address this so I would always make-- - [Clay] - You verbally separate and you say, "Hey, I'm separating you from the issue." - [Clay] Yep. - We're gonna talk about this right now. And some people call it "The Sandwich Principle". - [Clay] Oooh. - You uplift then you put like the mustard in the middle, that's the flogging area and then put the bread again. So, you're lifting. - [Clay] Yeah. - [Speaker 2] So you begin with positive then put the mustard or the yucky stuff and then you lift them up again. - To further affirm what you just said. Jack Welch, one of the top CEOs of all time. He talks about Kick and Hug. You kick and you hug, you have to do the sandwich - [Voiceover] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. - So that's really really important. But I wanna make sure, that nobody here is trying to overthink this. I wanna read this notable-quotable also from Jack Welch. - [Voiceover] Go for it. - [Clay] He says, "Managers will play every game in the book "to avoid identifying the bottom 10%." "Sometimes they sneak in people who are planning to retire "that year or others who already have been told "to leave the organization." What he's talking about is if you're not... Aggressive about attacking the problems. What will happen is that eventually you have to fire somebody. - [Voiceover] Mhmm. - And he's talking about these companies-- Jack Welch has a system called Differentiation, where you make a list of your employees. You make a list of the bottom 10%. You make a list of that middle 80%. Then you have your top 20%, and you want them to know where you stand. What he's talking about is... A lot of companies don't do this, they don't differentiate, they don't tell people where they stand. And then eventually they have to find a way to fire the person. So they start to say, "Greg, you wanna retire early? "Retire, it's time to retire." And they're looking for health issues, they are looking for reason to lay people off. They're looking for some excuse because they don't want to tell you that the reason why that they're being fired is because of lack of performance. So what you want to do is, you want to attack the problems not the people. And then people can handle it. They can do-- A lot of people, I'd say 75% of people can be corrected if you attack the problem and not the people. - [Voiceover] In the right way, yeah, Jack Welch also said in this notable-quotable, "Failure to deliver on commitment is, "in the end, unacceptable." Can youthis for us? - Yeah, it's a deal where as a leader, leadership is so different than follower-ship. As a follower, we go, "The boss, if I was boss. "I tell you what, if I was boss, what I would do is "I would be less bossy." "You know, I'd do that, I'd be less bossy "and then I'd probably share the wealth more. "And you know, probably get in there and share my wealth. "And I'd probably let people lead cause "people want to lead themselves, you know? "And I find that, I'm not gonna "push my leadership on other people. "I tell you what, if I was a boss, "I'd probably let everybody have steaks all the time. "And I'll probably, I wouldn't even manage their hours. "Cause I'd just be like, boom! "And people would wanna work for me "cause I'm the kind of guy you'd want to go on a boat with. "And then be stuck on that boat on the lake for months." And youwhat are you talking about? It's easy to like be that guy who's judgemental of every boss. But when you are the boss, if you fail to deliver on a commitment as I mention to you today. We had a guy on our team, he didn't get a pay check today. My fault. It's not acceptable. Not cool. I don't know what's going on. So you know what I'm gonna do, tomorrow is Saturday, I'm gonna get it taken care of. You know what I mean?

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Notable Quotable: “Every company must deal decisively with people who don’t perform satisfactorily….Great people, not great strategies are what [make] it all work (GE).”
    -Jack Welch
    (Former CEO of GE / The World’s Largest Corporation (Leadership) - See more at: http://www.makeyourlifeepic.com/success-quotes-the-essentials-volume-3/#sthash.M77oidxA.dpuf)
  • Lesson Nugget: When an individual is not performing satisfactorily or unwilling to change, it is best to remove them so his or her negativity does not spread throughout the company.
  • Lesson Nugget: A major requirement of being a manager, a leader, or a person of authority over others is that you must earn the respect of your people as a result of the mastery of your craft, details and on-going learning.
  • Lesson Nugget: You must praise your people 3 times for every one time that you correct them or they will not be able to handle your critical feedback without experiencing an emotional break-down.
  • Lesson Nugget: We all need candid feedback and coaching to become the best we can be. No one needs humiliation.
  • SUPER MOVE #1 : You Must Be A Source of Wisdom
  • SUPER MOVE #2: The Power of Public Praise
  • SUPER MOVE #3 : The Power of Private Floggings
  • SUPER MOVE #4: Attack the Problems, Not the People
  • Lesson Nugget: Separate the problem from the person and then attack that problem with great enthusiasm.
  • Lesson Nugget: Don't try to make a leader out of someone who is not a leader yet and not ready to take on responsibilities that are beyond them.
  • Editor's Note: For all FREE downloads, email us at: info@thrive15.com
  • Editor's Note: All Workshops are FREE to attend for all of our Thrive15.com subscribers!

- It's easy for someone on the team to go, "Well, see, if I was the boss that wouldn't happen because if I was the boss, I would be less bossy and I would be more payment-y. I'd pay people and I'd boss them less." - You know, ultimately, people are the ones making your industry and your business grow and making a vision effective. Here's another notable quotable that goes with what we've been sharing by Jack Bulls himself again, he says, "Every company must deal decisvely with people who don't perform satisfactorily. Great people, not great strategies are what made it all work at General Electric, GE." - Yeah, so what you do is attack the problem, not the people but if the problem cannot get off the people, if it's... Have you ever had a deal where you missed a shower? - Yeah. - You're camping maybe, and you're like, "What's that smell?" And you're like, "What's that smell? That smell, wow, that smell is me." And now the smell follows you around all day. If you've got someone on your team that just has that funk, that funk, that nasty, that gross stuff and you start to go, I can't seperate the problem from this person. It's like the funk is always following them. The two are synonymous. It's like a cloud of negativity and sarcasm and screw upness and jack assery and mistakes and just stupidness, negligence or whatever. Eventually you have to go ahead and part ways and replace that person with somebody else. And you remove it the way you'd remove a cancerous growth. Because it is cancerous, it does spread. - That's a great action step right there. - Yeah, just remove the cancerous growth. Just get it out of there. - It is. That's worth talking about in our session in this episode on public praise and private flogging, these forcible removals. I want review and recap each and every one of these before we let everybody go here. Super move number one, you must be a source of wisdom. The lesson nugget here, Clay, what's the take away? - Well the lesson nugget here is the major requirement of being a manager and being a leader or a person of authority over others is you must earn the respect, you must earn the respect of the people as a result of the mastery of your own craft. The details and the ongoing learning. Nobody's going to respect you if you're not a master of the detail and the craft. You don't show a commitment to ongoing learning. If I walked into this building and I was like, "Henceforth, I will not ever read a new book. I will show up late and I will dress like an idiot." It wouldn't be long until you would lose the respect of everybody. So you've got to earn that respect everyday as a leader. - That's it. Our super move number two, as we go into review here, the power of public praise. The lesson nugget here is you must praise your people three times for every one time that you correct them. I mean you're praising them three times for every one time that you correct them or they will not be able to handle your critical feedback without experiencing an emotional breakdown. - Praise people three times for every one correction. Praise them three times for every one correction. If you don't do it, not good. - There we go, super move number three here, the power of private floggings. The lesson nugget, we all need candid feedback and coaching to become the best we can. No one needs humiliation. - Yeah, and that's hard. And I'll tell you this, I'll give you an example of boss' behaving badly. We had one guy years ago who I knew was not trying hard. - [Man] Yeah, what did you do? - Well, what I did, you shouldn't do this, I had given him almost no praise and he, you know, had either lost motivation or wasn't trying or whatever. And I, in front of everyone, was like, "What is wrong with you? What is wrong with you, seriously? Like, what is wrong with you? Are you an idiot? I can't even be around you, you just make me crazy." One, I shouldn't have said that in front of everybody. Two, I definitely should have praised him a lot before I had ever been critical. Three, I should have actually had a specific thing he could have done better. I mean, every one of these leadership moves. I was not being a source of wisdom, I was not demonstrating the power of public praise, I was not privately flogging the guy. I was not attacking the problems. I did everything wrong. - [Man] You were attacking the person, which is super move number four, which is attack the problems, not the people. The lesson nugget here, the take away is seperate the problem from the person and then attack the problem with great enthusiasm. - Yeah, and a bonus little super move here is don't go out there and attempt to put a perm on a frog. Let me walk you through what I mean by this. I tell people this all the time. Don't try as a leader to go out there and make somebody a leader who's not a leader. That's an insane example you'll probably never forget. You don't put a perm on a frog, if you put a perm on a frog, one, there wouldn't be enough hair to make it work. But the frog would still be a frog and it'd be gross. So don't sit there and have a leader, don't find somebody with no, they're not ready for leadership yet. Don't force it on them and then go, well, let's put a perm on him and then we'll get him in the boss' seat. You know, you used to see that in the time of kings. They would take boys who were kings, their father would pass away and the king was 16 years old, 15 years old, 17 years old and all of the sudden they put them in charge of a whole kingdom. Because of just the lineage and you'd see it crumble. So you want to make sure you don't put people in a position of leadership until they've shown they can be diligent and good stewards of the little things you give them. - There you go, there you go. And for all of you that are watching, if you want to get any downloads, they're free. They can just email us at info@thrive15.com. - [Clay] All the downloadables, the transcripts for the episodes are there. And we always have the Ask the Mentor button so you click that if you have any questions. - That's powerful. - The final thing I want to tell you is that if you email info@thrive15.com, you can attend our workshops. They're always free. Just book a time, come on out. - Free? - Free. For free? That's included with your membership. Yes, and you get training from specific Thrive mentors. You come here to Tulsa, we will take care of everything for you, it's awesome. You've just got to get your hotel and airfare but we literally do workshops, one on one, working with you or in group settings. Awesome stuff. Underutilized resource, but the people who do it, love it, so boom. - Awesome, well Clay, thanks again. It's been an incredible topic to talk about. Thank you all for watching here today. We'll see you next time at Thrive15.com. - Bang. Boom.

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