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This business coaching lesson teaches about audio features.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • 25 Variables to Google and User Compliance: 19. Audio features
  • Lesson Nugget: Name the audio file in a way that people would actually search for in Google.
  • Lesson Nugget: Visit the ThriveTime Podcast at podcast.thrive15.com
  • Recommended Resources: BluBrry PowerPress http://create.blubrry.com/resources/powerpress
  • Recommended Resources: Pat Flynn's Smart Podcast Player https://smartpodcastplayer.com
  • Lesson Nugget: On your podcast URL, be sure to write the most search engine related terms first.

- OK, so we just covered video features now we're getting into audio features. It's a little bit similar, so you're going to use some of the same principles, but it's a little bit different and we want to show you guys some examples. So Clay, get us into audio features. - Well keeping with the theme, one, if you wanna mispronounce it, you wanna say "aw-dee-yoh." You wanna say "aw-DEE-yoh," everybody "aw-deeyoh." If you have that kinda of dialect people might go "where are you from?" "Aw-deeyoh." Like are from South America? North America? You from Canada? "awdeeyoh" And people will eventually begin to believe it's kind of like a secret word you have. So just giving you life tips here. But here we go. Seriously I had to upload these audio files. It's the exact same thing you do with a video file. But I want to make sure you do it. When you save the audio file, if you're recording a message on a phone, or you're recording something in a audio recording program, you just want to name the file what people would actually search for in Google. So if someone's in Google searching for Tulsa PR firms, name your audio file "Tulsa PR firms." That's how it works. And what you can do is there's actually tools, what's the tool that allows you to, if someone wants to make a podcast, Marshall what's the tool you recommend? - [Marshall] Well there's gonna be a number of different tools that goes into making a podcast, and we'll actually film a training on how to upload your own podcast to the internet. But specifically, what we use for podcasts you can get there at podcast.thrive15.com or find us on iTunes. And I'm gonna have Jason walk through specifically where to upload that in WordPress. - [Clay] Let's do this real quick, two things. Jason if you can go to podcast.thrive15.com and just show 'em real quick. This is our podcast, a lot of people don't know, but this is kind of a secret move as well, kind of a shhhh don't tell everyone except for everyone in the world! But this is our podcast portion of our website, where you can listen to podcasts while you're driving, you're going to work, you're, whatever you're doing. Mowing your lawn, it's good stuff. If you scroll down we have all sorts of podcasts coming out. And if you wanna watch the video file you gotta be a subscriber like you. So that's how it works there. But Stew, walk us through where to upload the audio file. - [Jason] Well back to WordPress guys. So we've got a WordPress site, and we're using a plugin called Blubrry PowerPress and we can put a link up for that. And that's a plugin you can download and integrate straight into WordPress. - [Clay] Marshall do you know how much does that cost? I don't think that one's free, is it? - [Marshall] No, the Blubrry's gonna be about ten dollars if you're using the hosting platform. And about seven dollars if you want the statistics associated with it. - [Clay] And what tool do we use to actually make the play button for a podcast. What tool is that? - [Marshall] That's the Smart Podcast Player. It's a plugin developed by Pat Flynn. You can Google it by typing "Smart Podcast Player." - [Clay] We'll send you a link. If you want it just email us info@thrive15.com. We'll send you the link. What does that cost? - That's gonna be about 14 to 20 dollars a month. - [Clay] A month? OK, so I'm just trying to think, these tools are available, 14 to 20 bucks a month. And this tool, this tool you're just showing here this is called Blubrry, you said? - [Jason] BluBrry PowerPress - Is that a one time purchase, or is that a monthly? - Well the actual plugin that ties it all together is free, but what he's talking about is the analytics you can see how many people listened to it, watched it. - [Clay] OK cool, well show us how to do it my friend. - OK, so we won't dig completely into all the details but I'll just show you kind of high level. So what you're looking at is WordPress. And this is a part of the plugin right here. So you'll see this long, ugly thing right here. What you see there is the mp3 at the end. mp3, that's an audio file. Think Napster. Oh my gosh. - [Clay] Back in the day! Napster, bro! - [Jason] Oh yeah. See this right here? This is what you're talking about, Clay. So naming "CEOS-Creating-Value" So that's the keyword sequence you were talking about. Also happens to correspond with the title of this particular podcast. And so we'll talk in a later training about how to tie all these tools together, but that's that audio file. And so if I click the play button, that's what's gonna play. - [Clay] When you upload the files as podcast url, you wanna always make sure, Thrivers, that your url, you put the most important search engine-related terms first. So where it says podcast.thrive15.com/episodes. Right there I would, say if you owned a bakery, you'd wanna put "podcast.thrive15.com/tulsabakery" or something like that. You know, whatever term you're focused on, you wanna put that first in the search. Because, in that actual url, because Google's gonna find it easier, OK? Everything we're teaching you, Thrivers, is 100% doable. It's things that you can do. We do not want you to be intimidated by this. We wanna walk you through it. So if wanted to add media, Stewart how would I add media? - [Jason] In WordPress we've got a whole section for media. So you can click that, you can upload mp3 files, images, whatever it is. In this case it's audio files, mp3 files. - [Clay] And Thrivers, there's no question too small. If you have a question email us info@thrive15.com. We knock it out, we'll make you trainings. No big deal. Marshall, am I missing something? - [Marshall] No, that's exactly it. Use the media uploader on WordPress. That's what's gonna turn it into that link, and make sure that the keyword is in that link. - [Clay] It's probably a weird time to tell you, but I want you to know you might be America's most beautiful man.

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