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This business coaching episode explains how to be completely candid.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Editor's Note: The 1st Attempt To Say No - saying it with respect and kindness.
  • Editor's Note: The 2nd Attempt To Say No - Say no, but clarify as to why you cannot.
  • Editor's Note: The I-Don’t-Have-My-Taser-On-Me-So-I-Will-Have-To-Tell-You Know-A-3rd-Time-No!
  • Editor's Note: For more information about the Weekend Workshops that are included in your subscription, email us at info@Thrive15.com

- So as a manager or a business owner, - Yeah. - If I'm talking with employees, you know I still have to treat them with respect if there's somebody that we wanna keep on the team. - Absolutely. - Just being candid does not mean you have to be a jerk. - And being real, if you don't wanna keep them on the team, then you don't need to do these moves. - Well, then it's kind of, you can watch our firing episode and we can work through that that way. - Absolutely, absolutely. - So Clay, thank you so much for diving into these super moves real quick, for how to say no, the three proven strategies for the different attempts to say no. - I'd like to begin with a good role-play. - Okay, let's do it. - I would like to ask you for a moment of your time. - Okay. - And I'll kinda throw out something that's a complete waste of time, and I'd like for you just to go through the three moves, is that okay? - Yeah, this is gonna be excellent, this is gonna be live with the Thrivers here. - Okay here we go. Hey Marshall, wanted to see if we could meet in the bathroom stall, the lock it's kind of loose, I wanted to see if we could meet, and kinda talk about a strategy to kinda how to, you know that, and then like the coffee machine, I need to talk about that, it's the coffee and the bathroom thing, I wanted to ask you, I just feel that there's that American flag hanging up in the office and I don't really like that too much, and I wanted to see if you could meet about it. - You know, Clay, I appreciate that, I'm not gonna be able to do that, so I appreciate you asking me, but I don't think so. - Here we go, round two. Why? I mean I just feel like the American flag thing it's kind of offensive, and then you've got, it's a huge American flag in the office, it's kind of offensive, and then you know the bathroom, it's just the little thing that jiggles a little bit, and then the coffee, we need to get a different kind of coffee in there, I feel like a lot of people want organic, more of a form of organic, you know kind of stuff, like there's a really awesome new organic drink we could get and I feel that we should have those. - Clay, I understand that that might be a problem for you, but I'm actually booked with clients the rest of the day, and tomorrow's gonna be crazy busy for me, so I don't think we're gonna be able to have that meeting, I'm already booked out. - Round three. Well so, I mean but the thing is the flag, it's like so big and so offensive, and so many people are like, "I love you know like "the Soviet Union and I love like you know Japan, "and you don't have..." You have the American flag and it's just offensive, and then you've got in the bathroom it jiggles, and then you don't have the organic coffee, I just feel like the organic coffee, I can't work under these conditions, Marshall. When can we meet? - Well, Clay, again I appreciate you telling me, but I really don't care how you feel about the American flag because we are very patriotic here in the office. I don't care what you think about the coffee, and this two minute conversation is already two minutes more than I wanted to spend talking about this, so please go get back on task. - Okay. Boom! That was awesome, Thrivers. That's textbook, that's the three moves. - That's the three moves. - You do that all the time, you were ready, you were ready for that, that was ugly. That wasn't even a role-play, that was real life, that was real stuff right there, except I'm not the one usually bringing up those crazy ideas. - Yeah, those crazy ideas... - That happens, does it not? - It happens every single day. - Every day? I mean, every day you do this. - Every single day, and so Thrivers, find somebody in your office that you could maybe role-play through those three different moves, three different moves kind of escalating, and it gets a little bit more candid every single time. But that's gonna be super helpful for managers or employees dealing with co-workers, you know anybody on a daily exchange, you know it's a really good way. - Get your time back. Take back the night. Quote Justin Timberlake, "Take back the night." - We always like to work in a shameless J.T. reference wherever we can. - "Take back the night." - So, thank you Thrivers. -Ba-da-pa-pa-pap, pa-pa-ra-pap.

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