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This business coaching episode explains why you must become action oriented if you want to achieve success.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • The Formula for Success | ADAPT or Die: 3. Action Orientated
  • Notable Quotable: “Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit.”
    -Conrad Hilton
    (Failed banker who went on to found the successful Hilton Hotel corporation)
  • Lesson Nugget: You are going to need a little more hustle than what you are comfortable with as a top level business entrepreneur to be successful.
  • Lesson Nugget: To be successful you must have a lot of energy because high energy people tend to get more things done.
  • Ask Yourself: In what areas are you currently stuck and not taking action?
  • Action Step: Become action-oriented.

- So we got A, D. We're talkin' about ADAPT here, it's an acronym. So A, action-oriented. Number three here. So I'm gonna tee this off with a notable quotable. - [Voiceover] Yeah. - We got a notable quotable from Conrad Hilton, okay? - [Voiceover] He started the Hilton. Hotel chain. - Hmm, the Hilton. Have you stayed at a Hilton recently? - I have actually stayed at a Hilton. And I will tell you one of my favorite speaking events I ever did was at the Anatole Hilton in Texas, Dallas, Texas. Huge hotel, awesome. - Fun fact. Okay, notable quotable here. 'Success seems to be connected with action. 'Successful people keep moving. 'They make mistakes, but they don't quit.' - [Voiceover] Yeah. - Tell me about this. - I'll just say this, you have to have that relentless push, that push, that pushing, pushing, pushing action-oriented. You have to always be taking action. Walking fast, making calls, responding to emails, staying aggressive, staying focused. You can't have a whole lot of lethargy, a whole lot of slow, I don't know, why don't we think stop and think about it for awhile. You gotta move, you gotta move, you gotta move, you gotta have the hustle. We have a lot of thrivers in Boston right now. A lot of thrivers in Boston. And these guys are like, boom. Boom, hey. Boom, Tom Brady, boom. I went to Foxborough to go watch Tom Brady play. And we'll call this the Temple of Boom out there in Foxborough. Now I go there, and people in Boston, if you have your signal on and you don't immediately hit the gas when it turns green, they're layin' into that horn. Boom, hey move it buddy. Boom, move it, hey. Lobstat, Tom Brady, move it. Lobstat, move it. Go, come on. Hey buddy, boom, hey buddy. So you're goin' to order food at this restaurant and there's the waiter, he's just aggressive. "So you're gonna order a what?" I mean, I just sat down. Yeah, not all Bostonians are like this, but I just noticed they have this sense of urgency, like "Hey buddy, you done eatin' here? "Because someone else is in line." I mean it's just like, they just they move. And you're gonna have to have a little bit more hustle than you're comfortable with to be successful as a top-level business person or an entrepreneur. You have to be action-orientated. That's what you have to do. - Are you saying like move with thinking? Or just move just to move? I mean do I think about what I'm gonna do? - Well, what you have to do, is yes, you have to take time to plan. Everyday you have to think about what you're gonna do. - Oh okay, so I got a plan. - You gotta block off time for meda-time. And so what I would make sure that everyone does is you make time in the morning to go ahead and plan out your day. Kind of ordain your destiny, build your schedule, build your KPIs, your Key Performance Indicators. But then during the day, you gotta fire aggressively, you gotta move, move, move. If you're gonna be successful, you just have to have that energy. You know, Donald Trump is always talking about low energy and high energy. Forget the political ramifications of mentioning his name right now, but he's always talking about high energy and low energy. And the result, the bottom line is high energy people tend to get more things done. You've got to decide to be high energy. It has to happen. - Okay, so for all of the thrivers, you need to ask yourself, in what areas am I currently stuck and not taking action? So if I'm just sitting around, waiting for the phone to ring just because I have a phone number, I think that it is going to actually ring? Am I actually going to get use out of it? - [Voiceover] Unless you can sell tele-marketers. - So I need to ask myself, what areas am I stuck and not taking action? First recognizing, what are those areas? And then become an action bias, action-orientated. - Yeah, always have an action bias. And I'll tell you, when I sold my DJ business, after I grew it, I sold the company and for awhile, I had worked so hard to build it, and when I sold it, I was used to activity. 'Cause when I ran the business, my phone would ring all the time. Because I spent so much time sowing seeds, I'd answer the phone and it would always be a new deal. We had a call center of people and I'd say 60% of their day was devoted to just answering the phone because of all the marketing seeds we had sown over a long period of time. People would just call us. So when I sold the business, I find myself now wanting to get into the world of marketing. Starting a marketing company. And I thought well, you know, for awhile there, you get in the habit force, you get used to things. I thought, well, my phone will just ring right? I mean I don't know if I ever said that out loud, but I started thinking that. I remember how lonely it felt. The phone's not ringing, no potential employees are calling me to join the team, there's nothing happening. It's just me in this quiet room. I remember that. I was just like, that, this is weird, I gotta fix that. So action. Pretty soon you start taking action. Pretty soon you start running into some clients. Pretty soon you start running into some potential teammates. Boom, things happen. You have to take action. - What about if you're action marshal and clay action-wise but not enthusiastic because it's not part of my personality of my DNA of my makeup? If you're a thriver, you say, 'You know I got the action, 'but I'm really known, can I succeed? Because it sounds like you're saying you gotta be, with action, you gotta be super excited in order to be a success, am I missing it?

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Jargonization Translation: Strong excitement about something : a strong feeling of active interest in something that you like or enjoy.
  • Lesson Nugget: If you don't believe with enthusiasm in your product or business, no one else will.
  • Editor's Note: If you lack energy and enthusiasm...Taser yourself on your thigh.

- Well if you study the origin of words. One of the words I like to say a lot is enthusiasm. Like you said enthusiasm. And enthusiasm comes from the Greek word, the Greek word being theos. In theos. So theos means God. - [Voiceover] Mhmm. - So God within is kind of the literal translation. So if you're gonna have enthusiasm that just means you have to act like God is within you. Now I believe that God is within you. I believe that the holy spirit is within you. Some people don't believe that, that's fine. But the point it, you have to run around with enthusiasm. You have to believe that there is, so it's like God is speaking, so if someone calls me today and says, just happened today, Caesar's Palace, December, gonna be there. Boom. Had a lady call today. Hey, Ellen, Ellen, if you're watching right now Ellen, I am like so excited that you're watching. Big shout out to you, Ellen. But Ellen calls today and says we've narrowed it down between you and a different speaker, do you think you'd be a good fit for our group? I could say, well I think I'd be pretty competitive. But I said, let me tell you this, not only am I the most humble speaker that you're ever gonna talk to, I'm actually, I gave myself the trophy last year, Ellen, the most humble speaker you'll ever, you know, talk to. But we, all of our packages, we do five things that no other speaker does. One, we totally customize the talk for you, so we have a whole research team that'll customize the talk. Two, we combine entertainment and education. Three, we do interactivity, during the talk, we do interactivity. Getting people involved, workshops, that kinda thing. Fourth thing is we include a book for everybody. And the fifth thing is we're there all day, unlimited time, none of that rush stuff. It's the best value on the planet. And if I don't believe that, who is going to, right? Is anybody gonna come, like we talked about, come to my aid, and come to, you know. No, the cavalry is not coming. So you had to have the mentality like, if I can't wow her, who is going to? So I have to have that enthusiasm. If you don't have the enthusiasm you need to go taser yourself, right? You wanna taser yourself in the inner thigh. Not in a way where you're going to permanently injure yourself, but you wanna get pretty high up that inner thigh. Pretty high. Not super high, but pretty high. And you wanna get there and you wanna, ah! And then everyone'll say what? Yeah, hey! Hey! Hey! Anyway, like I was saying. I'm gonna be the great, I'm gonna be the best speaker that you would ever have Ah! Oh! Sorry! Sorry. And you know, you have to keep, seriously, you have to taser yourself. I'm not even kidding. You have to find a way to zap yourself out of that zombie-like lethargy state. So many people live in there. People are asleep. You're listening right now, somebody's listening right now who is asleep. I'm saying to you get up! Get excited. Get outta that coma. That ridiculousness of just the ho hum. Get excited. This is the day that, you know, people believe that the lord has made. Maybe you don't believe that, but this is an ordained day. This is your day. - [Voiceover] Rejoice brother. - So you've got to get off of your, you know-- - [Voiceover] Blessed assurance. - That's right. And you have to go ahead and take action. Massive action. You gotta do it. That is why, that is why this campaign to get Marshall a girlfriend will not stop! - [Voiceover] Never, nunca, no mas. - Until we find the right one.

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