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This episode is a business coaching course that explains the process of how to become newsworthy.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Definition Magician: Anchor Text - The text that appears highlighted in a hypertext link and can be clicked to open the target page
  • Definition Magician: Hyperlink - An element in an electronic document that links to another place in the same document or to an entirely different document. - Webopedia.com
  • Lesson Nugget: Google has a ranking system that determines the positioning of sites on a search. It displays sites according to website architecture, backlinks, and the amount of original content a site provides.
  • Action Step: Explore a competitor's website to find key terms, descriptions, title tags, etc. and then implement and add to your website to get your company at the top of the Google search.
  • Action Step: In order to dominate your competition on the internet, you need to have twice as many backlinks to your site.
  • Definition Magician: Site Map - Site maps help users navigate through a website that has more than one page by showing the user a diagram of the entire site's contents. - Webopedia.com

learn business like you watch netflix, find the game changer


-So, the thing is you have to have the anchor text, this is a game changer. That's why I said I don't want to get too into it because it's a lot there. But it's a deal where I've done this for companies over the past, not decade, but probably seven years where we just get people topping Google, and it's a system you can totally do yourself. It's totally doable.

But if you look there, you see it says, "anchor text?" so what it is is you're telling the site, hey-- there you go. So you see it-- put your mouse to the right-- OK, you see those words up there? It says Dallas DJs. DJs in Dallas. Dallas [INAUDIBLE] DJs. It means somewhere on their site, those words are selected.

Those words appear, and there's a hyperlink. It hyperlinks to those words. So if the word was "dog," you would hyperlink it from the word "dog" to your site, and that would count as a backlink. So the anchor text has to be right.

But if you have more backlinks than anybody else, and you've got no content, and you have good architecture, it adds these up, these three, and sort of your rank equals your Google rank. It's essentially how it works. So we just have to make sure that your site is topping Google.

And I believe that you can beat the heck out of anybody in Richfield already. So let's do an example. Let's do a Google search for-- keep that SEO thing up there-- let's do a search for Richfield. Is it in Connecticut?

MAN: Yes.

-Richfield, Connecticut. And I know that we're not a nursing home, but just work with me on this. so type in "nursing home."


Select-- there it says, "metacontent." Richfield Crossing. Select all those words right there. Oh, yeah. That is my homey's description, and you can find in there his description, and his keywords, and everything that you need.

And in this massive training, David, its in there where it lays it out for you. But you can go in there, and you can look, OK, what are the key words he's using? What is the description he's using? What's the title tag?

But now let's go back to his site.

Because we got to figure out, well, what causes him to be topping in Google? So copy his URL. So you're copying his website address up there. And then we're going to go back into the Backlink Checker, and we're going to paste it in there, and we're going to find out how many backlinks this guy has, right? Because we want to know if we can beat the guy.

Come on, Richfield!

And this works for any site out there. You can check how many backlinks they have. And again, SEOmoz, M-O-Z, that's the program that's a paid service, so you don't have to look at all these stupid ads.

So look at this, David. He has 111 backlinks. Now let's scroll down.

MAN: Can you view the backlinks?

-Oh, yeah. So he's got one from Facebook, his own Facebook. He's got one from his own blog.

Oh! Oh! Ew. Right here.

What he's doing is he's got "The Time Spring Digital" is his new lifestyles magazine, Connecticut. Keep scrolling down. Here will just see where he's getting his links from.

Now the thing is, my friend, you need to get more backlinks than him. If you want to beat him, we need to get two times as many backlinks. He has 111, so for this exercise-- and I realize you're not a nursing home, but just work with me-- you would need 222.

Now for the amount of content he has-- we'll pull that up in just a second on content. So we'll go to his website. We're going to look at how many pages of content we'd have to write.

So scroll down.

Oh, yeah. See right there. He's got all the-- he might not look the best in the world, but he's got all the Google stuff. You have to have a side index at the bottom. Click that site map.

Oh, yeah. He's following the rules. Here are all of the pages he has indexed. Look at all that.

Oh! Look at all those pages he has, David. So click one of them.

And you click it-- oh, look at what he has. He has another website. Is this right, Marshall? Is it another website that looks almost the same?

MARSHALL: Yeah, it's a different URL.

-Oh! So we see he has a series of websites that all link to each other, and that's how he's doing it.


Are you looking for a business game changer?

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: Each page or article needs to be a minimum of 500 words.
  • Recommended Reading: Guerrilla P.R. 2.0: Wage an Effective Publicity Campaign without Going Broke - Michael Levine
  • Lesson Nugget: The Dream 100 is a list of people you compile and systematically send information to about your company.
  • Action Step: If your time is limited, work on PR at night, but schedule time during your day to pitch your story to reporters so you have a better chance of talking with them.

[MUSIC PLAYING] -But let's go ahead and click back. Go back to the site. And then just kind of scroll up a little bit. Click on benchmark stories. So this is all text. Look at all this text. Oh man, read more. Read more. Rea more. Oh, look at all this text. And remember, Google loves text. So, again, just trying to help you get an approximate idea. You would count how many pages of content this guy has, how many words, and you'd want to do two times as many. So for the sake of time in this, I believe that this guy probably has about 100 pages of content. And so to be homey, you're going to need to do about 200 pages of content. Now just to give you an idea, if you use the Dragon software, and you turn talk into text, 500 words equals 5 paragraphs that are each five lines. You can write four per hour. With the training we show you how to do it. So if you can write four per hour, how many hours do you need to write to beat that guy, if you wanted to beat him? -Four what per hour? -Four articles per hour is what you can write. I'm sorry, four articles per hour. Four pages per hour. So each page equals 500 words. I'll make it clear. This is one. -So you need 50 hours. -Yep. There's no real short cut. You need 50 hours of just writing to beat that guy. But you could beat him. You could beat him all day. You can just beat him, beat him, beat him like the Rocky starts to beat Rocky but the Rocky beats the Russian. I mean, you can just beat him. So my business, your business, any business. So Saturday. I would devote my entire Saturday just to that. Every Saturday. -That makes sense. -Boom. -I'm getting it. -So that's what you're doing there. OK. Now, so this is SEO. We've got that. All right. Now we're moving on. The Dream 100. Well, I think that you said that you could do from seven to nine. And I love the idea that you're doing seven to nine, seven to nine, and seven to nine. -No Wednesday. No Wednesday. -You have a previous commitment. Cool. -But Thursday, Friday yes. -Here you go. You can do your Dream 100 then. So your Dream 100 can be done. And remember we talked about the Dream 100 is. All we're doing is we're sending systematic information and contact information-- -Systematic correspondence. -Yep. -You can do that actually at night, no problem. -And I think you could do it in four hours a week. Lick some stamps, sign things, stay organized. Boom. And now the PR. Well, how are we going to find time to do the PR? And by the way, the best PR book ever written is kind of a handbook for this. And on Thrive we've got some awesome trainings on this, but the best book ever written is P.R. 2.0 by Michael Levine. It's great. I know a lot of people in the PR industry who use it as kind of like their handbook. -Well, I watched all your videos. I watched the PR ones. -We have some brand new trainings that are coming out. And we have interviews with him that are coming out, again, probably in about 60 days. -I'm looking forward it. I can't wait, you know. I'm a junkie with this stuff. I'm really addicted to this stuff. -What you're going-- this PR stuff, it works. So when are we going to do the PR? The problem that PR is that you have to make your plan and your press releases and your strategy at night, but you can only pitch those stories when reporters are there. You can't just like email press releases, and get it. It won't work. So what I would do with my business is I would take my lunch break. And my lunch sort of became my PR time. So really you're going to have to probably do your lunch PR time here. And then you're going to have to do your PR, your strategy, where you write your actual press release and all that, you're going to have to do that, I would say, Thursday and Friday.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Lesson Nugget: Don't try to make the media interested in your business, but do something the media is already interested in so they want to write a story about you.
  • Definition Magician: Media - Means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely. - Dictionary.com

-Now the cool thing about this is we've only spent $4,500, 14 weeks, and we haven't made any money. But what is amazing is-- just to give you examples to build your faith on this, I know you've seen the videos but-- Clifton Taulbert, my man selling the Stairmaster. He didn't sell one, he said, for three years. But he's diligently doing his Dream 100, he's diligently doing these-- he didn't have the internet at the time, they didn't have search engines and stuff-- but he was doing the PR, doing the Dream 100 marketing. And then when he sold one, he sold it to the United States military. So he sold millions of these things all of a sudden. He went from zero to selling a ton. Another friend of mine, he's an author. And he was constantly doing his Dream 100, trying to market to different agencies and different book publishers. Nothing, nothing, then bam, he gets a book deal. Huge. He was able to put six figures in his pocket right away, boom. OK, now we're getting into PR. And the thing about the PR is-- I'm going to try to put it all here on one sheet so we're clear. But the thing about the media that we've got to understand is that the core of the media-- the big media, the big media-- I'll draw media as a big factory with a big smoke stack. The media industry, they're so evil, media. Because a lot of people just label it as a big thing and it's big and nasty, but who is media? Media always consists of a news director, and then it consists of a reporter-- an anchor or a host or somebody. And then both of these people are making stuff for not the media, but for the consumer. So the consumer is you and me, whoever watches the media. So let's go ahead and get into this. So these are the things the media will write about. So you asked me the question of, what would I write about? Always remember this little tip before we get going. Don't think about what your business does and how to make it newsworthy, think about what the media's going to write about anyway and do that. OK, so think about what the media's going to do anyway and do that. So let's get into it. First one, scandal. Scandal. Whether you and I like it or not, the media is always going to have scandals. So recently it's Ferguson, it's Benghazi, it's whether the president put his foot up on the table, it's an affair, it's a scandal. Scandal. Not news is honest, hard-working people.

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