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This episode is a business coaching course that provides information on how to become a successful blogger.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Lesson Nugget: If something works, and is driving traffic to your site, keep doing it!
  • Lesson Nugget: Use your unique talents and unique ideas to your advantage! Don't let "normal" people who don't understand you kill your creativity.
  • Action Step: Get plugged in with other bloggers around you.

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-Here's the thing I want to ask you, is that I feel like the idea of saying, well, if someone's sharing and talking about it, I should do more with it. That's a principle, I think, that the Thrivers-- I know I can grasp and people can grasp. But can you share with me an example of how, maybe let's say outside of that one you just mentioned there, were you in your own business at Handmade Charlotte or with one of the different brands you work with, where people, you saw them starting to share and talk about a little idea, or you saw a little activity, and then you gave them more and it just, boom, took off?

-100%. So we created a craft ask for Home Depot, and it took off like wildfire.

-You built a desk?

-I built a craft desk for under $50 that literally anybody can make. And we designed it with all the supplies from Home Depot. And within just the first few minutes of us publishing it, a lot of other sites started publishing it as well-- Boing Boing, Craft, Bob Vila--

-Bob Vila!


-I love Bob Vila! I love that you love Bob Vila.

-Yeah. Heck yeah.

-Gosh, "This Old House."


-I just want to marinade on that idea for a minute-- Bob Vila.

-Yeah. It's so cool that Bob Vila contacts us for content. And they just reached out the other day as well. So anyway, all of these sites started publishing it, and it started going crazy. So we are like, oh, so let's do another round up on craft desks and workspaces for kids. And all of a sudden, we started building that.

As that was flying off the shelves and really, really going nutty around the internet, that we decided to come in with some accessories to that. So I always think of, like, OK, what's the next--

-Are you the one who actually comes up with this desk?

-Yes, I designed it. Yeah, it was a Jean Prouve inspired desk. And it's just a sawhorse and a piece of pegboard. But it was rad and it was super simple, and it was approachable. Something can be beautiful but you could never think you could do it yourself.

And these keywords, things like under 30 minutes, I mean, I'm a mom and I want an awesome project that is no fail. And I don't want to waste my money thinking, I just bought $40 worth of craft supplies, and I got it out, and it doesn't look like what's on the internet. So I think Handmade Charlotte specializes in content that also is no fail.

-I want to go off the reservation for a minute here. I want to ask you this, because this is unbelievable to me. You have tapped into your creativity in a way that very few people have, and we have some great trainings about how to do that.

But are you just kind of walking around the house? Were you by the lake? Were you at the store? When did the idea come to you like I should take this and this and make a desk? How does that happen?

-Well, that specific project, we were contacted by Home Depot to create something with Home Depot, and it was along with the Do-It Herself workshops. And I just went to Home Depot and started cruising the aisles.

And whatever called to me-- and I'll often do this. And if you ever see me, I look kind of like a crazy person. And I will maybe even take one of my children with me, and we'll have two or three carts. And anything that calls out to me, I'm sticking in my cart.

-Are you kind of like a Home Depot whisperer, like the Horse Whisperer?

-And Michael's, too, and Jo-Ann's, too, and [INAUDIBLE].

-I love it.

-But I'll go through and whatever's calling out to me, so I guess I try to get most of the stuff back by myself. So all of a sudden, the project starts coming together. I kind of have an idea, maybe, because I've thought of it.

And then when I get there and I see what's available to me-- because something might not be available that I was really thinking about. And it might change on a dime, and see that perfect little shark clip, or those legs from those enameled, powder-coated sawhorse legs. So it was like, done.

-If you're a Thriver, and you're watching this and you're going, well, I go to Home Depot. Things whisper to me, too. I just want you to know that success is not normal. And every person I've met who's successful is not normal. I've yet to meet a normal. Most people don't listen to their inner callings while at Home Depot. Most people don't just take these ideas and put them together.

So if you're watching this and you've been having your creativity killed by people who say that you're weird, we just want to encourage you to say that we celebrate that. We encourage you to move forward with that. We encourage you to take ownership of those ideas. Those are gifts from somebody. I believe they're gifts from God, but they're gifts and you need to take advantage of those.

And so I just appreciate you breaking this down for us. This has just been a mind-boggling session for me here. I really am going, oh my gosh, I want to take a million notes here. So this is kind of the blogging 101. Is there any other tips you want to share on this idea with the Thrivers watching this?

-Well, with blogging in general, I think pick a topic. Food is the number one thing shared on the internet. So if you make pies or something like that, learn how to take a great photo, get on the internet.

DesignLoveCrush-- Bree Emmery does a lot of classes. There's so many classes and things that you can take that will share with you. But then get plugged in immediately to people that are blogging. There's meetups and people that want to start blogs-- I mean, you can get plugged in ASAP. So that would be like my number tip.

-Boom. I appreciate you so much, my friend. Thank you for sharing.



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