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This business coaching episode explains how to begin with the end in mind.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Clay Clark:
    -Josh Merrill
    (Host, Thrive15.com)
  • Today's Topic: Build Your Business with the End In Mind
  • Notable Quotable: “Drifting, without aim or purpose, is the first cause of failure.”
    --Napoleon Hill
    (Personal success author with more than 70 million books sold)
  • Lesson Nugget: Write down your F5 goals or you will certainly never drift toward the achievement of them.
  • Story Time:
  • Recommended Reading:
    --Napoleon Hill
  • The Flex Off:
  • Lesson Nugget: Your goals will become clear over time.
  • Editor's Note: We love and respect all 35 year old DJs.

Josh: What's up Thrive Nation, Josh Merrill here, so excited to be here at the podcast desk. Today we are talking about the world's greatest book here. The world's greatest business book. It's called Start Here, written by the man across the desk from me, Clay Clark, world's best business coach. Today we're hitting 3.4, Clay. This is one of my favorite three points. It's 3.4. Clay: Beautiful, beautiful. Josh: It's "Build your business with the end in mind," and if you would mind, I'd like to start with a quick notable quotable here. Clay: Absolutely, I'm ready. Josh: This is from Napoleon Hill, best-selling author of Think and Grow Rich and Outwitting the Devil. Great reads right there. It says "Drifting without aim or purpose is the first cause of failure." Clay: Exactly, and I would just say that, if you think about your life, you obviously are somewhat motivated, or you wouldn't be on an online education website, but why? What is the point? I think a lot of times we get so busy working, we get so busy running our plumbing business, running our photography business, running our online school, whatever we're doing, and we say "Oh my Gosh, I'm achieving success," and people will tell you you're a achieving success. Your accountant says I'm achieving success. Your accountant says "Woah, you're achieving success." Your wife will say, at first, "You're achieving success." Your friends will say "You're achieving success," at first. Pretty soon your friends start to say "Hey, I couldn't get a hold of you." Pretty soon your wife starts to say "Why are you never home?" Pretty soon you start to feel tired, and then you start to say "Why was I doing this?" Or, on the other side, you can have tons of money, but you just have no time freedom. Or, on the other side, is you're working right now, like a slave, for your customers, and you're not making any profit. You're a creative guy, so people pay you to write scrips, to act, right? Josh: Sometimes. Clay: You had a deal where the client has gone back and forth with you, I'd say more than five times, to the point where you no longer will make any respectable amount per hour, but yet for the creative-- when you just keep doing it? Josh: We've been there. Clay: Then you start to say "Why am I doing this?" Josh: "It's not worth it at this point." Clay: I would ask you. I'm interviewing the interviewer, kind of. Josh: I love it. Clay: Beginning with the end in mind, when you are building your business, your career as a writer, as a-- what would you even call yourself? Are you like a-- Josh: You want to be humble, but a Renaissance man? Write, direct, edit, act. Most of the time people pay me to dress in tight clothes. That's what I'm finding. That's my niche market right there. Clay: That's awesome. Will Ferrell goes nudity, you wear tight clothes. That's what you do and your end in mind is what? What is your purpose, in your mind? What do you see your career going, in a perfect world? Josh: What do I want to do? I want to make people laugh and I want to be with my family. Those are the two things. Clay: Then, because health insurance, and you have a new baby on the way? Josh: Yes. Clay: Those things aren't free, you have got to figure out how much money do I need to make along the way to get there? I would just encourage every Thriver to take the time-- I talk about it all the time, I'm sure I sure that every single episode, but I'm going to keep doing it, because it's all that matters, is your F-five. Your F-five. Your tornado of life. F-five, you have got to do it. Faith, family, finances, friendships, fitness. Where do you want to go? Write it down and begin with the end in mind. If you do that and you keep that in mind and you look at it every single day-- "Every day?" Only on the days you want to be successful, then you'll be able to make good decisions. I'm just telling-- Josh: Weekends for me. Clay: I'd say this to you, Josh, today I had a client who really asked me something that I thought was over the top today. It really irritated me. The guy says "Hey, we have this really neat workshop we're going to have in Colorado and I'd like you to come lead." I said, “I told you..,” I'm trying to be nice, “but I don't travel for all-week workshops. I don't." He says "Why?" I say “I bring my wife to every speaking event that I go to, and I have five kids, and I'm not going to be gone for a week for any amount of money. I don't do it." And then another client says "Can we go fishing? I said "You understand that I don't do nature? That's not something I do. I don't nurture the nature." All I'm saying is, I begin with the end in mind. I know what I'm doing, I know what I'm all about, and you have to know what you're all about. Don't let me put my goals on you, don't let we put our goals on you. You decide what your goals are. Faith, family, finance, fitness, friendships, and then make sure that your business is just a vehicle that gets you there. Josh: My question for you is, when did you find the F-five? Was there like a breaking point for you, when you said "I better have an F-five?" Clay: What I realized, is that, I was working at a job that was called Faith Highway. We sold evangelism commercial to churches. We used to sarcastically call it the toe road to heaven. You're watching MTV, right, and all of a sudden it'll be like, "Got Jesus?" It'd be some heavy message, where you're like "I don't know if I have Jesus. “I was just watching George Michael, and then--" and then it would be these attacking, as they attack, aggressive evangelism messages that you'd be watching anything and they just interrupt you with this deep thought. Someone dying, usually. You're crying and we asked, you the salvation message. I looked at my boss, Jeremy, and I thought, "If I do my job well, I could become him." Then I looked at his boss, and I thought, "If I did his job so well, I could become that." Then I realized I don't want that, I don't want what Jeremy did. I don't want to manage a group of people in a call center selling Evangelism commercials, nor do I want to be the guy who manages the people who manage the people. Nor do I want to work with TBN, that's a christian TBN network. I don't want to travel all the time, to wherever TBN is located-- I think it was Atlanta or something, or California. I don't want to travel there all the time and I don't want to meet Pat Robertson, so this career path is not where I want to go. This is not the end that I had in mind. And then I thought "What is my end?" I didn't know, so I was reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Loved the book so much, I named my son after the author, but I literally sat down and I wrote down-- I wrote it on my book. I wrote it and I go. Financially, I don't even know how much I want to make. I have no idea. Now I'm like, "Okay, faith. Family? I want to have five kids. I want to have five kids. I want to have five." Why? I had one brother growing up and I just thought it'd be fun to have a big family, and my wife did too. Wanted to have five kids. No idea financially, but I knew the family. Then I'm like "Faith. Faith? I don't know, I work here at this Christian company." At the time I wasn't a Christian, so I'm like "I don't even know there." I didn't have the faith, did have the family didn't have the finances. Fitness, I was like "I want to be jacked." At the time I worked out all the time, so I'm like "I want to be jacked," so I used to work out all the time-- Josh: I hope we can put a picture up of that. That'd be great. Clay: We have a picture that [unintelligible 00:07:00]. We'll put it on the screen here. I used to just-- Then I was like, "Friendships." I remember going "I don't like almost everyone I know." Josh: That's a problem. Clay: Think about it - we are raised a certain way, and you become friends with people you go to college with, people that you work with, and without being intentional, I had just picked up a group of people that I was friends with that I was like, "I don't even like these people. What am I doing?" I thought "Okay, moving forward, I want to be around people who are successful as husbands and successful in business," so I reached out to— I remember I put it on my list, I put Clifton Taulbert. He's the guy who helped launch The Stair Master and who was not allowed to go into banks because of the color of his skin in Glenn, Mississippi, and he ended up owning the bank. It's a black guy who wasn't allowed to go into banks, and now he became a black guy that owns banks, and in my mind, he's always been just a guy, but that story of overcoming adversity and segregation, so I thought Clifton. I wrote down Terry Fisher. Terry started a company called Trinity Chemical and he's very successful, and he's a father of multiple kids, multiple daughters, an awesome husband. I wrote down these people, but I had no idea financially. Then what happened is, Josh, I figured out having a child-- you have one. Did you have to go to the hospital for, or longer, than the normal allotted time, did you have any complications? Josh: Yes, I did. Swallowed some fluid on the way out. Clay: I mean, did your wife have any complications, or was it just smooth? Josh: It wasn't-- no, not smooth. Clay: Okay, so we've had two miscarriages. We had twins, we had to go into the ICU and when you get a bill for $13,000 from the hospital and you make-- I made, like, $22,000 a year when I was working at Faith Highway. I realized, "Okay, I don't know exactly my financial goal, but I need to make at least $100,000 a year and two grand a week to be able to-- $400 a day, in order to be able to have five kids." Then I realized "I need to build a business that allows me to do that." I know it's a long answer, but I'll just say go through the five f's and don't feel like an idiot if you don't know them all right now, but it's important that you ask yourself, and you schedule time every day. Then once you know it, Now I have my five F's are very, very, very clear, and now anything that's not helping me get there is kind of the enemy. Josh: That's a good point. You start out, make your five F's, but the longer you go, those things are going to become more and more clear. It's about being intentional with what you're doing. It's about setting these five things and saying "This is where I want to go. Having the end in mind." Clay: I have a confession. I used to want to, when I finally got to my five F's, I had them defined, I thought "I want to make my money by becoming a DJ." Josh: Oh, boy. Clay: My mom is like "Could you do that as a living? Is that a paying thing?" People, they ask that, though. "What do you really do, though? What are you going to do?" I remember my dad was asking me "What will you do during the rest of the week?" I thought that was a completely ridiculous question. No one gets married on a Tuesday, and I'm like.. And then going back to my apartment, my infinite knowledge of everything because I’m 19 and I don’t -- I’m not making enough money to afford the air conditioning. Just going, “Whatever, I’ll -- I don’t know what I’m going to do.” And so, I was DJing at the Yucatan Liquor Stand for thirsty Thursdays where you get unlimited margaritas, all you can eat -- unlimited margaritas ladies and gentlemen. Here it is. It is thirsty Thursdays here. How many people love the Yucatan Liquor Stand? Everyone. Ladies make some noise. Coming home at 2am and my wife’s like, “What are you doing?” and I’m like, “I was the man at the Yucatan Liquor Stand.” Then I became the man at the Club Millennium. Then there’s a place called the Midnight Rodeo. True story. And they reached out and said, “We would like to hire you.” My kids are most talking about it. They’re like, “What is this place?” Do you know about Midnight Rodeo? It’s like -- Bill: It was a place I wasn’t allowed to go to. Clay: It’s like a 21st memorial. Not an awesome location in Tulsa. Anyway, I realized, I don’t want to go to the Midnight Rodeo and I don’t want to go to Club Millennium. You know what thrivers, that’s what you’re going to have to do. You’re going to get started, you can’t steer apart the bus. But I had to change my goals. But you can’t change them if you’re not moving forward. So the big theme here is move forward. Begin with the end in mind. If you don’t have it all figured out, that’s okay. Just keep moving forward and overtime, refine those goals. Bill: Right. That’s awesome Clay. Clay: Bill. Bill: I’m glad that you have your F5 down and you’re not a 35 year old DJ at the Midnight Rodeo. Clay: There’s a lot of 35 year old DJs watching I know are totally offended by that last statement and so you just write in your complaints. Do they just e-mail -- if you’re going to have a complaint, just e-mail info@trififteen.com and no go write to Marcial. Bill: Send it to me and Marcial. I would love to hear that. Here’s the thing though Clay, I and this is a true thing, I would love to see you right now at the Midnight Rodeo. Just DJing. And if 3.4’s taught me anything, it’s that something I missed out in life and will never get to see again. Clay: Well, I’ll tell you what. The Midnight Rodeo, I’m telling you. I did not personally Deejay. That’s where I kind of get to the limit. Because what they said, the guy goes, “Well now, we’re going to do some Country music, we going to do Country with you, Country and Western and they would do a club music and I go, “Wait a minute.” He goes -- this tells you how old school it was then? He like, “I’m talking like Quad City Dj’s. We’d do like Come on and Ride the Train. Come on, ride the train. Come ride it and then we’ll like that and then we’ll hit them up with Macarena. That’s always a good one. And then we got – we’ll do the Electric Slide. But then we get back to Country. We’ll do any line dances. Do you got the Watermelon Crawl? And I’m like, “Oh my gosh. This is my life.” Do you got the Watermelon Crawl? Can you get up there and teach that? Because if you can get up there -- now our group, they love, they love, they love that Billy Ray. Now I know people say its all fun and play but when you see people get up there; heel, toe, the whole deal men. Can you teach the line dances and I’m just going, “This is my life.” I just felt so violated psychologically that the art of DJing was taken away and now I’m at the – and I was like, “I can’t. I can’t do this.” “Pay is not good enough for you? Money is not good?” “No mate. I just don’t want to go to the Midnight Rodeo.” And he’s like, “Well man, this has been the oldest club in Tulsa man.” And I’m just going, “Why do you have such a twang in your voice and why are you wanting me to DJ for you?” Bill: We have the Midnight Rodeo to thank for Trififteen. Clay: That’s what got me out of it. Bill: Listen guys, you can define your F5 goals; faith, family, finance, fitness and friendships at Trififteen.com/F5goals. Do it now. Get it started. Don’t delay. That’s a good sales pitch, right? Clay: That was incredible. Bill: Yes. It felt good. Clay: You are ending it with a big hook, right there. Bill: Yes, you got to end it with a big hook. Well, that’s it for right now Clay. Thank you so much. Clay: Boom.

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