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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1


-Let's get into point number six.

CLAY CLARK: Oh, come on.

-Way to break free of the clutter, music mania. What is that?

CLAY CLARK: Oh, oh. Now guys, I was just talking to my daughter last night, Havana, about this. And there's this thing, where you're trying to create this thing called the mojo. And I'm just get a little bit off the reservation for this, but the mojo is where you want to create this momentum, this mojo, this flow. People want to be near the mojo.

So if you go to San Diego, you go to New York, you can walk in a restaurant. It's got that ambience, It has the music playing. You walk in it's [BEATBOX]. You're like, I kind of do want sushi. [BEATBOX]

That's kind of the deal, right? You go into a swanky hotel on South Beach, you walk in, and you're kind of going, oh this is a nice place. You look around and-- [BEATBOX]. And you're just going, wow. And it creates that sort of vibe, that feel.

There's a lot of human beat boxing, there's actually music playing, but the point is, it creates that atmosphere. And so people are attracted, remember, if we go back here, people go did I hear music from-- did I hear music from the tallest booth where they have a Wookiee in the booth, and free food, and a demo. Is this heaven? No, this is a super booth that I'm going to remember.

And then, that's why people buy stuff. Remember, if you're not memorable, you're forgettable. Please remember that. If you're not memorable, you're forgettable. Back to you.

-So Seth Godin have this excellent notable quotable here. It says, something remarkable is worth talking about, worth noticing, exceptional, new, interesting, it's a purple cow. Boom, boring stuff is invisible. So if you're saying that if you're not doing any of these moves, you're not going to be memorable, people are not going to want to, where's that music coming from, what is that?

CLAY CLARK: Let's give you Seth Godin's example, because he's phenomenal. I love Seth Godin. He's got these word pictures that just-- they work for you.

But you're driving down the road, you're driving down the road, driving down that trade show boulevard, trade show road. You're driving down there, you got this fence going on, and you've got this, it's kind of this grassy area. And you're driving, and you're just miles and miles of grass and greenery. And this is too hilly to be Iowa, this maybe is Missouri or something.

You're driving, and there's just a mass of cows here. There's tons of cows. There's cows everywhere. They're all the same color, and they're going, moo, and you're going hey cow, look there's a cow. Hey look kids, there's a cow.

But if you live by the cows, like I did growing up, you go, meh. Now, as like an adult, I'm like there's a cow in the city, what's going on? As a kid, you kind of go, meh, because you see them all the time.

But if in that stack of cows, in that grouping of cows, if one of those cows was a purple cow, the cow was painted purple, out of curiosity, most drivers would just pull over. They would just go, well, I have to pull-- let's pull over and see that cow. Then the next person goes, why are they pulling over?

And don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. If someone gets in a minor fender bender, we're pulling over going, I wonder what that is. We're slowing down, even if we don't need to. I wonder what that is.

Pretty soon, the whole freeway is now, everybody's like, I wonder what that is, I wonder what that is. There's like 20 cars, I wonder what that is. And you'll go, there's 80 cars, I wonder what that is.

Pretty soon people are back here, and they line up, so what happens at the trade show, what happens at the trade show homeys-- this is so awesome, you have to remember this-- as you begin to create this momentum, where people literally want to come to the booth because of the mojo. And this used to happen at every trade show.

Vendors used to come up to me and go, how do you have every person here? Customers would say, everyone's at your booth, what's going on? People would come up and go, what's going on? Everyone's here. What do you guys sell? I'm telling you, that's what you want to create.

You're trying to create this level of intensity, and these marketing awesomeness, where it just kind of vibrates its intensity, and then, boom, you have created a purple cow, and now, boom, you've got the mojo, and, boom, you're making some money.

-So you've got people passing out free food. They're walking around the trade show with it. You've got strangers asking, hey, where'd you get that cake? Where'd you get--

CLAY CLARK: Where'd you get that kale?


-People never say that. I did that for you. You like green stuff.

MARSHALL MORRIS: All right. Yeah, I like that. Step number seven, or move number seven here of ways to break free of the clutter, mascots everywhere. What is that?

CLAY CLARK: OK, now, this right here is a move that is one that I've seen a lot, but you don't pull this off unless you are the woman, or the man, or somebody who says, I'm in it to win it. You don't do this move if you're going, well, I'm kind of into our mascot. I mean, you do this if you're sold out. OK.

So let's just pretend that you say, you know what, our company, we have out of the world service, and so I want to just get into it. I want to just really create-- I want people to remember the out of this world service. And so what you do is, you go ahead, and you go with the Wookiee. So you have now, this man is in a Wookiee costume.

So someone on your team, by the way, you have to look at someone on your team who's going to go, why do I have to go in the Wookiee costume.

MARSHALL MORRIS: Usually the tallest person.

-Yeah. You do. And then this Wookiee guy, he is now, this Wookiee guy, he's going to just walk around the trade show. He's just going to walk around the entire time, and he's going to have a sign on his back, or a sign he's wearing that tells people to go to your booth. And he literally just walks around.

Now, one of my friends, she did this super move, and it was awesome. She had women wearing bridal gowns at the wedding show, and they would just run around wearing bridal gowns with signs on that said visit Facchianos. So if you're at the trade show, you see a bride walking by, another bride, another bride.

You're going, what is that, and then you go, oh, that's Facchianos. Then you go, that's the tallest booth. That is where the Wookiees are. That's where the food. That's where the music is. Oh the point person goes, hey, come on in, are you in interested in a dress. All a sudden, you're dominating.

That's how you do it folks. But don't do the mascot move if you're like, we're going to have Barry just wear a hat that says Barry's Plumbing and just walk around.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2


-Move number eight, massive giveaways. OK, so massive giveaways, talk to me a little bit about this.

-Yeah. The giveaway move is basically if somebody feels like they can win something substantial, usually they're going to throw caution to the wind. So let me just show you how this works. This is what happens.

Someone says, I would never give away my personal information. So over here, it's like we'll call this safety. We might even just call this wisdom. And over here, we're going to call this like-- you know, we're just going to call this the winning column over here.

And you say, well, over here, I would never give my email away, I would not do it. There's no way I would give my email to you. I don't even know you.

Name. I'm not going to give you my name. I am not going to give you my address. That's weird. In this unsafe world we live in, you think I'm going to give you my address where you can show up at my house.

I'm not going to. And I'm not going to give you my email. And I'm not going to give you my name.

And then they say, then give us a little personal-- tell us how much money you make. Go ahead and write down your income. I wouldn't tell my best friend how much money I make, let alone you who I just met at the mall.

I'm not doing it. I would not give you my income, my name, my address, my email. I will not. And they go, OK. Fine.

And then just tell us specifically why you buy things, you know, why you buy things. I would not. I'm not going to. And then someone says-- so this is your stack of reasons why not to.

And then someone says, well, I'll give you something. And you go, well, what do you talking about? And they go, oh, you know, it's a little something. It's like a blender. And you go, no.

I'll give you something like a boat. Well, so you're saying all you want is my personal information, my name, my phone number, my email, all the things needed to rob me, maim me, kill me, chase me, get me, take advantage of me? Yeah, I can see how that makes sense for a chance to win a boat. I mean, what? A 1 in 2000 chance? Let's do it.

That's what happens. So I'm just trying to explain this to you. At the wedding shows, I've found that girls wanted to win the free wedding. They wanted a free DJ, free photo, free video, free cruise. And if I could be the guy who promised that 1 of the first 200 girls who booked with us-- who booked with us would get a chance to win this, so 1 of the 200, 1 of the first 200 people to book a DJ would get the wedding package, then I found people would book right there.

So as an example, this whole giveaway for the whole wedding package maybe cost me $7,000. But I was able to book, at again $600 to $700, 200 right there. So do the math on that. 200, right? 200 weddings times $600 to $700 per one, versus $7,000, it's a great deal.

So I'm just telling you, if you're going to do a giveaway, it's gotta be a massive one. It can't be one of these weak sauce like, you know, if you register, you can get a chance to win 2% off, 8%. You get a chance to register.

I'll tell you what, folks, if you come on down here and you register and you go ahead and give me all your personal information, you got a 10% off discount that you might be eligible for. I'll tell you what, I'm going to throw in. I'm going to do 11% off of something you might not even want.

Dumb. And I've done that. I've paid that dumb tax. Don't do that. No.

-So I know a lot of our Thrivers are operating very small businesses. This might be their first trade show before they're, you know, going out to one. If I don't have a lot of capital, how do I get one of these big giveaways? How do I fund that? Or is that just an investment that I need to buy into?

-We were just talking to Mykhaylo. Mykhaylo, I say halo, Mykhaylo. But anyway, we were talking to Mykhaylo. Mykhaylo has this insulation company. By the way, if you're in the New York area, if you're not his competitor, then you need to insulate that house. Look him up. What's the name of his company?

-American Hybrid Homes.

-Google that mess. Find him, American Hybrid Homes. But here's the deal. He went out to his first trade show a while back.

And for a guy like Mykhaylo, or you if you're watching, if that's you, what you want to do is you want to think about, well, how much does it cost to insulate somebody's house? So let's say that for Mykhaylo, and I'm making up numbers. But let's say his hard cost do insulate your home was $2,000, but he would normally charge you $4,000, he can say, register and receive free home insulation valued at $4,000.

And now what he's doing is he's giving some of his time. He's giving some of his hard cost, yes. But he's giving something that doesn't cost him a whole lot of money in exchange for a whole lot of leads.

-Cool. So we're getting close here to the end of a couple moves to break free of the clutter.

-Come on.

-One of these big ones is the no-brainer offer. The no-brainer is a no-brainer.

-Yeah. Well, the no-brainer-- and you've got to make it a compelling offer, where the people who are attending the trade show would say, there's really no reason why I wouldn't do this deal. So we did for our photography company-- it works awesome. Feel free to steal this deal. And if you're in Tulsa, I'll come up with a new move and beat you.

But here's the deal. What we say is, we say, now just so you know, if you guys decide to book an appointment today, what we're going to do is, one, you guys are going to receive a discount off your wedding package. You don't have to book and pay a deposit. But if you agree to come in for an appointment, you get a discount.

So they go, oh, wow. So I get a discount? You say, yeah. You get a discount. They say, OK, so I got a discount.

Well, that's not that compelling, they say. And you say, and the meeting will take you 30 minutes. And just for coming in, we're going to give you guys $50 for coming in, a $50 gift card just for coming in. And we've won these certain awards. And we have a really compelling offer.

So now if you're a customer who is looking to book a photographer for your wedding, and you're looking at, well, they're offering a discount. They're going to pay me $50 just for coming to the meeting. They've won awards. They have a great offer. Why would I not?

And that's really where you want to make it. The deal has to be a no-brainer. So you need to think right now, ask yourself, what are the no-brainer offer-- what's the no-brainer offer you could do? What is the combination of benefits that you could offer that are so rich, so awesome, so just ridiculous that people can't say no?

And that's how you move the needle. That's how you grow the company.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3


-We're getting into the tenth move to break free of the clutter at a trade show. And that is enthusiastic salespeople. And tell me. How does an enthusiastic sales people relate to merit-based pay?

-Well, what you're going to do is when you go to your trade show, you're going to want to have people who are there who are enthusiastic. So we've said enthusiastic salespeople. Well, what does enthusiasm mean?

Well, if you go and you look at the Greek-- if you're one of those guys whose like, I want to know the origin of words, or if you're one of those ladies who goes, I just have to know where the word comes from before I can even own it or use it comfortably, that's probably smart. The word, enthusiasm, comes from the word, theos.

OK. So theos is kind of this main word here. Theos. OK. Theos, meaning god. And then, in. So it's god within. OK. God within.

So your people who are at the booth, not in a sacrilegious kind of way, but they need to make sure that they have the joy of the Lord or they need to act as though they have God within them, that kind of confidence. I would like to think that if it's some weird universe, our God, whatever god that maybe our God was going to the trade show.

I'd like to think he wasn't like, so would you maybe be interested in my services? You know, I would like to think that God wouldn't go, I don't really know what we offer, but here's our print piece. I'd like to think that our God wouldn't go, well, I drank a lot last night. And I don't really know what our packages are. But I do know that you look like a winner.

I mean, I'm hoping that's not what God would tell you at the booth. God within to me is someone with confidence. And the confidence comes through knowing what they're doing, knowing they're fully trained, and knowing they're supposed to be there, knowing that you are where you need to be.

So your sales people have to there was a purpose. You have to tell them what the goal is that day. The goal is to set appointments.

You need to encourage them. You need to train them. Equip them. Give them the knowledge. Give them the role playing. Get them going.

And then you need to have a merit-based pay system. And a merit-based pay is you say, hey, for every appointment that you set that turns into a deal, I'm going to give you a bonus. So specifically, one of the clients I work with, just to transform his medical business, was we paid all the staff their normal hourly wages. We paid them 10 bucks an hour, 12 bucks an hour to stand at the booth. And we said, for every appointment that you set that actually comes in, 50 bucks for you.

So people are going, you mean I could make $5,000 today? And we're like, well you can probably make $2,000 today. They're like, $2,000 today? And you go, yeah. All a sudden there's a little enthusiasm. But then that enthusiasm quickly dissipates if people aren't trained and fully equipped in knowing what they need to be doing.

So you've got to equip your team, train your team, give them that merit-based pay. And do not let anybody in your booth that does not possess overwhelming amounts of enthusiasm. You have to have that enthusiasm.

-So how does enthusiasm relate to the rejection that they might face with those eight people that say, no thanks?

-Well, at the wedding show, just to give you an example, this is how it would go for me. I'll give you an example. And I'll have my editing team. We're going to kind of cut this up and speed it up real fast.

But I'll go, so, let me ask, are you guys looking for a DJ? No. So are you guys looking for a DJ? No. Hey, are you guys looking for a DJ? No. He are you guys looking for a DJ? You jerk. OK. Sorry. I guess you're not interested. Hey, are you guys looking for a DJ? Quit talking to me. Quit talking to me. I'm not even looking for a DJ. If I would have wanted a DJ, I would have told you I was looking for a DJ. Don't talk to me.

And that was somebody who maybe just went through a personal drama, like outside the building, and you're like, OK. So It's probably a no. Then you go to the next one.

Sorry. You guys looking for a DJ? Buddy, if I was looking for a DJ-- you know, that's six in a row. Hey, are you guys looking for a DJ? Look, man, if I wanted-- you're just going. There's a lot of intensity here.

What's happening is all the vendors are asking the people hey, are you interested in this? Do you want this? Do you want this? And finally, someone goes, well, what do you offer? And you have got to be enthusiastic then. Those 2 out of 10, you've got to go, well, hey, step into our booth and I'll show you.

And you've got-- I'm just telling you. Now, what you can do to limit the amount of rejection so people want to come in your booth, as I got better over time, I started doing the team appearance, dressing professionally. Now, remember, back in the day when I was first asking, when I was role playing right there, I was dressing like an idiot. So I didn't look like I was a professional.

So I'm saying, hey, you want to be with them? That's like taking a van, getting in a van, and driving up to the local basketball, like, where kids are playing basketball, and going hey, kids, do you guys want some candy? I mean, that's not the move. Parents are going to go, get away, you freak.

You can't do that. It's just not the move. You don't say that. I mean, that is just not the move. So make sure you're dressing nice.

Now, over time I figured out if I dress nice, if I have a nice booth, if I have food in the booth, if I have a product demo, if I have a point first, I have great music, if I have a great samples, I got a mascot, I've got giveaways, got the no-brainer. Now, people want to come in. So towards the end of the career with the DJ business, I got it to where if I asked 10 people, I bet you I could get six to come in the booth.

-There you go.

-So over time, you'll get better this. But you have to enthusiasm.

-But still, 4 out of 10 were saying no.

-Yeah. Yeah. You got to push through the no's.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 4

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