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This business coaching episode explains how to block all distractions.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Super Move #11: Lock the door.
  • Lesson Nugget: Be intentional about blocking time into your schedule for when you want to become accessible.

- Super move number 11. We're getting into it. Lock the door. - Sorry about the whole melt down I had. - Lock the door. - Lock the door. Shut the door. Lock the door. Hide your kids. Hide your wife. Lock the door. You got to do it. Just lock the door. Get it done. Lock the door. - Okay, Lock the door. This is going to keep all of the unwanted foot-traffic out. No lie, before we had the key FOB system, we had, just everyday, a group of people, "Ah, we're just coming in to check out the space." - "Hey, I read online. I heard you guys are here, "and I just wanted to come by, and see what it was." It's a business that will stop being a business if we don't make a profit! Go away! I mean you just... if we can't benefit you, and you can't benefit us, We're not like a tourist destination. You know? - Sure. - So, I'm just being real. Some people say, "Well, I thought you just want to have an open door policy." Yes! Block time in your schedule, and when you want to be accessible, be accessible, but be intentional. Don't just let people put their life on you, their drama on you, their issues on you. Don't let people choose their time management, or what they want for you. Don't do it.

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