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This episode is a business coaching course that teaches about booking speaking events.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Lesson Nugget: Don't fear public speaking. With a little practice and a few tips, you can make a great impression during your speaking engagements.
  • Story Time:
  • Lesson Nugget: Nothing is more fulfilling than looking at your audience in the eyes, and realizing they know YOU genuinely care about them.
  • Editor's Note: The service-profit chain establishes relationships between profitability, customer loyalty, and employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity.
  • Super Move:
  • How To Book Speaking Events:: 1. Create a GigMasters account - www.GigMasters.com
  • How To Book Speaking Events:: 2. Create a GigSalad account - www.GigSalad.com 3. Hire an agent
  • Action Step: Record your speaking events with a video camera and tripod, even if it is low quality to start.
  • How to Market a Self-Published Book: 5. Speaking Events

- Okay, so the next thing that we're getting into are speaking events and booking speaking events and using that as a platform to get your book out into the marketplace. This is huge, Clay, I know that you've done a number of speaking events over the course of the years-- - [Clay] Thousands. - Thousands? - [Clay] Seriously, over a thousand. - Okay, thousands of speaking events, why is this a good platform to self-publish a book? - I wish it wasn't! I love the speaking events because of the wonderful people we meet from all over the world, and I love seeing people impacted. One lady literally came up after a speaking event and said, "You have no idea "how what you said today impacted me, "I've been looking for these answers." And it kept happening and that's why we built Thrive15 is because people need these answers, we want to scale it out. The problem is, speaking events require you to, for me I always bring my wife with me, but I have five kids, so now my kids can't go with me, I have to change my schedule, I had to, you know, get your luggage, book your ticket, you know, I've literally flown up for a speaking event in Wisconsin and I got there and my credit card, I grabbed my wife's credit card instead of mine, so I couldn't actually rent my car, and my wife somehow, long story short, she wasn't with me on the event so I had to take a cab ride, I payed $1,200 to ride a cab from the airport in Green Bay up to my event and back. I've had to travel with 100, what, 200 pounds of books paying $600 to ship my books to the event. I've had to spend the night in the airport in Albuquerque. I've had every, I was in New York for an interview with Bloomberg and a taxi cab drove in front of me and totally splashed all my clothes, not kidding, had to buy clothes right before the interview, I mean, I can go on, and on, and on the non-glamorous aspects of speaking events. But whey you're in front of an audience and they can look you in the eye and they get that you really care, nothing's better! And so, you know, there's gonna be an event right there for you specifically where it's for biking enthusiasts. They're going to a rally, maybe they're gonna have a big race tomorrow and tonight we're gonna have a banquet, maybe there is a health-awareness thing for a company, maybe there is an HR director in a company who's looking for a speaker, maybe there's the American Heart Association is doing an event. And they need somebody to come in from the outside, not to get into Proverbs, but in Proverbs it talks about how the messenger, you know, the prophet can't come from his own town, weird deal, but like the expert, we brought in this expert from Florida to talk to us today about... Well, because you came from our of town, they're going, wow, this guy must be an expert. So check this, I'm gonna read this little commercial to you, this is how it's gonna sound in the future and I want you to hear it because it's gonna happen to you. "All right, ladies and gentlemen, "today's speaker John Tucker "is the best-selling author of a book called such and such, "he has been a cycling enthusiast for years, "he works full-time at yati-yata and his love of cycling is now turned into an international book-selling sensation. "Let's hear for yati-yata." And then people are going, I want to hear that, you know, i'm from Corporate America and I would like to have a book, or, I would like to get into a better shape, and then you're just talking from your heart and you say, guys, I wrote the book called such and such because I really wanted to connect with people about three things. And today we're gonna talk about one of those things. Today we're gonna talk about-- So the people leave going, I want to read the rest of the book. And then in the back, he says, guys, in the back of the room here for anybody who's here today, if you want to buy the book, we're gonna do two things. One, if you buy my book, my book is $15, and if you buy it, I'm gonna donate $5 back to the yati-yata association or a dollar back, or, I'm going to make this download available for you if you buy the book today. or, you can get a discount on a book today, or, if you buy the book today you can get a discount off one of my sponsors, yati-yata biking, or something. But you sell the books. When you sell the books, if it's a good book, people will talk about the book, I said "a good book," if it's a book that people like. There's a difference between good books and books people like. There is books that I've read that are really, really good, but no one likes, aka The Service-Profit Chain, Heskett man, I love you, Heskett, he's a professor at Harvard, and his book is awesome, but people won't read it, because people want like short little, you know, small books. What I'm saying is that is a great way to do it. So I'm gonna break it into the specific details for you. There's three moves you've got to do, okay. One is you need to make a GigMasters account, GigMasters.com, and guess what, they're gonna ask you for a video, they're gonna ask you for a PR kit, photos, a bio, most of the tools you already have made by that time. How do you get video footage of you speaking, if you haven't been payed to speak yet? Good question! What you want to do is you want to volunteer to speak in your local chambers, your local events, your local Rotary club, your local biker enthusiast event, and you want to film them and video them so that you can show people examples. I worked to the speaker who we've helped go from a school teacher to a multi-million dollar speaker, just by this very system. So GigMasters.com, you make your account there. The second is GigSalad, G-I-G Salad, it's another place. You pay about $35 a month for these listings. And then you want to try, if you can, to find then an agent. Because agents make their money when you make money. And usually they won't book you until people want to book you, which is stupid. Like they won't book you until people want to book you. But start off on GigMasters and GigSalad and go and get yourself some speaking events. And I'm just telling you what I did, I spoke at the Junior Achievement for years, nine years for free, I didn't know what I was doing, speaking for free, really annoying people, probably not teaching them very much, didn't have a plan, never used an outline, it was rough. Now I look back at myself and say, dumb! But I spoke and for the last two years I started making outlines, having a plan, you know. And people started saying, "You're getting pretty good! "I'd like you hire you to come speak in our group, "what do you charge? "Do you have a website?" I'm like, no. Dumb! "Do you have a PR kit?" No. "Do you have any sample videos?" No. I'm thinking, if I would have recorded that, oh. So when you do speak, you need to video it.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: After a speaking event, get video review recordings from those in attendance.
  • Notable Quotable: "For the LORD is the one who shaped the mountains, stirs up the winds, and reveals his thoughts to mankind. He turns the light of dawn into darkness and treads on the heights of the earth. The LORD God of Heaven's Armies is his name!"
    -Amos 4:13
    (The Holy Bible)
  • Notable Quotable: "Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people."
    -Colossians 3:23
    (The Holy Bible)
  • Notable Quotable: "Lazy people are soon poor; hard workers get rich."
    -Proverbs 10:4
    (The Holy Bible)

- What you need to do, is at the events, you need to go ahead and get reviews of you speaking. So at the event, at the end of the event, you want to have your wife, or a family friend, or a person you're hiring to come with you, and you'll say, hey, would you mind sharing on camera your thoughts about today's speaking event, I'd love to hear your feedback, and you film their feedback, and then you type in, you upload it on to YouTube, and you name it after yourself. So you would go in there, and you would name the document, you'd say like John Tucker's speaking reviews, and when people Google your name, and speaking reviews, you will come up with good results. People will have positive reviews, and if you Google my name, and type in Clay Clark speaking reviews, you can probably see a hundred of them or so up there, and it's kinda fun, but over time you start to see the evolution of getting better and better feedback, and that's how you do it. So what questions do you have about this whole, I know it's a lot, and we'll dive in with more trainings as well, but what questions do you specifically have about getting into speaking? - I think the biggest thing is just getting out there to get your, get in front of people. I've had opportunities over the years, but I'm not a good self-promoter so that's a - What is your, I shouldn't ask this but I do ask it 'cause that's what I do. We'll edit it out if you're not happy with your answer, but what is your religious view? - [Man in blue shirt] I'm a Christian. - Okay, so as a Christian, so you got like half the people are like that crazy book, the Bible, what are you talkin' about, you know, but anyway the thing is is as a Christian, you are taught humility, and I encourage you to get into the Scripture, and figure it out yourself 'cause I'm certainly not a biblical prophet, but I'll just give you something I think that you'll need to hear. Somebody here needs to hear it, too, 'cause if you've got a different religious view you need to hear this. If you do believe in God or a higher power, you have to believe that the person who made the planet is excellent, or the being is excellent. You have to believe that, I mean, right? I mean God made the mountains. If you don't believe in God than the Big Bang made the mountains, but something intelligent, I mean I've heard this said by George Lucas, he goes I'm sure who God is, but He had to be pretty great to have made something so complex. If you just throw crap against the wall, nothing really ever looks good, and to think that the universe just came from that requires a little bit more faith than I have, so divine design. But all I'm saying is if that God, or that being made the great planet, I mean think about the most beautiful thing, the beaches in San Diego, I mean with the snow covered mountaintops, the beautiful, the Appalachians, the Rocky Mountains, Mount Everest, I mean just wow, Japan, the wildlife there, the Amazon. My wife and I went down to Brazil, are you kidding me, it's gorgeous, Roatan. You've lived in Costa Rica, I mean somebody who can make something that awesome in my mind would want, if you're a reflection of that person, would want what you're doing to be awesome. I think God is excellent, and I think that if you're gonna do anything as a representative of God, I think that anybody who has a religious view who hopes to be a good representative of God, needs to make things excellent. So what I do is, it was taught to be by a mentor, he says listen, your work is worship. So I was talking to a person from India about this, and she goes my work is my worship, so you won't have a problem with my work ethic. I don't work for you, I work for God, and I just was like, are you kidding me, and I see that in your work ethic. You don't really care what I think. You're working as unto God. I see that a lot, and so where I think a lot of the times you get it wrong as Christians is we go, God wanted us to be humble, and therefore, I don't want to promote my own thing. But I do think that you're not promoting your thing, you're promoting God's thing. So you're not promoting you, you're promoting God's thing, and you're going look, God's given me a certain set of talents, I want to share that with you, and so I always look at it as if someone says to me, Clay are you a good speaker, somebody asked me that three days ago on the phone. He said are you a good speaker? I said I am the best business speaker in the field of entrepreneurship potentially ever, and they said are you, I mean they were thrown off by that, and I said no, I really am, and it's not by my own thing. God has given me a certain set of talents, and I've just worked as hard as I can, and I'm just using those talents. I can tell 'ya I didn't use to be, but now if you book me, I guarantee it's the best, and they're like, well I guess you're confident, we'll book ya. I mean I hear that all the time. But I used to say, well I don't know I kinda, you know I'm pretty competitive, oh okay. You gotta get to a point so then to say those kind of statements, you better back it up. So recently with Thrive, I didn't say this before, but I've said it last week, said it two weeks ago, we are building the world's best business school. Someone says, you mean better than Harvard? Yes. You mean better than Cornell? Yes, why? Thrivers who have graduated from those schools have actually emailed us and said, I've learned more on Thrive than I learned there, and but we're not there yet, but we're saying we are the best, now we gotta live up to that hype. We gotta deliver. So when you ask a question, we have to know the answer. So that's just something, I think a mental breakthrough you're gonna have to have is just kind of and I would encourage you to maybe write an affirmation, or find a verse, or something you can sink into that states that you do serve an excellent God, and you do need to work as unto the Lord, and if you do that, Proverbs 10:4 states that God blesses the hand of the diligent, and diligence is the constant application of effort, so I think if you go in there with a diligent mindset, you're working as unto the Lord, and again if you're not somebody who believes in God, you're kind of like Elon Musk. Elon Musk believes that he only lives once, and he doesn't want to do anything he's not proud of, so same mindset, but you gotta find a way to get there.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Lesson Nugget: Any time you are excellent at anything, most people will criticize you.
  • Truth Cannon:
  • Vanessa & Aubrey Clark:
  • Tools You Need Before Marketing Yourself: 1. Website 2. PR Kit 3. Logo 4. All Branding Materials Must Be First Class
  • How To Market a Self-Published Book: Use Blogs
  • How To Market a Self-Published Book: Use Podcasts
  • How to Market a Self-Published Book: Online Advertisements: 1. Google Shopping 2. Amazon 3. Facebook Ads 4. Retargeting Ads
  • How To Market a Self-Published Book: Book Speaking Events
  • Lesson Nugget: If you are going to speak professionally, don't practice on the audience. Become a professional first.
  • Recommended Reading:
    -Dale Carnegie
  • Lesson Nugget: 1. Carlton Pearson's trainings on public speaking 1. Jim Cathcart's trainings on public speaking 2. Dale Carnegie's book Public Speaking For Success 3. Brian Tracy's book Speak To Win

- Do you have more questions on that? I mean, that's awesome and I know that a lot of Thrivers are facing the exact same thing. So do you have more questions on that, Jon? - No. - Ok. - I have one more thing I want to add, though, because I've talked to Thrivers about this. Anytime you're awesome at anything, most people will hate you. So, just deep thought... Martin Luther King, he basically helped end the social injustice with the Civil Rights movement. So, what'd we do? We killed him. Some people say, "Well, he wasn't perfect. "He did have affairs." Yeah, well, who's perfect? But I'm saying, he got killed. So, you know... Ronald Reagan's like, "Hey, we probably need to "end this whole Cold War deal, this whole idea "of nuclear explosions that can happen any moment "is probably not good, we should probably end that." They shoot him. Jesus, He's like, "Hey, you know, check it out, "you need to love people the way Christ loves the church, "you need to take care of your fellow man." He invented the Golden Rule. Hey, let's kill Him, at 33. I mean, the Boston Red Sox. They won a couple of World Series, the Chicago Bulls won six championships, people hated the Bulls, remember that? People hated the Bulls. You had the Yankees. What are they guilty of? Winning. "Well they spend too much on their players." You gotta be kidding me, Royal fans. If you're team was spending $280 million a year on your lineup to win every year, to be competitive, you would go, "I love it!" So, the Patriots are winning all the time. No one runs around going, "I hate the Jaguars." People are going, "Are the Jaguars even still a "National Football League team? "Do they have a team?" You know what I mean? So, I'm just saying, any time you're excellent at something, they will criticize you. They just will. And recently my wife was in the Tulsa World sharing a story about our son's healing, and I've had people email me horrible things. Because my wife was asked, "Was your son blind?" Yes. "Was he healed?" Yes. Does that freak people out? Yes. And there's people that, for whatever reason, as soon as they see something that's not normal, they attack it. And so I'm just saying, go read Lord of the Flies, the fictional book that explains this more in depth if you want to, but just understand if you do anything excellent, you will be hated for it. - Makes sense. So let's recap these different things real quick that contribute to marketing a self-published book. First, the tools that you need before marketing yourself: the website, the BR kit, the logo, and all of it must be world class, ok? So that's the first thing. The second thing is reaching out to blogs, become a guest feature, do an interview, allow them to open up and understand your content through the blog format. But the same thing goes for podcasts, that's the next point. Going through and making a list of different podcasts to be featured on, that way you can hear your voice across the world. - And when you nail it, they will nail you for it. So as you start to become an expert, the people who've known you forever are gonna go, "Who is he, who does he think he is? "I know who he is. "I have worked with him for years "and he is not anything special. "I see him every day, and when you see him "on a day where he's upset, you won't even understand "what it's like..." But then people who don't know you are like, "Oh my gosh, you're such a wise wizard." So, you've gotta understand that, as a general rule, the more success you have... I'm just telling you, I see people at Whole Foods and Sprouts who come up to me and go, "Are you the guy? "You're the guy! "You're helping my son." Do what? "He's on Thrive15, you helped him start his company. "He's killin' it right now." One lady came up to me and hugs me by the sushi. Literally, she goes, "My son is doing everything on there. "His business is blowing up, thank you!" And I'm like, "Ok." Well, then you have family members who are like, "Who are you giving advice? "You can't even like, dress yourself. "You wear the same thing every day!" True. So, you've just gotta like, understand just, as you nail it, they're gonna nail you for it. - Ok, and then the next thing is the online advertisements. We talked about the different platforms to take out adds on: Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook ads, retargeting ads, ok? So we talked about that. And then, lastly, the speaking events. Booking yourself for speaking events, doing some volunteer events up front, but then the different platforms, GigMasters, GigSalad, to begin building a following of speaking events. - And I would be remiss if I said if you're going to speak professionally, don't practice on the audience. So what you'll need to do is become an excellent speaker. And we have trainings on Thrive15 about how to become a great speaker. Some people agree or disagree with the religious beliefs of Carlton Pearson but he has some unbelievable trainings on that. Also, Dale Carnegie, he wrote a book about public speaking which is phenomenal. We'll put the name of the book up here right now. And there's one more book about public speaking that everyone should know who wants to speak, Brian Tracy has a book on public speaking. So, we have trainings on that-- - [Host] And Jim Cathcart. - Jim Cathcart, unbelievable trainings. Jim Cathcart was actually named at one point the number one speaker in the world, and he's got awesome trainings on Thrive15 on how to do it. So, again the recap of those four, though: Jim Cathcart's trainings, phenomenal, Dale Carnegie's book on speaking, phenomenal, Brian Tracy's book on speaking, phenomenal, and the trainings we have on Thrive15, just dive into it. But don't get up there in front of an audience without an outline, like I did. I mean, people would write comments like, "I don't think at any point he had a point." And I'm like, "So?" I mean, so, not good. - Alright, Thrivers, thank you so much for joining us for How to Market Yourself with a Self-Published Book. We're gonna get into some more self-publishing tips and tricks, pros and cons, in other trainings. But Jon, thank you so much. - Thank you. - Clay, thank you. - Thank you for thanking me! - The white moose is loose.

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