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This episode is a business coaching course that provides information on how to grow a brand identity.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • 14 Ways To Increase Sales: 10. Grow your brand identity
  • Notable Quotable: "Get yourself and your company known within your market area. Write articles, letters to editors, offer expert input for reporters and publishers, conduct surveys, provide free services to key people, donate your time to worthy causes, put your photo on your business card, share valuable ideas via email. Create a broad awareness of yourself as an authority on what you do." - Relationship Selling: The Eight Competencies Of Top Sales Producers
  • Lesson Nugget: Most businesses are mediocre at best, be excellent and you will win.


-All right, so point number 10, here. Point number 10 is grow your brand identity.

"Get yourself and your company known within your market area. Write articles, letters to the editors. Offer expert input for reporters and publishers, conduct surveys, provide free services to keep people, donate your time to trustworthy causes, put your photo on your business card, share valuable ideas via email. Create a broad awareness of yourself as an authority on what you do."

I don't even know if it's possible to unpack that.

-That could be a seminar.

-So let's just go one by one truth cannon. OK, you're saying write articles, letters to the editor.


-Let me just give you an example of Donny Caccamise.


-Donny Caccamise is a transmission specialist in Ventura, California. He built DMC-- Donald M. Caccamise Transmissions-- several years ago, and took all of these ideas and applied them. I hadn't even met him yet. So he's just a brilliant guy that happens to practice this

Dani said, well, first, I want to do a good job for everybody. So he got a team of specialists together, made sure all the work they were doing was reliable, solid, highly professional work. Second, he set standards for the cleanliness of his operation, for the exterior look of his business. It looks like a nice place to go.

His people dressed professionally. Instead of dressing in jeans and old work shirts, they've got uniforms. They're courteous to people. And all of this is practiced and intentional.

-It's a transmission shop?

-It's a transmission shop.

-Are you kidding me?

-Yeah. And they clean up the grease, and they keep it where you could walk through there in a suit and not worry about getting dirty. They wash your car after they've cared for it, so when you get your car back it looks nice. And if they don't have a chance to wash your car, they apologize for that or give you a coupon for a car wash, or something.

Dani decided to get involved in the community, so he started showing up at all the car shows, and all the places where people with likely transmission needs. For a new car, you'd go back for warranty work with the dealer. For an older car, you would come to him. So he started going to the car shows, and the collector's places, and all of these places like that, and exhibiting. And he loves cars too. And some of his custom cars, you know, he started showing them.

And then he developed a radio show. At first, he was just appearing on other people's radio shows as a guest host, or like a co-host. He'd show up for a little segment, and he would sponsor it. And he made sure those radio shows heard by the people that he wanted to target.

And then he got his own radio show. And now his radio show is also a TV show, and on 105 stations around the world, at last count. It's called "Horsepower for an Hour". I've been a guest on this show four times.

-"Horsepower for an Hour". Wow.

-And it's so cool. And he talks with all the top car people in the world about the coolest cars that you can imagine. All of this, of course, is brought to you by the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association and coincidentally, DMC Transmissions in Ventura, California.

Donnie also serves on the board of the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association. So he's working to grow his industry, not just to grow his company.

-OK, so let's say this. Let's say I'm in a--

-Oh, wait, I'm sorry. One more item.

-Yeah, no.

-He's got two trucks, a truck and a van, both of which are covered with a advertising skin. You know what I'm talking about?

-Oh yes.

-Of course you do. And it says "Horsepower for an Hour." And sometimes, when your car is in for service-- or like when mine was, and I got my transmission rebuilt by him, he loaned me that truck.

-Oh boy.

-And I drove around and advertised his business for three days.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Ask Yourself: What are the publications and media outlets that my ideal and likely buyers view?
  • Action Step: Reach out to the media and offer to write articles in your field.
  • Action Step: Offer free services to the companies or organizations that you want to connect with the most.
  • Lesson Nugget: Determine what statistics and facts will help you show the value of the products and services you offer.


-If I'm-- I want to break this down in a very simple-- let's say I'm a Thriver, and I'm watching this. And I have a business. It's a newer company. Let's say I'm installing wall foam. I make homes more-- I know we have one Thriver who makes homes more energy efficient. That's what he does. How does he start writing articles, and how does he start connecting with these reporters? What would you--

-I would just say, first off, I'm in the business-- I'm in the green business-- if I were him. I'm in the business of making this world more natural and more healthy. And one of the things I do is I help people insulate their homes so that they use, or lose, less of the energy that they're using and so that their homes are more comfortable and worth more on resale.

So you start thinking about all the implications of insulation. There are many values to it on many levels, in the resale, in the initial purchase, in the comfort day-to-day, soundproofing. You start thinking about all the echo effect of what he does. That's a pretty cool thing. So I would communicate with people that's what I do.

And then I would write articles and publish the articles in all of the local publications where people would look if they were going to remodel their home. So where is that?

Look, at the ones where the other people advertise. And if there's a concentration of advertisements by the people who do the kitchen counter tops and the driveways and the re-roofing and all that sort of stuff. Show up in there, and talk to the publisher and say, hey, would you like to have an article every so often on how to insulate your home for sound, how to reduce your energy costs, how to-- the top 10 ways to improve the value of your home on resale.

-So you can-- you just reach out to the media. Call the newspapers. They're looking for articles. They're looking for content.

-Yeah, they are.

-Reach out. Say you're an expert in this area.

-And not just the print media. This is also for the online media, for the--


-All the people-- yeah, the bloggers, Facebook pages, whatever it happens to be, LinkedIn, wherever that kind of a business is advertising locally, Craigslist, those kinds of things.

-You mentioned specifically, you say conduct surveys and provide free services. I know we have a videographer in Oregon. What kind of advice would you have-- how does a videographer in Oregon provide free services to help generate more business? How would that help him doing that?

-First thing I would do is I would figure out which charities I cared the most about, which causes. And I would look at the ones that drew the biggest attention and start with them.

So, for me, it was when I moved from La Jolla, California, San Diego, to Westlake Village in Thousand Oaks, California on the other side of LA. I didn't know anybody, but I wanted to live there so I was closer to my son and grandkids. And didn't have LA between the two of us.

So I moved there and immediately started thinking, OK, I'd like to get involved. I need to re-brand myself so that the people in this community know me. And I contacted the local news organizations, "The Acorn News" and-- how convenient is that? "The Acorn."

CLAY CLARK: "The Acorn News!"

-I sent them-- "Acorn" newspaper. I gave them a copy of my book, "The Acorn Principle," and they said, oh my gosh! And then I told them what I did for a living. And they ended up doing a feature article with color photos and all that about me, which led to a whole string of other big payoffs over time.

-If you're going to do some free services, you got to pick out the biggest organizations.

-That's right. So I looked for the one that I could connect with the most, one that was-- that seemed to hold the most promise was the Boys & Girls Club. I became involved for five years. I served on their board actually for six years, and I became the chairman of their big annual gala and all that. And that was a giveaway. That was me giving my services.

-Your time and your services.

-Yeah. So I had to be careful not to let that eat into my-- the ability to pay my own bills. But still, doing that got me known throughout the entire community, got me referred to Sherwood Country Club where I became a member for 13 years, love living and thriving there as well. I got all kinds of other opportunities just as a result of giving to the Boys & Girls Clubs and helping the community that way.

-You mention conduct surveys. And I'm just thinking of-- we have an orthodontist up in Missouri who-- how would you go about conducting surveys in order to grow his brand identity? How would he do that?

-I would figure out what statistics-- or what facts would you benefit from having statistics on. Like, how many kids are born with orthodontic needs? Not born with, but likely to have so that you can predict it in advance. How many adults have benefited from orthodontia? How many different approaches are there?

And then I'd start writing articles. I'd do surveys that could feed the article, so you go do online surveys. Maybe you send someone out talking to people and doing some surveys in different ways.

But compile that into some articles or information that you can then publish because that's news.

CLAY CLARK: Right. And this is big because, again, if you're in the market right now, you might have a lot more time than money. A lot of business owners have a lot more time than money. And all the things you're mentioning here can really leverage your time.

I mean you can get in there and really make a big impact without spending a ton of money on-- you haven't said, step 1, spend $16 million on ads, step 2, spend $30 more million on ads. I mean none of your steps are--

JIM CATHCART: Get the front page of "Time" magazine. No. No.

-All these things are things that are doable. These are doable action items.

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