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This episode is a business coaching course that teaches about breaking the ice.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Today's Topic: How to Break The Ice With Your Dream 100
  • Lesson Nugget: The "Dream 100" is a list of your 100 most ideal and likely buyers.
  • Notable Quotable: "Best buyers buy more, buy faster, and buy more often than other buyers. These are your ideal clients. Have a special effort dedicated to just the dream clients."
    -Chet Holmes
    (International growth coach. )
  • Lesson Nugget: People will never care about your goals as much as you do.
  • Ample Example:
  • Action Step: Come up with a plan to get past the guard dog and to your ideal and likely buyers.
  • Ask Yourself: What customers would change my business if I was able to get them as clients?
  • Lesson Nugget: Create weekly steps you can do for everyone on your dream 100 list, then do those steps.



Clay Clark: Alright, we're talking about how to break the ice with your Dream 100.

Lots of Thrivers are asking for business coaching advice for the question “How do I break the ice with the Dream 100?”

I'm going to give you a bunch of moves; but I want to give you a quick visual of what we're talking about. The Dream 100 is a list of the hundred most Ideal and Likely buyers. We'll put up the quote on the screen here.  But Chet Holmes, in his beautiful book; The Ultimate Sales Machine, here.


And, he talks about reaching ideal and likely buyers. And he talks about the system needed to do it, in this book.  Great business coaching book; The Ultimate Sales Machine. And, if you have a business, you've got to think about who are the hundred ideal, most ideal and likely buyers out there. That if I could get one of them to buy from me, it would totally change my game. So for me, when I started my DJ company, I'm working out of my college dorm-room.


Then I'm working out of an apartment. I did not have air conditioning at the time.

Did not have a marketing budget. And I made a list. I remember, on my list, I put Boeing, Boeing Airlines. You know, the guys who got the airlines where they make the airplanes. Boeing.  I put on there, I put Coca-Cola.  I put on there a company called Bama. They make all the pizza dough for McDonald's, stuff like that. The pizza dough for Pizza Hut; and they make the Breakfast Menu items for McDonald's.


And so what I did, is I made that list. But you got to understand that nobody, in the whole world, cares about your big goals as much as you. In fact, nobody even cares at all, as a general rule. I mean, some people care. At Thrive15, our whole mission is to help mentor and provide business coaching to millions of people like you. So, we care; but it's not normal for people to care.


And if you care a lot about your own goals, people say “Well, you're a narcissist. You're narcissistic. All you care about is yourself.” So, you got to care. So this is where you are right here. Starting point. You are trying to get to the Ideal and Likely buyers. But there's a brick wall in the way. And there's a homie here, who's kind of a mean-looking dude, on the other side of the wall.


Business coaching tip: You got to get through the brick wall, you got to get past this guy who doesn't look very excited. I mean, you have to get through the guard dog. To the Front Desk lady.  “Thank you for calling Smith & Barnaby.” Let me try that again.


 “Thank you for calling Smith & Barnaby. Yeah?”

 “Yeah, I was just calling to see if I could get a hold of Mr Smith?”

 “Does Mr Smith expect your call?”

] “Uh, no, not really. I just wanted to reach him.”

 “Well, I'm sorry, he's not available.”


And that's what a guard dog is. Business coaching lesson: A guard dog's job is to keep you from getting to the Boss. So what you have to do is, you have to come with a Dream 100 list first, those Ideal and Likely buyers. And then you need to come up with a move to get through to those Ideal and Likely buyers. Now the way it works, is you want to start off by making a list of the top 100 Ideal and Most Likely buyers.


That if you did get those deals, it would absolutely change your life. See, you want to put Boeing on that list, you want to put Bama on that list. You want to put whoever on that list. Ask yourself “Who are the companies, that if I was able to secure their business; or the people, if I got their business; it could change my life?” Bama. You've got Coca-cola. There's a certain apartment complex I put on there.


These are real. This is what I did. Okay? So then what you do, you have to come up with Step One, Step Two, Step Three, Step Four.  And every week, you want to do this, until you get all the way to Step Ten. Every week is a step. So every week, you're taking the same action, with all 100 people. So Week One, what are we doing?


Week One, we're doing the same step Boeing, Bama, Coca-cola, the apartment, whatever. So you want to do this for all hundred of your Likely and Ideal buyers; at the same time. The same business coaching Action Step, each week. Very important that we don't get this wrong.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Dream 100 Ideas: 1. Drop by food or a treat
  • Dream 100 Ideas: 2. "Swag item" like a mug, book, or something they can use
  • Dream 100 Ideas: 3. Send a Mariachi band
  • Dream 100 Ideas: 4. Send an ice sculpture
  • Dream 100 Ideas: 5. Customized audio CDs
  • Dream 100 Ideas: 6. Drop by a themed item
  • Dream 100 Ideas: 7. Hand written notes

Clay Clark: So what do we do for business coaching? This Thriver in particular is like: “I know about the Dream 100, but how do I break through?” So I'm going to show you what I would do.

I'm going to show you what I have trained, and worked with pharmaceutical sales reps, to do. I'm going to show you the system that's been proven to work, I'm going to show you the system that does work. And I'm going to show you why it works. Okay?


So, business coaching for Step One is you take action with all one hundred. So, Week One, I would say I'm going to drop by food. Back in the day, I didn't have a lot of money. So I dropped by Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Why? They're cheap, who doesn't like a doughnut? So we dropped by Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. In Week One, to every single Ideal and Likely buyer. All a hundred of the hotels in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


We're talking about the Renaissance Hotel, I'm talking about the Holiday Inn, I'm talking about the Oklahoma Aquarium Event Center. And then Boeing, Bama, Coke, all these top companies. Our Dream 100. We went after them. Because we're trying to get them to use me for their holiday parties. And their corporate events. So we go by, week One, we drop by food, Krispy Kreme. That's what you do.


So if you're asking for business coaching ideas, week one, drop by food, week two, drop by some swag items like a mug or books, gift cards. Business coaching tip: But, do the same thing for everybody. So, if you can't afford to do books, it's not worth doing books, then drop by gift cards. A Starbucks gift card. A $5 Starbucks gift card, to all 100. You're like “That's $500.” If you can't do that, I'm just giving you options, okay?


But week one, you drop by the food, week two, you drop by the swag items. If you can't do that, I'm just giving you some options here. Week number three, if you can't send the swag items or food, send mariachis. Mariachis, “you're serious?” Yes. I have literally sent mariachis to my Dream 100 before.  And what happens is, when they show up at somebody's office, and they're going  [singing] “la-la-la-la bamba”  “la-la-la-la-la bamba, whatever, whatever. Taco Bell, la bamba.”


People remember that stuff. And they go “wow. you actually sent by mariachis.” Well, guess what, you can get a mariachi band for like 400 bucks for the day.  And I just sent them out all over town, to these different people. And they thought it was fun. People thought it was fun. And I had a few vendors who didn't think it was so fun. But as a general rule, people thought it was fun. And it worked.


So, fourth business coaching idea, ice sculptures. I just did that yesterday. If you're in a business where, a win is worth it. Yesterday I made an ice sculpture for a guy. Because he's super-important and I value him. And I wanted him to know how much we care. You can do ice sculptures, you can have an ice sculpture you drop off. Miniature ones, big ones. The fifth is, you can drop by customized audio CD’s.


So you can record a greeting from you, going, “Greg, you mean a lot to me, and I would love to get your business. I'd love to work with you. And that's why I'm recording a birthday song, for you.” [singing] “Happy Birthday, to you. Happy Birthday, to you. Aah.  Happy Birthday, dear Greg. Happy Birthday to you”.


And what you do is, you get a little audio track offline, you add the beat to it so it's [singing] “Happy Birthday, to you, Greg. Happy Birthday, to you, Greg. Happy” “Happy Birthday, to Greg, to Greg. To Greg, to Greg. “To Greg. Happy Birthday, to you.”  I mean, you can do that. I actually have done that. I did that, I endorsed that. Next move you can do, now we're at Number Six. You can drop by themed items.


So it's Valentine's, you're dropping off all your people sweethearts and twizzlers that are red and red cupcakes that week. Saint Paddy's Day, you're dropping off green Shamrock Shakes, and green stationary, and green mints and just greens. Organic greens, broccoli, kale, you're just dropping off greens. Christmas, you could drop by “Christmas, that's so offensive. Why wouldn't he just say Holiday.” Because it's Christmas.


There wouldn't be that specific holiday if there wasn't Christ. And we weren't celebrating to the max, thus Christmas. If you don't like Christmas, fine. On your holiday, call it what you want to call it, that's fine with me. So, Christmas gifts. You could drop by Santa stuff for people, or candy canes or pictures of baby Jesus, I don't know. But, you could drop by themed things. Business coaching for point number seven; hand-written notes. Hand-written notes. “Hand-written notes? You mean with my hand? Where I have to write them, using my hand?


I don't have very good hand-writing.” Look at me, I don't have very good hand-writing but you could do it. Just shows you care, when you take the time to do it. And are you doing it with all your vendors? All your ideal and likely buyers? All your prospects, at the same time? Every week? Yes. You have to execute this system to all 100 at the same time.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Lesson Nugget: Hand written notes stand out because no one writes them anymore.
  • Editor's Note: I think we have thoroughly ruled out selling to primates at this point...
  • Dream 100 Ideas: 8. Mail Consistantly
  • Dream 100 Ideas: 9. Drop off donuts
  • Lesson Nugget: You should be able to get 3% of your dream 100 to work with you if you follow the steps.
  • Action Step: Block off time in your schedule every week to reach out to your dream 100.
  • Ask Yourself: How much time will it take and when will I do my dream 100?
  • Editor's Note: Email us at Info@thrive15.com to ask a question, get the downloadable, and book a weekend workshop!

Clay Clark: The next business coaching move is mail them consistently. Somebody saying “that the mail of the like, are you, where there's the Internet? I mean there's the internet. There's people who are using the Internet and you're trying to tell us to use the mail, but people don't use mail anymore?”  Yes, they actually do and the fact is, the less people who use mail, the more you should use mail because then you'll actually get your message to the people, right? So mail. Mail them something.


I have mailed quarters inside of envelops and when you open it up and I'm like, 'hey everyone, I hope your company makes some more money'.  Why do people open up an envelope with a quarter in it?  You’re curious what's inside it.  Why do I hand write their name on the outside of the envelope? Why, when I send the envelope?,  Why do I write their name or put Greg Smith and I usually write some funny like, I’ll put like “the Honorable Greg Smith”, Right?  And then I'll put his address it's 90210S, Boom Tulsa, 74011, then you send it.


Why do you want to put the stamp on it? And then, why do you want to actually write their name? Why would you go through the time, the cost of writing their name? Business coaching tip: Because people like to see their own name. They like to know that you took the time. People like it, you’re selling to humans unless you’re  like monkeys. I don't know who you're going to sell to. And, if you take that thought a little bit further, I mean, how many monkeys actually have money? And, if a monkey did have money, how many of those monkeys would actually do an automatic savings plan as we've discussed in other trainings, where you take money out of their account every month so that they actually are automatically saving 10% percent of their income? Probably nobody.


But anyway, the next one, [unintelligible 00:01:55] mail consistently, mail consistently.  Business coaching for point number nine, Donuts, donuts, donuts. Yeah, you could do donuts. I mean these are nine specific moves that you could do to reach your ideal unlikely buyers, you dream on hundred in a memorable way. Now let's just be realistic on the idea. If you have a hundred people in your hopper, a hundred people you put into your funnel, okay? Every week you're going to get about 3% of the people on your dream one hundred list to respond in a favorable way. Meaning they're actually going to set an appointment with you. And, so you get to this whole process you're going to have about 3% of all the people you put into your dream one hundred that are actually going to be working with you, paying you, you can have a relationship with etcetera.


So don't waste your time on this system.  If you're going after small deals you only want to do the dream one hundred. If you're going after some big deals, some game changing deals. By very definition, it is a Dream One Hundred. It's not a bottom feeding hundred it is the Top Dream One Hundred. You need to get to your Dream One Hundred you need to make sure you reach out to a systemic way. If you can afford to reach a hundred at one time, maybe, have a dream ten to start. If you can start the dream ten, have a Dream 25. But you get paid on what you do, not based on what you intend to do. Business coaching advice: You need to block off time every week to execute your dream one hundred.


So, look at your calendar and look at the calendar. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Usually we don't have a Someday you've got your Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday, Sunday. Usually there's not a someday. There you know there's usually not a someday, I don't know if you've in your calendar. If you have a someday in your calendar and don't know if you do.  So, maybe you do, but I don't-- so you have to schedule a time. So, when are you going to do your dream one hundred. Ask yourself how much time does it take? And, when are you going to do that it's very important you take your calendar, you circle a time and you go “Okay, that time, that time and that time. That's when I'm going to be doing my dream one hundred.” Because when you do the dream one hundred it Works. Thrivers that’s some more ideas on how to execute your dream one hundred.


 If you have any questions or need business coaching, email us at info@thrive15.com. And as always thrive15 is awesome for four reasons and none of them involve me. One, if you have a question, if you email us, we will respond it, we will answer your questions. Two, ongoing updated video trainings based upon what you're asking. Three, workshops, you can get out to our workshops whenever you want, just book a time.  ‘how do I get it, how am I going to do it, what’s the deal, what’s the secret, passcode how do I do it?’.  All you do is e-mail us info@thrive15.com. Tell us what weekend you'd like to come out and we will book a time for you to come out to the thrive15 headquarters in the Dojo of mojo.


And finally thrivers we have downloadable, we have templates, we have templates we can give you, we have a spreadsheet you can download right now that you could use as your template for your dream one hundred. We really do it, this is how we do it. I mean there’s literally thousands of people just like you who are taking action as part of the thrive15 community. Until next time we see you for business coaching. Boom.

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