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This episode is a business coaching course that talks about how to budget time.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • PRINCIPLE #1: Budget Time for Crisis Situations Into Your Schedule
  • Ask Yourself: In the last month, what were the crises that happened?
  • Ask Yourself: How often does the crisis happen?
  • 1992 NBA Olympic Dream Team : Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Chris Mullin, Clyde Drexler, John Stockton, Scottie Pippen, Christian Laettner, Patrick Ewing, David Robinson, Karl Malone, and Charles Barkley.
  • Editor's Note: I think that this might be Justin's version of a bagel...
  • Lesson Nugget: If you're going to be successful, likely you will experience adversity and stress on the way to success.
  • Action Step: Budget time for crisis situations on a daily basis.
  • Notable Quotable: “It’s not about managing your time. It is about keeping your whole life under control. Plan the life you want or live the life you don’t want.”
    -Lee Cockerell
    (Former Executive Vice President of Operations of Walt Disney World.)

- ♫ Electronic Theme - Principle number one: Budget time for crisis situations into your schedule. So, Clay, what are we talking about here? - Well, okay, what's going to happen is, every job, no matter what job it is, you're going to have a crisis that happens at whatever interval. So, I'm going to ask you right now, think about the last month, everybody do this, think about the last month, and what were the crises that happened? Go ahead Allen, let me give you a little time here. I'm going to give you a little time. Feel free to jot them down, let's hear everybody write them down. What are a couple of crisises in the last thirty days? Okay, because everybody has, it doesn't matter what job you're at, I'm telling you, if you're job is not, like, the complete bottom of the barrel, you know, where they are like, "Just nail this to this piece of wood, that's your job." Unless you're having like that sort of no-brainer job, there's going to be a crisis. So you have to ask yourself, how often does it happen. So we have one of our Thrivers, Augustine, in town here, he's opened up an unbelievable restaurant, Big Shot up here in Wichita, you gotta get out to it, okay? It's going to be a brewery mixed with a coffee house, it's unbelievable. - [Host] Wow, wow. - It's going to change the game. But ask yourself, ask yourself, Allen, ask yourself, Jose, ask myself, how often does a crisis happen, okay? Because you just gotta figure out the ratio. So here's one example, and someone is going to go, "Why do you always talk politics?" I do it because it's topical and it pulls up top in Google, so calm down, okay, I'm a shameless marketer. Here you go, Donald Trump right now, he is speaking about this idea of independence, financial independence. So his whole thing is if you work hard, you should make a bunch of money, and the we should be hard negotiators with other countries so that we have a lot of jobs here and if you don't, uh, you know. So he's, and then you've got Bernie Sanders, who's very, they call him a democratic socialist, he's way on the left, Trump's way on the right and they are, in terms of fiscal, fiscally on the right, fiscally on the left very, I mean, you've got far conservative, far liberal. Every single time, because this is what always happens, every time that Trump speaks now, there's a riot, every time he speaks. Any time he speaks. He spoke in Tulsa, he spoke in Arkansas. He just did it, he went to Chicago, and had to cancel it because there is so many people now rioting because the other side's realizing, oh no, he might win. So, think about the Dream Team. The first Dream Team, the first American basketball team the US Olympic basketball team. That David Robinson was a member of. - [Jose] Jordan - The first time they'd assembled all the all star players onto one team, Barkley, awesome, - [Jose] Yeah, yeah. - You gotta put that on the screen - [Jose] Oh yeah. - These guys are awesome. And so, they travelled, and they're over there in Barcelona, I believe it was, and they couldn't even drive the bus to the Olympic village because people were in the roads screaming, yelling, taking photos, wanting to get an autograph, wanting to get a glimpse, wanting to see because there was so much hype. If Justin Beiber buys a bagel. You like how I did that? If Justin Beiber buys a bagel, If Justin Beiber buys a bagel, though seriously say that eight times, If Justin Beiber buys a bagel. - [Jose] That sounds like a new song. - Yeah, it's the new hotness. But anyway, if he does it, people line up, he goes into Einstein's, and everyone's like, Is that Justin Beiber buying a bagel? That's Justin Beiber buying a bagel, ahhh. And people want to get his signature. So he has to plan time into his schedule when he goes anywhere, for there to be security issues, for there to be. The President of the United States, whether we love President Obama or you don't, he has to budget time because they have to get secret service, security. If you ever go to the White House, you'll notice there's snipers on top of the White House, you can see the gunners up there. It's a big thing when he leaves, they have to send out like decoys so they don't know what car he's in. There's a whole thing. If you're going to be successful, life's going to be stressful. But you've got to budget time, you've got to budget the time. So when you open up your restaurant, Augustine, and this thing starts taking off like it's going to, I know it's going to happen, and when you start to have that success, and there starts to be a line up, guess what? One out of 50 customers will probably want a refund, or gets irritated, or their food doesn't taste good in their mind or whatever, and you just have to budget time for the manager to come over and go, "hey, what's the concern?" and you've got to deal with it. So, I would just ask you, right now, how many crisises are going to happen a month for you right now? - In a month? - Yeah. - I'm dealing with a crisis almost every day. Even if it's not a fatality - Yeah. - we're still dealing with people who are seriously hurt. - So I block into my schedule, just you know, gaps. - Okay. - For the specific issue of just having an issue. Because, I mean it's in the schedule just to have an issue. I don't even know what the issue is, but I put it in there. So I turn my phone off a lot when I'm doing writing or I'm doing a podcast, or I'm doing a training like this, I turn it off. But then when I get out, I have time blocked off and then someone will go, "Hey, just so you know the back door doesn't lock anymore, and then the bathroom when you shut the stall, it doesn't quite." And I'm like, I've advanced to a level in my life where now I'm in charge of the back door and the stall door so I have to deal with it, and that might be the crisis of the day. Or the internet's down. No problem, we're an internet company, don't worry about it, I mean, it's just. But you have to block out time. I hope that's helpful for you. - And I've done that. It's still a challenge, because depending on the severity of the issue, it may take more than that gap. - And here's what I'm saying and I try to, it probably doesn't feel good. You might be in a job like the President of the United States or like the Dream Team, where it's just part of the job. - Oh, it is. - And there will never be, but for the Thriver that's listening right now, who's not blocking off time for emergencies, this could be an epiphany for them, - Right. - For you it might be like well, you know. - Suck it up, Allen. Okay, will do. - Suck it up, Allen. Back to you. - Excellent, excellent, so there you have it, Thrivers, you need to budget time for crisis situations in your daily schedule and life. Hey, up next, how to turn your frustration into motivation, it's going to be exciting so stay tuned, we'll be right back.

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