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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Ask Yourself: Am I actually scheduling things in my business?
  • Action Step: Make a list of 100 contacts that would be helpful for your business.

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-So let's give an example. You have eight kids, right?


-Combined. Do they all go to school somewhere?

-Most of them, actually about half of them, are graduated.

-OK, so four are at home.




-Two. But the two, how old are these guys?

-Twelve and eight.

-Do they have stuff they do?


-Like what do they do.

-They're home-schooled. Home school, like what sports do they do or activities or hobbies or what do they do?

-They don't. Vegas is not--

-Conducive for that?


-OK. Let's give an example. I'll give you an example from my marriage that may be an example of what you shouldn't do, but I did this, and then, maybe you'll feel better. I was married to my wife for seven years.

-Mn hmm.

-I think. And it occurred to me-- my son was born blind. I don't know if you know that story, but he was born blind--

-I read that in your book.

-Yeah it's a little crazy. So Aubrey is born blind, and when he was, like I got a call, I'm supposed to go to the doctor's, and my wife calls, and says, hey, you need to be here or something, oh gosh, something bad's happening. And I realized at that point, so I'm sitting, it was hard for me to get away, and my wife's like you really need to be here. I get there, and when I'm there, we have all these medical appointments. And I can't go because my schedule's so packed.

So I'm talking to the doctor, and he pulls me aside and he says, hey, man. You need to spend some time with your wife. This is a tough time for you guys, you know. I was like, OK. OK. And just-- and he was like, do you spend a lot of time-- it's not my business, but do you spend a lot of time with her? I mean, because it seems like you're like really rushed right now. And I'm like, well, I've got a lot of stuff going on the businesses. And it occurred to me that I had a seven year drought of dating.

I literally had not taken my wife on a date with any type of consistency for seven years. That's just me. So I, I-- never had time I guess, I thought. Well now, every single Friday, I don't care what's going on, every single Friday we take the kids out to eat. Every Friday. And every single Saturday, we try to do a date. And every Sunday, we have our family day, where we have our family come over for two hours.

And by doing it every single week, guess what? I see my family every week, the extended family. Guess what? We go on a date every week. Guess what? I take my kids out to eat. It happens. So last night when I was at Andy's, the custard place, taking my daughter on her little daughter date, it happened, why? Because it's scheduled. But in businesses all across the country, people don't scheduling anything. So nothing ever gets done. So it's like, I forgot, I ran out of time.

We're going to schedule, a detailed schedule, so you've got a structure. So you don't look up at the end of seven years and go, I didn't do any marketing. Or, man, I didn't do my social media. Or I never, whatever. Whatever those-- so we're going to build a schedule for you, so you're going to leave here with a very, very detailed calendar.


-OK. So I'm going to help you lay out all this. And every business on the planet needs this stuff. But Marshall, you have these things written down, highlighted here?


-OK. Boom, boom, boom. Really important that we do that. And so what we're going to do is, we're going to go ahead and get into your Dream 100 system. OK?


-So that's our Dream 100. So here we go. The Dream 100. We don't know yet what jobs people do who are buying from us, right? We don't know yet. But we know that we want to know. But we don't know yet. But I'm going to ask you this question. Are there market shows or are there-- I know there's a trade show you talked about in the email-- is there a-- trade shows or market events where you feel like if you were there, in front of the people, that if they heard about your product they would want to buy it?

-For Supply World?


-I'm not familiar with any. I don't know what shows would be applicable for Supply World.

-Here's what we're going to want to do, OK?

-I need to find out.

-We need to make a list of 100, I'm going to say, shows-slash-stores that we want to be in.


-OK. One hundred. One hundred shows. One hundred stores. One hundred buyers. You say one hundred. The total we need to have, maybe 33 buyers. Gosh, why is it so hard for me to write the English language? Maybe I'm actually fluent in Mandarin, I just don't know. It's the Chinese again, taking over my writing. OK. Shows. So maybe that's what we need. One hundred though. You want to have 100. Now, why do we want to have 100? Because if you screw around and shoot enough you're going to hit something. So do you guys own weapons out there in Vegas, are you gun people?

-No. Well, I am, but my husband couldn't-- I wouldn't know.

-Well, I'm going to go into my focus theory again here. So let's just say, and again I'm sorry for my horrible drawings, but-- oh, here we go, this is going to be a good drawing. So there's trees here and there's woods going on, there's a forest, it's some sort of-- OK. So we've got our forest here. And we're pretty much, we're sure, that this weird-- maybe it's a yeti-dog hybrid. But we're pretty sure this animal has popped into the woods. And this woods, this will be like, we'll call this weird animal, we'll call him


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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Fun Factoid: Most high-end retail stores have a "buyer" that is a filter for the products they sell in their stores and what they purchase from product creators.
  • Editor's Note: Sophia Amoruso is the CEO of Nasty Gal, an online clothing retail company, that increased revenues from $200,000 in 2008 to $23 million in 2011.

[MUSIC PLAYING] -Look, these are buyers right here. These are people that are going to buy our stuff. We're pretty sure we saw-- we know for sure he ran into the woods. Now, I believe if we have enough cheap ammo that we can afford-- we're not going to be shooting million dollar rounds of whatever-- but if we just shoot into the woods-- just massive chaos-- somehow we got our hands on some sort of automatic weapon that we shouldn't have. But we have this weapon. And [INAUDIBLE] the ammo was cheap. And we're just firing away into the woods-- bam, bam, bam. Eventually, we're going to kill something. -Right. -This is essentially the plan. But now if you were focusing your gun over here, over here, over here, over here, you're not going to hit anything. So we need to find 100 people that, we believe if that buyer-- are you familiar with how buyers work for stores? Are you familiar with this process a little bit? -[HESITATING] A little bit, but not too much. -Let me walk you through the way it works, OK? -Thank you. -There's a dude named Trevor-- let's make it up-- dude, Trevor. Trevor is a buyer. Trevor buys stuff on behalf of Neiman-- probably spelling it wrong-- Marcus. That's his job. So he has a great reputation and a great eye for style. Neiman Marcus knows that if Trevor brings him a product, it's probably legit. But so Neiman Marcus benefits, but Trevor benefits because he makes at least 20% on every item. So he'll go to Neiman Marcus and say, hey, Neiman Marcus, you should put in this new line of clothing. And every time they buy an item, he's making a 20% markup. So he makes millions by helping-- he marks it up. Now over here, somewhere over here, this is the product creator. So you're here. -Right. -Now we want to get you direct to here, or direct to here. Because the general rule, this person-- this store-- has set up a filter to keep weirdos, like me, not so much you, but like me, out of their store. They don't want me because they'd know my product sucks. And if I can't get my product to Trevor, they don't want it in their store. So really, as a general rule when you try to sell your products, you usually have to find buyers. Not always, but most of the time. So you need to find buyers. 33, how are you going to find them? LinkedIn, Google, [INAUDIBLE], I'm going to give you a guy's name right now. And on camera, take this guy's number off the video. You-- take it off. But I wanted to make sure you have it so you can call him and you have his cell phone. -Thank you. -His name is Dana Fried. And we can google Damon Fried-- Dana-- and you guys can show if you look up Dana Fried. -F-R-I-E-D? -Yeah-- it's like that. -OK. -There he is. And you can go ahead and click on his website there, yeah. And I hope you've got the screen capture going. Yeah, there it is, the top, on the top-- Buddy bup bup! Yep. Badda you gik! Hari you gick! Hey-- it's not funny, Spence. It's just me, it's my self-medicating. OK, so here's the news. Dana helped launch this company called Nasty Gal, so let's Google search Nasty Gal-- new tab, Nasty Gal. And we'll just close our eyes with what might pop up here. Nasty Gal, and then put Sophia-- S-O-P-H-I-A-- and then click on the top one. All right, so Sophia-- click back. Yep, I want to find Sophia. I want to find her face. Click on Nasty at Wikipedia, click that one. All right, American-based online retailer. Click on that lady's name, Sophia. Scroll down. No, we're going to find her. Go to Google Images. Go to Google Images. Come on, baby. There she is. And click it. [INAUDIBLE] left. OK. There's an episode I want you to watch. It's on PandoDaily. I want you to watch that if you can. -Where is it? -PandoDaily, it's a YouTube channel. And we've been on that show before, PandoDaily. But PandoDaily, it's a long interview with this lady. Her product was launched in 2002-- I think-- 2006 maybe. And fact check that real quick, Marcia, you can look that up. This lady is you. And the guy that she hired to help her get going was Dana. Dana-- you now have his number. -Yes. -So you can call Dana. And Dana has relationships with buyers.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Lesson Nugget: When cold calling an important lead, make sure you namedrop to catch their attention.
  • Recommended Reading: The Ultimate Sales Machine: Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies - Chet Holmes
  • Lesson Nugget: When making your Dream 100, you have to have 100. Don't fall short; find 100 ideal contacts to help your business become successful.

-Well, Dana's now-- I think he just took the job as the CEO or COO of Tommy John Clothing. So let's look up Tommy John Clothing. Let's look up Tommy John. MARSHALL: 2006. -2006 is when they started Nasty Gal? OK, so look up Tommy John Clothing. So this guy, Dana, he's awesome. He used to be the COO for Nasty Gal. And Nasty Gal does-- I think it's-- we're talking millions and millions of dollars of sales now. That's the lion head guy we had in the office here today. Just kidding, click on that. All right, so this is this company. So Tommy John. So this is what Dana does. Now if you scroll down-- come on now-- look at that. As seen on. We talked about earlier, about name dropping? Oh man, that's huge. But anyway, you'll call Dana and you'll say Dana, check it out. Clay Clark told me that I should talk to you to help me get my product into the hands of buyers, and ultimately into stores. And then he has-- he's a consultant, that's what he does. Now he's a CEO so he might have zero down time. But I think if you just do a little name drop and say hey-- just real quick to get his attention, it's called frame breaking, by the way. So I'm going to help you on this. What you'll do is you'll call him and this will be your little script, OK? JULIE: OK. -Dana, if you're watching this, I ain't mad at you. Hopefully you're not mad at me, OK? But what you'll want to do is you'll want to name drop real fast-- so you want to name drop real quick-- and then, you're going to do a frame break. And then you're going to have the ask, OK? So this is what you do. Say Dana, hey, what's up? And he says, who's this? And you're going to say, hey, this is Julie from Las Vegas. My husband, he's the best poker player in the world. And he'll be like, huh? I'm friends with Dr. Zelner, the CEO of Thrive. Oh yeah, I know Clay Clark. Namedrop. JULIE: OK. -But write it out, so you don't get nervous and forget to do it. Then he'll be like, huh? Then frame break. Well anyway, yeah, my husband, he's the best poker player in the world. And he'll be like, who? But you just want it to be where he's just like-- you have his attention. It's the equivalent of-- hopefully this is empty. If you were drinking this, you would just walk in and knock it over. And the person's like, what the heck? I was drinking that. Well, I got your attention. That's the whole point. JULIE: Right. -So that's what you're going to do, you're going to break his frame. And then you're going to ask him, well hey, here's the deal. I want to get my product from where I'm selling it into the buyers' hands and into the store. I want to get it from where I am now to the buyer to the stores, can you help me? And then he'll probably have a consulting service or fee or something that will help you very specifically. And I know that he's in high demand, but I'm just telling you goats can get up the mountain faster. And you can save years by either hiring a goat or getting to be friends with a goat or flying out to meet the goat. The goat will help you. And everybody needs a goat, there's nobody on the planet who gets there without a goat. You just have to have a mentor or mistakes, but mentors are better. So we've got to get our Dream 100, though. And you have to have 100, though. It can't be like, well I have 22. I need 100. JULIE: Right, got it. -So this is what's going to happen. So Dream 100, I'm going to erase this. OK, so I'm going to go ahead and erase. Here we go. So our Dream 100. And by the way, this is not original Clay Clark. This is from "The Ultimate Sales Machine" by Chet Holmes, it's great. But let's say that buyer number one was Doug, and he buys on behalf of this company called Neiman Marcus. And then there's Don, and he buys on behalf of Saks Fifth Avenue. And this is Jerry, and he buys on behalf of Hobby Lobby. And this is Ed. The point is, you need 100 going down this way. And then you're going to have step 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. And Marshall, I want to have you give her at least a template of this before she goes. MARSHALL: OK. -What you do is, every one of them gets step one. So step one is maybe you send your wicked awesome packaging to them, with a handwritten note saying I'd love to talk with you about getting my product in your hands, into stores. And step two, we call them. And they don't answer. But we don't care because we're not emotional. Victoria's Secret does mailers every week, and they don't get emotional if I throw it away. Same deal, we're just like a human postage stamp. We just stick to it until we get there.

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