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This episode is a business coaching course that focuses on the steps to take for building a team.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Lesson Nugget: Build a winning team by partnering with a success story to gain from their experiences and resources.
  • Action Steps: 1. Make a pitch deck. 2. Sign up for trade shows to meet G.O.A.T.s. 3. Attend networking events where G.O.A.T.s are.
  • Fun Factoid: Bucks of Woodside, near Silicon Valley, California, opened in 1991 and now serves as a hub for technology entrepreneurs to hold meetings and have lunch.

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-And so I would say for you, my big tip right now, is I would make sure you focused on building a team after you start a business. Because I feel like right here, over here is your idea. And I feel like this is Larry, and this is your idea. And you have the idea working for you, and you have the passion working for you.

And then over here, this is when you team up with a success story, when you team up with a guru, when you begin to build your team, over here, I mean, these people have connections. These people have money. These people have knowledge, I mean wisdom. They know what they're doing.

And so you can just-- you can go like, like this and just-- woo. once you connect with one of these people. All you've got to do is connect with that guru. So you can definitely connect with a guru.

What else could you do right now? You can go out there and try to pursue gurus. What else can you do? We can definitely build a pitch deck. We can make the best pitch deck on the planet.

LARRY: So once I get those connections I'm ready to present my story.

-I would even say make a pitch deck minus a great team after you start a business. That's what I would say. But I would say right now, like today, you can definitely make your pitch deck. Too, is you can definitely find out the trade shows or the places where these people are, and you can be there. You can be present. You know, the odds of you meeting these people will go up exponentially if you're there. And so it's really, really important to be there, to be present there.

And these are two things that you can definitely do. But you don't want to get stuck kind of going well, I can't do this until I have funding. But I tell you what. If you make that pitch deck and you get out to those trade shows, if you'll get out to those networking events--

When I say networking events, I want to clarify. I don't mean networking at the local coffee shops or anything. I mean networking where the gurus are, where the people who know how to take your idea to the next level are.

And this might seem obvious for certain people, but in Silicon Valley, there's one restaurant called Uncle Bucks. I think it's called Bucks. I'm sorry, Bucks. And I'm going to have our program observer pull it up on the screen. But it's a restaurant where a ton of VCs hang out. You know? And they're there all the time.

But there's other places. You can Google angel. You can Google angel groups or angel, angel investor groups, and you can find the different cities where they are. But you're just going to need to be present where those people are. Make sense?

LARRY: Yeah.

-Cool. What we're going to do now is we're going to transition now into the next phase of really kind of the next-- the four mindsets you need to do-- to absolutely raise that capital you need to get to the next level. But does that 100% make sense to you?

LARRY: It does absolutely.

-OK. Awesome. Larry, I appreciate you, my friend.


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