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This episode is a business coaching course that talks about business finances.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Today's Topic: Managing Your Business Finances I 9 Steps for Cutting Costs
  • Editor's Note: Step 1 - Understand That Nobody Cares More Than You Step 2 - Set Up A Time and Place For Financial Management Step 3 - Wealth Is Created by Earning and by Saving Step 4 - Determine To Save 10% Without Decreasing Quality or Your Quality of Life Step 5 - Determine To Document Your Financial Life So That You Can Identify Outlier Expenses Step 6 - Don’t Take Tax Advice From Wesley Snipes Step 7 - Put Everything On 1 or 2 Credit Cards If Possible Step 8 - Determine To Reprioritize 10% of Your Time Usage Step 9 - Set Aside Money For Taxes

Three, two, one. (Tears for Fears' "Everybody Wants to Rule the World) Put it in you calendar, when and where you're going to do your financial planning. When and where are you going to balance your checkbook? When and where? Put it on your calendar. (electronic music) Okay, so Clay, we are going to go over these nine steps, okay? I'm gonna read 'em and then we're gonna begin getting into each one of them individually. Each one of these, just being real though, there's nine here, each one of these has the potential to completely transform your business financial life because, in theory, if you're watching this training you already have a business and so you're trying to make that business as profitable as possible. I am super, super, super excited about this so let's dive into it. Okay. So, nine steps. Number one: understand that nobody cares more than you. True that. Step two: set up a time and a place for financial management. Step three: wealth is created by earning and by saving. Step four: determine to save 10 percent without decreasing quality or your quality of life. Step five: determine to document your financial life so that you can identify outlier expenses. Step six: don't take tax advice from Wesley Snipes. [chuckles] I don't know why that is. Step seven is put everything on one or two credit cards, if possible. Step eight: determine to reprioritize 10 percent of your time usage. And step nine: set aside money for taxes, okay? So we're gonna get into each one of these nine. I am pumped!

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