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This business coaching session teaches about the business Google search.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Lesson Nugget: Profile Text - When adding your business name to your Google My Business account, be sure to include your primary keyword phrase in your business name.
  • Truth Cannon:
  • Lesson Nugget: Profile Photos - When uploading your business photo to your Google My Business account, be sure to name your image files to include your primary keyword phrase.

- Next part. Profile text. When you're adding your business name to Google My Business account, be sure to include your primary keyword phrase. Now I'm gonna show ya what to do, Thrivers. So go ahead and type in Jefferson Missouri carpet cleaning. I'm excited. Jefferson Missouri -- let me just. Jefferson Missouri carpet cleaning. Now scroll on down. Come on. Scroll on down Stew, come on. Those are all paid ads right there. The first ones. Jefferson Missouri carpet cleaning. Here we go. And let me hit the button, one second. Let me hit the button, I've gotta get ready. Here we go. This is how you're gonna be feelin'. You're gonna be wantin' to roll out the beer barrel of fun, right here when your toppin' Google. That's just gonna happen. You're gonna feel so good about life cause your phone's ringin' all the time and you're gonna go. In the middle of the day, you're rollin' out the beer barrel. But here's what happens is these guys are top in Google, and they're doin' it right. - [Stewart] Yeah. - [Clark] So let's kinda move the mouse and I'm gonna show you what I'm talkin' about. If you take the name of the company, so it's Oxi Fresh of Right? Jefferson City Carpet Cleaning. Are you seein' that folks at home? Are you watchin' this? Oxi Fresh of--and Stew what are we seeing? It's Jefferson City Carpet Cleaning. So let's review this rule here. Let's review the rule here. So when adding your business name to Google My Business, be sure to include your primary keyword phrase in your business name. Your primary keyword phrase is that, right there: Oxi Fresh, that's the name of the company, but of, here we go, the primary keyword phrase is, Jefferson City Carpet Cleaning. - [Stewart] Okay. So Carpet Cleaning's that keyword. That's what you talked about? - [Clark] Jefferson City Carpet Cleaning is the keyword. - Okay he combination of all those words, that's what's important there. The combination of all those. - Yes, the city plus the keyword. - Okay. - That's how we do it. Am I not being clear? Am I missing a step there? You feel like I got it? - No man, that's powerful. Most people don't do this. - This is, I'm just tellin' you, this right here, and I'm not exaggerating, this right here for many people, who are listening to me right now, this could be worth for you, on an annual basis, and is maybe $200,000 a year with gross revenue, for this particular business, this particular niche, one company I worked with in Dallas as an attorney, no exaggeration, $500,000 dollars. - [Stewart] Wow. - More than a half-million dollars a year of fees, from this. So, why aren't we all doin' it? I'll tell ya why. Too busy, you know, watching Ricky Lake reruns. - [Stewart] Yeah, that's true. - You ever watch Ricky Lake? - [Stewart] I can't say that I have. - What?! He's not even honest! It's hard to do a show with a guy who's not even gonna be-- - Okay so we're movin' on okay. Third is profile photos. Profile photos are the photos associated with the Google My Places account. So Stew can you click on said-photos? Mmmmmm. There's Oxi Fresh Jefferson City. It looks like it's a water feature of some kind. And this is a kid lookin' at a dog. I don't trust that picture, get it out of here! I don't trust. Now, now that lady what is her connection with the kid with the dog? Go back to the picture. Is that lady, related, mom-daughter? Well I don't know. - [Stewart] I think that's mom and daughter, yeah. - Okay. - [Stewart] Let's assume it is. - Okay. Well, I don't trust it. But anyway, next one. Now this is the, okay we skipped past that one there. We go into, now this right here is a picture of a--is that a Buick? - [Stewart] I think so. Maybe a Lincoln? - [Clark] Two questions. Is that a hip-hopper, or a 70 year-old man? Because it's the only two people who are rockin' that car. What you do is you put the--no seriously look at it! Can you zoom in a little bit? Can you zoom in, like a little command plus on it? I wanna see what kinda vehicle that is. Is that a Buick? Is that--in your mind is that a Buick? - [Stewart] That's a Town Car I think. - [Clark] Is it really? - [Stewart] Yeah I think so. - [Clark] I think the rims on it are pretty, pretty massive, so either it's a hip-hopper, it's like a, Eminem fan, or it's a a 70 year-old man. Either way, we don't know. Sorry. But the point is, these images are loaded up into your Google My Places and when you do it, Google likes it. - [Stewart] Yup. - And, Stew, I mean, I don't know why Google likes it. But you know why Google likes it? - Well, one simple reason, they name these photos correctly. The file name of the graphic before the upload. Right? There's an episode, we talked about this. - [Clark] Okay we have trainings on this. What you'll do, and Thrivers, when you right-click on any image on there, let's go to the internet. Let's go to the great internet. And let's type in Sam Smith, which is a keyword that I'm currently trying to optimize on. Okay, look. Look at Sam Smith. Look at him changing. Look at him, I mean, he's no, I don't even know who he is anymore. But if you click on images, go to Google Images of Sam Smith here, okay now okay let me get some Sam Smith music queued up. There's Sam Smith. And if you'll notice, if you right-click on any of the images of Sam Smith, right-click on the image, and save as, save as, maybe kinda. You see that there? The file name? You see that file name? It says Sam Smith. Now it looks like it's Sam Smith before he became famous. Click back. Scroll down. That's the Sam Smith I knew. Down. To the left. That's when he was eatin'. He was havin' food. Back before the people starved him and he, now I don't even know him, look at him, look at him now. Scroll back up. Look at him. Sam Smith. Mail him some food. Look at Sam Smith. Look at the, look at the, what's goin'? Sam is hungry! - [Stewart] Get that man a chicken nugget. - [Clark] Get him a chicken nugget, okay.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Editor's Note: Remember, when uploading your business photo to your Google My Business account, be sure to name your image files to include your primary keyword phrase.

- [Clay] So the thing about it is that, when you write, how you save the image actually matters. So when you save this image, can you right click and do save as? - [Stu] Yes. - [Clay] Thrivers, you'd want to name the image as, so let's go ahead and name it as, let's go ahead and kinda delete that. Put "sam smith", yes. And then when you name an image you can add these things called attributes to it when you upload it to a website. And by how you name it and put the attributes on it, that determines what comes up top in Google. 'Cuz Google doesn't know what that is, they just think it's a series of zeros and ones, binary code. It's just, it's a file. But when you add "sam smith" to it, Google knows what it is. - [Stu] Yeah, it could be a dog or a car, it has no idea. - Yeah, I kind of wish you could do it, like if we typed that in, we could get "skinny sam smith" or "real sam smith", but anyway, we're moving on. So that's really how you do it, so you gotta upload images to your Google, My Business account. Didn't they used to call it Google Places, now it's called Google My Business. - Yes. - But the point is, you have to get images up there. We have other trainings on how to do that. So Stu, am I missing something at all? Am I missing something? - No, Clay, let me ask you. 'Cuz a Thriver out there might be asking about this. So, what I name the image, does that need to correspond to what I use for my profile text? - Yes, it does. Could you maybe explain that question? 'Cuz I want to make sure I'm not being vague. - Sure, so let's look at Elephant in the Room. So they've got the Grooming Lounge, right. So if I had an image that had Grooming Lounge in the file name, I should match that up with this Grooming Lounge here, this should be the same words is what I'm saying. - [Clay] Exactly, and I'm going to rip on myself for a second. Grooming Lounge, I mean, unless you're like a bizarre human, you're probably not like, "Hey Craig, "do you know where the Grooming Lounge is?" I mean, lot of us are like, I think I want to get my hair cut. If you're somebody who says, "I'm looking for a Grooming Lounge", I mean, people can't help you. You know what I'm saying? If you're like, hitchhiking, "Could you take me to the Grooming Lounge?" People don't know where that is, but the haircut place, they know that okay? So Jefferson City carpet cleaning, Okay. And Stu, kinda lead us the way. Walk us through your mind. Get us out of your mind and onto the actionable items here. - [Stu] Yeah, so we're talking about the naming right? - [Clay] Yeah, the naming. - [Stu] Okay so, that's a better example you're saying. So Oxi Fresh Jefferson City Carpet Cleaning, there's six words there. So you're saying I should name my image, some combination like that, right? - Yeah, Jefferson City Carpet Cleaning would be the perfect name for your image. And then Jefferson City Carpet Cleaning two. Image two, three. That's how you do it. - [Stu] Cool.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Lesson Nugget: Optimizing your website for SEO results.
  • Lesson Nugget: 1. Page 1 or nothing.
  • Lesson Nugget: 2. Commit to a daily regime to get reviews.
  • Ask Yourself: What action steps am I taking every day to get reviews?
  • Action Step: Go out and get 100 reviews!
  • Lesson Nugget: 3. Be sure to watch “Mastering the 25 Variables of a Google and User Compliant Website” to learn how to optimize your site for Google.
  • Editor's Note: Feel free to send us your questions at: info@thrive15.com

- And the next part I want to hop into is optimizing your website for your SEO results. I want to make sure we're getting this here. If you are not on page one because of your refusal to get reviews. It's page one or nothing. It's a zero-sum game. There's a winner and there's a loser. And you're going to end up being Loser Vandross singing your greatest hits about the deals you didn't have if you do not go out there and... Did you see what I did right there? - [Voiceover] Yeah it was great. - That's kind of the old R and B theme I'm trying... Yeah, I thought about it for a couple of hours. The thing is that you have to, you have to be on page one or nothing. That's how it works. Next thing, point number two is kind of a subpoint here. You've got to admit to a daily regimen. You can't go, oh no, we don't have any reviews. You gotta say, what am I gonna do every day. So every day, every day? You know like M.C. Hammer says, you gotta pray every day just to make it today. Remember that back in the day? - [Voiceover] I do, oh yeah. - All these song references. You got to pray, pray, pray, pray. Anyway, the thing is every day you gotta do it. So every day you want to send out an email to your customers. Any time you get a customer who likes you, and say, it would mean the world to me if you would be happy to take a moment and write a review about our business. And I have a pre-written email that I will give you that works, but it's so important you do it every day. - Man that's important. So you're saying, SEO is maybe just as important as your marketing efforts? - I would say that SEO could be the top marketing effort that you do. And this little move I'm teaching you here, and I am not exaggerating. I don't have the capacity to exaggerate on a show with so much factual credibility as this. But it's really important that you go out there, and you get these reviews. So Thrivers, action item for you. Let me get my action-item button. Action item for you. Go out there and get a hundred reviews. If you have reviews, you're gonna be a big deal. And your friends, they'll see you kinda walking into the room, and their gonna get their air horns out and go... Because you're gonna have so much money. Thrivers, a lot of you are worried about how they're gonna pay their bills. You're gonna be worried about where you're gonna put your extra money. You're gonna say, should I put it in the tree or behind the car. You'll hallow out a tree to put your money there. That's what the point is. Now the next thing here, I wanna make sure we get this here. Be sure, be sure to go back and watch our training on the Mastering the 25 Variables of a Google and User Compliant Website. You have to do that. Because if you've watched this, and you're like, I don't know what you're talking about. It's because you maybe don't have some of that foundational knowledge. - Yeah, we dive deep on that particular episode. - We dive deep like the... You know, it's kind of like there's a shallow end of the pool, and then we got the deep end of the pool. This is where like the six foot or deeper where you kids can't go there without the weighters? This is how deep we get on that. Stu, am I missing something about reviews? Am I missing it? - That's good man. That's a good overview. - Okay, well I'll tell you what Thrivers, I have nothing else to say about this topic. But I wanna let you know, if you have any questions about how to optimize your website, just email us at info@thrive15.com. We will send you a complete review of your website absolutely included. You can come out here for a workshop. And if you want to pet this squirrel, you also have to come out to Tulsa to pet the squirrel. It's absolutely good, your membership, and you can just walk up and just pet him like that. Some of you might be saying, that's disturbing, and I agree.

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