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This business coaching session teaches about the business plan cover.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1


-So the first thing it talks about is you're going to need to make a cover. So, the reason why I want a cover again is because this should be something that can help you run your business day to day, but it's also something you can show to investors. So we're going go the extra step to polish it off like your video-- which continues to blow my mind, by the way.




-All right, so here we go. So Notable Quotable. Include your logo, tag line, and complete contact information. OK? So your logo, right? What else does it say? Your logo. Your--

MAN: Your tagline.

-Yeah, your tag line.

MAN: And complete contact information.

PRESENTER: OK. Complete contact info. Now here's the deal. I don't expect you to do that right now but that would then force you to make a logo. Do you have a logo?

MAN: I do have a logo.

-Cool. You have a tag line?

-Ah, no, I don't I need to get one though, don't I?

PRESENTER: Well, I mean just an example, what's the name of the company?

-Endlessly Creative Media.

-Cool. So maybe, that's the name of the company. And the tag line is then world class videos for business owners.

MAN: Oh, OK, yeah.

-You know? Boom. Boom. But here's what happens is I'm just trying to help you through this. One, let's say I'm going to come work for you. Do you have a few people that work with you?

-I have one person that works for me.

PRESENTER: OK Well back in the day I was meeting people at Panera Bread and I was trying to convince-- I was like 18 years old and I'm trying to convince grown men to work for me. And they're like, what's the name of your company? And I'm like, well you know it's DJ Connection. And they go, well cool, you have a card? And I'm like, no.


-No, but I'm legit. You know? Do you have a website? No. Now obviously I know you have those things. But if you don't have a tag line it makes the people who are applying for a job kind of go. And then, if the investors are like, why doesn't he have a logo or a tag line? So if anybody's watching this, you've got to have a tag line, you've got to have a logo. you've got to have the complete contact info.

-Does it help the person that's interested in you help them see basically what your purpose of the business is? So that way when they see like, oh I give them a business card and it has my tag line right on there they'll be like, this guy's purpose is to basically create business videos so that way it help.

-It's great for the person receiving it, but it's also great for you to clarify it.

MAN: Yeah.

PRESENTER: So a little rule here for you. I would try to stick under 10 words and I would have just as few words as possible. OK. But this is what we need to have here. You want to keep your cover. Keep it clean. Keep it tight. We're talking about an eight and 1/2 by 11 document here. And we'll make sure and Marshall, I'm gonna have Marshall our Program Observer go ahead and put this on the list here. That will make sure that we include for all the Thrivers a pitch deck that will show them an example of what we're talking about. So, we'll send you a downloadable as well. OK? So that will happen. So, any questions about the cover? You feel good about that?

MAN: No, that's perfect.

-OK. So we are now into the summary.


Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2

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