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This episode is a business coaching course that explains the importance of having a great call center attitude.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Attributes of a Caller: 3. Coachable
  • Attributes of a Caller: 4. Ability to Speak
  • Attributes of a Caller: 5. Show Up on Time
  • Notable Quotable: "Do not seek praise, seek criticism."- Paul Arden (Creative director for Saatchi and Saatchi, a global advertising agency)
  • Action Step: Ask your superior how you can do better.
  • Call Center Team: 3. Administrative Assistant
  • Attributes of an Administrative Assistant: 1. Mail Receipts 2. Log Payments 3. Keep America Caffeinated

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-Coachable. You got to be coachable. What does that mean, to be coachable? There's a question I need you start asking. By the way, even if you never see me again, let's say on the way out of here, I get fascinated by looking at a squirrel, and I'm like, that's a squirrel, and I just get hit by truck, that's OK. Because you'll still have this written down somewhere.

You want to ask yourself, you want to seek criticism, not praise. You want to seek the criticism, not the praise. See, the question you should ask me all the time is, how can I get better? Don't tell me why you're not doing well, tell me how you can get better. Ask me, how can I get better? Does that make sense?

Don't justify why we're doing whatever. There's one girl on our last campaign and sales training that was awesome. Awesome. And I'm just like, you can do better. She's like, I can't do better. I'm ahead. And I'm like, I know you can do better. So I pull her aside. Listen, don't tell me you that you can't do better. I know you can. Just because it's easy for you, doesn't mean you can't get better. You got to ask, how can I get better? That's the question we ask.

The ability to speak. That's huge. I know it seems like I'm joking around, but I'm not. You do need to speak articulately, because people do judge you by the words you use. You don't hear a lot of pilots going, air traffic control, what up? What up, air traffic control? They're not doing a lot of that.

There are not a lot of people on air traffic control saying, go ahead, go ahead, pilot, tell us your altitude, and he's like, what had happened was I was just like, no, and then I'm like whoa, and now I'm like-- you know? What? They have a language. They have to speak a certain way. It's like you got to be able to articulate yourself. So we can't use just a whole lot of slang on this phone call. Because people will judge us.

Also, you got to show up on time. I have no patience for not being here on time. Cool? We got to be here on time. On time, on time, on time. Don't tell me that you live a long way from here, don't tell me it was raining, don't tell me how-- I don't care. Just find a way.

Whatever those series of events you need to do-- one girl last campaign, she mentioned how you know what happened was-- I don't want to get into showing you how to do your hair better or faster, I don't want to learn about life tips and your roommate, just get here.

Now the third, is you need an administrative assistant. Why do we need to have-- Big Red? Are you back? Whoo! Why do we need Big Red and Stephanie? Why do we need Big Red and Steph? Why can't we just call a bunch of people, write a bunch of crap down on stuff, and just throw it in a box and leave? Why do we have to have an administrative assistant? What's the point? Oh, man.

Now, most entrepreneurs I know are a bunch of cowboys. Not writing stuff down, just selling crap. Stuff's blowing up everywhere. I'm serious. They're just like, whatever. Did you get a receipt for that? Whatever. You go into a sales room, most sales guys-- I've been telling you, they're just like, did you get a receipt on that? Whatever. It's whatever.

Our photography business, I'm constantly talking to the sales people. I'm like, hey, what did you sell there? Did you check the boxes? What did the bride buy, two photographers or one? Prints or no prints? What time are we going to get there? I mean, I'm not sure. Well, call them back. Well, why? Details matter, OK. We got to have that.

So we got to mail people receipts. We have to log the payments. And we have to keep America caffeinated. So Big Red, it's a civic duty to help keep us caffeinated. so we got to keep the energy going, got to keep the enthusiasm going, OK? Everybody clear on that, their roles? Go ahead, let's put 10 minutes on the clock, and let's see how far you can get into it, OK? Go for it.


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