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This episode is a business coaching course that explains what a call cycle board is.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Steps To Finding A Job:: 11. Create a call cycle board
  • Notable Quotable:: “Dreams without goals remain dreams. Just dreams. And ultimately fuel disappointment.” - Denzel Washington (Academy Award winning actor)
  • Mystic Statistic:: “Huffington’s second book, which she tried to publish long before she created the now ubiquitously recognizable Huffington Post empire, was rejected 36 times before it was eventually accepted for publication.” - Entrepreneur.com
  • Recommended Reading:: The Ultimate Sales Machine: Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies - Chet Holmes
  • Action Step:: When you create your dream 100 board, include columns that show the steps you plan on going through.


-Create a call cycle board. So we're coming back to the dream 100. You know, what specifically, are we doing to go out and make ourselves available to these top 100 companies that we want to work at?

-You want to make this big board, your dream 100 board. OK. But what you want to do is you want to take the thinking out of it so you can apply massive action. My main man Denzel Washington has said before-- he is the famous actor-- he has made the comment, he says, "Goals that are not backed by activity or action fuel disappointment." So what happens is a lot of times, is you have something that you want to do but you don't know how to take the action or maybe we have to spend all of our time strategizing. You want to go ahead and strategize one time so that you can just do the activity over and over and over.

So what you'll want to do is you'll want to go ahead and make a call script, like my main man did, for what you're going to say when you call. And you notice what he said was ingenious. If you watch that part of the episode again, what he said was ingenious. So you call. Then you want to have an email that's pre-written. And then you want to have a piece of mail pre-written. And I would recommend that you call, email, mail, and then do it again. Call, email, mail. And then do it again, call, email, mail.

Are you saying that I should call everyone on my dream 100 list week one? Yes. Are you saying I should email them all? Yes. Are you saying I should mail 100 pieces of physical mail all in one week? Yes. Are you saying I should do that the fourth week? I should call them all again? Yes. Are you saying on the fifth week, I literally am going to email them all? Yes. Are you saying on the sixth week I'm going to mail it? Yes. Are you saying on the seventh week that I'm going to call them again? Yes. Are you saying on the eighth week that I'm going to email them again, for the third time? Yes. Are you saying on the ninth week that I'm going to mail them a physical thing? Yes.

Are you saying that you're going to do that until you get a yes or a no after-- so you're going to take 100 people on a board and you're literally going to reach them all 10 times? Yes. Why? Because you want a career and not just a job, right? That's what you're going to get. I am standing right with you right now in faith and agreement. I agree with you that you're going to get the dream job. You're going to get it. Say it right now. You're going to get the dream job. Maybe say it more personal. Say, I am going to get the dream job. Say it with me now. I am going to get the dream job. But you've got to put that on the board.

And I'm just telling you guys, as God is my witness, when I started the DJ Entertainment Company and I was trying to land my dream 100 clients from chapter 6, 7, 8, of the "Ultimate Sales Machine" by Chet Holmes, and I was trying to start my dream 100 and get my top 100 clients, Boeing, Bama Pie, Quick Trip. I constantly go back to this system. This is the system that works. And before the dream 100 system came up and I was a young little Padawan DJ-- that's a shameless "Star Wars" reference, that's a Jedi knight in training-- but the point is, when I was a young rookie DJ with no connections, capital, I didn't have those things.

What I did is I made a list of 100. Before the "Ultimate Sales Machine" book ever even came out, there was a book called "Guerrilla Marketing" that talks about this. And before that came out, there was a guy named John Rockefeller, who walked around Cleveland. He walked around Cleveland every day applying for jobs every day showing up, "I'll work for free," until he got the job. And do you know until the end of his life, he actually celebrated job day with the kind of enthusiasm that most people reserve for their birthday or Christmas. That's how you do it. You've got to have a systemic way that you're going through it, step 1, step 2, step 3. And I would recommend you follow this system.

Make a list of all 100 people. And every week reach them. And if you're going, how do I make that? I'm going to show you right now just to bring clarity. I would go ahead and make a list of all of the contacts on the left column here. Contact 1, 2, 3, 4, all the names of the companies right here. These are all the names of the companies. And then across the top here, horizontally, I would put your steps. This is going to be step 1. This will be step 2. This will be step 3. And you've got to get this done. And when you do it, I promise that you're going to have about 5% of all the people you reach out to that will call you back.

But guess what? They're big time. They're big time. Because that's your dream 100. It's not your pathetic 100, or your geographically convenient 100, or your, I guess I saw a job on Craigslist 100. This is like your dream 100. And when you do that, you begin to ordain your destiny and big things happen. Boom! Back to you.

-OK, so we're getting close here with the last step.


-You said 5% response rate.


-That's why you got to put 100 in the hopper.


-You've got to put 100 companies that you want to work for in the hopper. Dream companies, that would be life changing if you worked with them.

-Some will. Some won't. Who cares. Keep doing it.

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