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This business coaching session teaches about the clear call to action.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • 25 Variables to Google and User Compliance: 20. Clear Call To Action
  • Lesson Nugget: A call to action is a specific thing you want the user to do.
  • Lesson Nugget: If you do not convince the user to take action, you lose them.
  • Lesson Nugget: Have a minimum of 5 call to action attempts on your website above the fold.

- OK so the next thing that you thrivers need to make sure that you have is a clear call to action. It's super important for all of your websites. So, Clay. So why is a clear call to action so vital to the website in the the above-the-fold page of the website. - Well first off a call to action is a specific thing you want the user to do. You want the person to do do this, do that that's what I want you to do. A lot of times we build a website and we're so informative people are like I don't know what you want me to do. You know, so I'm googling lets say Tulsa Fitness. I'm trying to get into shape. Trying to get fitness going on. In the event that I do that I will find Lifetime Fitness inevitably. Lifetime Fitness is a massive massive company that's growing all of the world. It's a high-end kind of fitness place for your family. They have swimming lessons. They have ballet classes. They have aerobics classes They have like Zumba. They got all this stuff. I'm not making a commercial for them. I'm just saying it's kind of a fun place for families to go. But they get it in a way that I'm seriously-- this is like this is an unbelievable display of call to actions. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to go ahead and see, thrivers, how many calls to action can you find this page? Lets find a couple. One is one month of free kids group lessons. View offer. That's one. Pamper someone today shop gift cards. That's two. Shop it's a verb. Shop the gift cards. Three. No enrollment free. Learn more. I mean that's four. Right? What else we got here? That's four already. Commit to change. Register for the Try It Tuesday events. That's five. It's a call to action. That's five. Then we have request pricing if you hover over that. That's request pricing. I mean that's another verb call to action. That's six. LT Bucks. Earn them. Use them. That's seven. Try us for free. That's eight. View the club page. Find the nearest club location. We're talking about eight calls to action. On the same website. And they get no money from you if you we-- if they don't convince you-- notice how I said we, but I don't mean we-- if they don't convince you to take some action it's lost. They try eight different times. I've never seen a website so good at generating traffic. I used to know some guys who worked at Lifetime Fitness. And they would tell me the web leads they got were insane. Like every day just a pile of web leads. People going yeah, I do want to request pricing. Yeah, I do want to sign up for free lessons. Yeah I do want to learn more about x, y and z. That is the best I've ever seen. So on your website here a little challenge for you thrivers. I recommend you have minimum-- try it, of five five to just try it. Push yourself. But five attempts to call your person to call the user to action. Just try it. Five. See if you can do it. Have five above the fold. And I say above the fold. Stuart can you kind of show what above the fold means up here just for thrivers who haven't watched the earlier trainings. - [Stuart] Sure, absolutely. So the earlier analogy was the newspaper. That's where the fold is right? It's folded in half. So for scrolling that's really where this comes into play from modern browsers. So I'm going to move this up here folks. I hope you can see this. So somewhere in here is going to kind of above the fold. So, not all eight are above the fold in their case, but that magic five number definitely, definitely are above the fold. - [Clay] So, Stuart can you kind of power up my drawing device here? - [Stuart] Lets do it. - [Clay] If this is the nav, the navigational bar. And this like the main header right here. Underneath here might be some core text, but that's about where above the fold ends. - [Stuart] Yep. - [Clay] Down here, this is below fold. It's kind of like no man's land. Like if you have something there people probably aren't going to see it. They're probably not going to be curious enough to get down there and see it. So it's probably not going to be a good thing for you. OK? So I want to look at their site one more time. I want to go back to the Lifetime site. Above the fold they have eight-- I've never seen a site this good. There's eight specific attempts to call you to action. That is so awesome.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: You must have a call to action 'above the fold' on your website.
  • Ask Yourself: What call to action steps should I have on my website?

- Marshall, I am excited about that, as excited about that as I am about the special they have at Sprouts, where they have sushi. Spouts is a local, organic, kind of a fresh, have you ever been there, Sprouts? - I have been there, and I haven't been there for like lunch though. - But no, it's a fresh grocery store. It's kinda like a Whole Foods, but it's more local stuff. - Sure. - And they have sushi, I think it's sushi Tuesdays, it might be Wednesdays now, but you go in there, and you're talking about like lobster tail. You're talking about tuna. You're talking about, it's unbelievable. It's like five bucks. I am more excited about this than sushi, so I'm just telling ya. Thrivers, you have to have a call to action up here. You have to have a call to action. Stewart, can you power on my Megatron real quick here? - [Stewart] Yep. - You have to have a call to action. You have to have it. It has to be a massive; Thrivers you have to have a call to action. So we're gonna flip through a bunch of sites real quick here, rapid fire, and I wanna see if you can find the calls to action, okay? So here we go. One, let's go to eitrlounge.com, That's the men's grooming business my brother in law and I own together with Mr. Jonathan Barnett, what a beautiful man, but here we go. If you look here, Marshall what's our call to action? What is it? - [Marshall] Call to action: first time, start here. - And you know what? We don't have enough on this page. Thrivers, feel free, just ask yourself right now, what calls to action should you have on a page like this? I mean I'm just being blunt with you about myself. We should have more. You need to have at least five. Let's go to another company that I'm involved in. Let's go to epicphotostulsa.com. This is our photography company. Thrivers, you tell me, I mean what calls to action should we have if you have a photography company? One is get a quote, we have get a quote, you know. I mean there's moves you can have. We can have like compare, compare us; you know, get a quote, compare us, see if we're available. I mean there's all these different moves you can have, but you wanna try to have five. So look at your own website right now, Thrivers, and see what is a good. Let's go to Barbee Cookies, one of our favorites. We love Barbee, if you have not gone. Stewart, can you buy the Barbee Cookies online now? - [Stewart] You can, yeah. - Can we request every Thriver go up there and buy yourself a cookie? - [Stewart] That'd be awesome. - Seriously Thrivers, if you go up there, and buy yourself a cookie, it's gonna blow your mind. Now mind you, you're gonna have like an absolute, complete sugar overdose, but I mean, aren't they awesome? - [Stewart] They're great. - This is a Thriver and her cookies are great. I mean they're just, oh they're just kind of a moist... - [Stewart] So good. - Have you got their cinnamon roll cookies? - [Stewart] Oh man. - Cinnamon roll cookies are like their own different category of dessert, folks. It's just mind blowing. But, get a quote; that's a call to action right? - [Stewart] Yep. - Shop all cookies; that's a call to action. Contact us, I could argue that's a call to action, but you want to have as many as possible. Remember the best in the world, Lifetime Fitness has eight, eight. - [Stewart] What do you think about, can you repeat the same call to action maybe? Is that ... - Well, a lot of Thrivers have asked us if we would be, I'm serious, Thrivers have asked us if we would be willing to put a call to action on our website where you can evaluate your own website for search engines, and see kind of where you stack up. - [Stewart] Nice. - And that's something you and I have talked about. I mean we're kinda working towards that maybe. But yeah, you can have all different kinds of calls to action on your site, but you've gotta really push to have, I'd say a minimum, Thrivers, of three, but if you can get to eight, if you get to eight, I want you to take a picture of yourself high fiving me, and I will put it up on my wall. I commit to doing that. This is just massive. So Stewart, just 'cause you're been doing web development forever, - [Stewart] Yeah. - How often have you worked on a website where a client's asked you to help them. You've built a beautiful site, and there's not a single call to action, not even one, not one call to action. - It happens a lot, Clay. - So is this, I mean in your mind, is this an important thing? - This is huge. If someone was to walk in your store, for example, if you had a retail, and you didn't tell them what you wanted them to do, you just let them browse around. They didn't have a way to buy your products, that's crazy. That's what that equivalent is of not having a call to action on your website. - Not having a call to action on your website, it's like having a man room which I'm in the process of building right now. - [Stewart] Nice. - Without fresh pinon wood. - [Stewart] Got you. - If you have a man room, doesn't it smell great in there, Marshall, the pinon? - [Marshall Smells awesome. - Seriously, I'm putting pinon wood everywhere. I'm trying to stack it up everyday, just more and more. It's starting to smell likeAmerica. - In my mind, America smells like Abraham Lincoln's beard. What's that smell like? - [Stewart] Is that a good thing? - I don't know. I'm gonna throw it back to Marshall. He can take us out of here before I make more politically incorrect statements about Presidents of historical significance. - Clear call to action, pinon wood, Abraham Lincoln's beard

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