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This business coaching course will explain how to create a career map.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Steps To Finding A Job:: 3. Create your own career map
  • Lesson Nugget: Age 1-25 learn | Age 26 - 50 earn | Age 51+ return
  • Lesson Nugget: Saving money now buys opportunities later.
  • Lesson Nugget: It’s hard to give other people money if you do not have any.

-Step number three. Create your own career map.

-Yeah, and your career map-- and this ties into this. It's a little more clarity for it. You have to decide, where do you want to go? And I'm just being real with you guys. I have known-- I didn't know that after building a DJ company that I would end up wanting to start an online education website that would help people. I didn't know that. But I didn't know that I did want to build a million dollar business and to be able to hire my father before I was 30.

That was a goal I had, a very specific goal. And I did that. I did it. And when I did it, I know-- then as I was doing that, I realized, gosh, there's been about-- not 50 people, but probably 10 people while I was building the DJ business that I was able to mentor who went from food stamps to doing very well financially. And I saw it change their lives. I met their kids. I remember meeting a kid who's like nine. And he comes up to me, and he's like, hey, my dad said that you changed our life. Thank you.

I remember getting a card in the mail from the daughter of a guy who was going to college. And she wrote on there-- she said, you forever changed our family's destiny. I appreciate you so much. We'll never forget you. I just remember thinking, that is so cool. So as I received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Small Business Administration, I was going, gosh, I've accomplished that goal. Now what's the next goal? And I just knew that it felt so good to help other people learn how to start a business. So I wrote out the next thing.

So if you kind of look at my career and your career here, I was here. I had no money, no skills. Then I wanted to get to my first goal, which was to be able to be the DJ king. You know what I mean? I wanted to be the king of DJing, right? Never thought I would want to be done with that, by the way. I thought I would do that forever. And then the next goal I had was to mentor millions of people. So I wanted to help you. And so then I started to begin to think about, what are the things I need to learn to get there? And that's how you do it.

-So for step number three, we're creating your own career map. And so the first step is you got to learn. The second step is you got to earn. And then the third step for creating your own career map is return. What does return mean?

-Well, in your life-- let me walk you through this. If you could view your life as you broke it up into thirds-- I know it's hard to draw one of these graphs because it's easy to cut into quarters. But work with me. If you had to break your life up into thirds-- OK, so it's roughly-- I don't even know how to do that. But it'd be like this kind of thirds maybe. Anyway, you break your life into thirds. 33% of your life, of your lifetime-- write this down, thrivers. I'm telling you. Write this down. This is huge.

Between the ages of one and 25, you want to focus on learning. One and 25. From age one to 25, you want to focus on learning. You've got to be sold out to learning. I'm talking about doing ridiculous internships. I'm talking about working for free. And talking about doing whatever you need to do to learn. You have to get the skills. You've got to get the skills. You've got to learn. But then the next step is you have to earn. Age 26-- this is in a perfect world. I know we're not in a perfect world.

But from age 26 to 50, you got to focus on earning. You got to set aside some stacks. You got to set aside some money. You have to save that money, save those dollars, put them somewhere so that you're earning. We're no longer learning. We're earning. And then that final step in a perfect world is from 51 to 75, till you're under the ground, and your body begins to decay, that kind of thing. From 51 until you're dead, you want to focus on returning. You want to focus on giving back. You want to give back to others.

So it's learn, earn, return. If you look at your life in those three parts, those three phases, the first phase is you want to learn. Now if you're watching this today, and you're 41 years old, and you don't know what you need to do to get where you want to go, then you need to start learning more aggressively. And you're never done learning. But you've got to look at your life in those three parts. You've got to learn. Once you learn, you've got to focus on earning. At some point, you've got to focus on earning. You've got to save money.

Then that third step is returning. And so many people get it twisted. They get it mistaken. They get it confused. They begin to-- they try to return. They're trying to give back. They're trying to help everyone in the world out, but they're poor. So you're going to have to learn. Then you got to earn. Then you got to return. That's how it works. Boom.

-Boom. You're blowing my mind.

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