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This business coaching episode explains how to change your mindset.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Action Step: In many settings, it's uncommon for customers to have a good experience. Make your customer's experience an extraordinary one.
  • Lesson Nugget: One way to distinguish yourself is to smile and be more courteous to your customers.

-All right, Jim, we're going into the mailbag here again. -OK. -This is the opportunity for you just to answer the Thrivers' questions. -I'm feeling like going postal here. -All right. -Mailbag, let's just do it. -Just dive right in. Let's do it. -Yeah. -Any questions you guys have, you send them in to us. We are passionate about helping you guys thrive, OK. So here's a question that we have from a Thriver in Brooklyn, New York. All right, I'm just going to read what they wrote. -All right. -They said, "I've been watching the mindset videos, and trying to change my mindset. I moved here from Jamaica, and now I drive a taxi for a living. I feel like all I've ever known is what you're calling entitlement. I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you, but I drive a cab and the city requires us all to charge the same price. Sincerely, how does a cab driver like me get ahead in a city like New York." -Wow. -This is a unique situation, I love it. What do you-- -Easiest thing in the world. - --say to this Thriver. -OK. Why is it easy? Because it's so uncommon to have a good taxi experience in New York. There are 100 gazillion taxis in New York. And almost every taxi you get into, the driver is detached. Not at all interested in the passengers, just driving. And in many cases the taxi drivers are rude. And in a lot of cases the taxi drivers can't speak enough English to even know for sure where they're taking you, so they just guess. Change your passengers' experience. Take your job seriously. You're a taxi driver in New York, you already have a start. You already have a source of income. Now, you can't necessarily control that income to the extent you could if it were your own business. But you've got an income, and you've got a source. Start to distinguish yourself by doing just one simple thing, smile. Literally, smile at every single passenger who gets into your cab. You don't have to engage them in a conversation. Just say good morning, good afternoon, good evening-- whatever it happens to be. Or just say, hello, and smile, where are we going today, you know, anything like that. But distinguish yourself, be more courteous, more cheerful, more pleasant.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: Every task is an opportunity - make it a great one!
  • Action Step: Obsess about learning more about your customers, their business, their industry, and their profession.
  • Lesson Nugget: Focus on delivering results and your customers will focus on paying you.
  • Notable Quotable : "Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting." - Brian Tracy

[MUSIC PLAYING] -One time, I was in Des Moines, Iowa. -OK. -I flew in to the airport. I was going to-- of course I did, right? I flew into downtown. Flew into the airport and got a taxi and the taxi driver was a slob. And I thought, oh, this is going to be ugly. And so the guy gets out of the cab, and he's a big, heavy set guy. And he's just a mess. A mess. And he says, how are you today? And I thought, well, that's contradictory. Because he didn't look like he'd be a cheerful, interested guy. -Right. -And he put my bags in the trunk. -OK. -And we started driving downtown. And he said, what's your name? And I said, my name's Jim Cathcart. And he said, well, my name's Buster. I said, well, nice to meet you, Buster. And he said, what do you do? I said, I'm a professional speaker and author. He says, so you go to conventions and give speeches? And I said, Yeah? He said, I used to be a meeting planner. -Really. -I said, what? You used to be-- he said, yeah, I was head of catering for a hotel and I was in charge of all the events there. And so I did the meeting planning. And we had lots of speakers come in like you. -Yeah. -And he said, I didn't like that environment nearly enough. So I decided I wanted the freedom of being outdoors all the time. And so I started driving a cab. And I said, well, wow! I'm amazed. And he said, you know, you're a cheerful guy, Jim. But a lot of my passengers are not. And when I'm at the airport and some grumpy Gus gets in the back of my cab, I got me a project. I said, what do you mean? He said, I'm going to have that guy smiling or laughing before we get to his hotel. CALEB TAYLOR: I love that. -Wow. -That's awesome. -What an attitude. -Yeah. -And you can bet his tips were two to three times larger than the tips of his fellow cab drivers in Des Moines. -Absolutely. -And you can do the same thing in New York. Look at it as a step in a process. Right now, you're just making do, getting by, building a resource, right? You're doing something that you don't necessarily want to do, but it's an opportunity. So make it a good opportunity. And make it pleasant for you and the people you come in contact with, even if all the people around you tend to be sour or pessimistic or small in their thinking. Take it up a notch. -That's good. That's good. -Just make them feel like they're on the beach in Jamaica. -I feel like Jim's giving you just a practical action item here. It's just that differentiation. -Yeah. -You got to differentiate yourself-- -And you've got to save money. You've got to take a small portion of that money before it goes anywhere and stash it away and start building a resource so that you can move from that to the next job that you would like to have. And learn about your passengers. When you've got a passenger where there's enough time to talk with him or her, find out what they do. Learn about their business, their industry, their profession. And what will happen is they'll see you taking an interest in them. -Right. -And it may open some doors for you. I mean, who knows? The world is made through connections. CALEB TAYLOR: Yeah. Let me ask you this. So I feel like you've clearly identified how this person can go ahead and start thriving in their job as a taxi driver. -Yeah. -Address for me this idea of entitlement. So a lot of our Thrivers, a lot of us initially think, OK, I've got this job. I deserve this wage. What do you say to that person that has that mindset? How do we change that? -Well, first off, lose the idea that you deserve anything. None of us deserve anything. We're either blessed with an opportunity or not. But deserving it, uh uh. Entitlement mentality is the mentality of people who have no intention to improve the world. CALEB TAYLOR: Wow. -It's the mentality of people who say, what about me? Well, hey, Caleb. I mean, you get to dress up in a suit and be on TV. What about me? I want to be on TV. Yeah, but you don't have anything to say. Well, yeah, but still. You owe me. No. No. Nobody owes you. I just-- ah. Entitlement mentality drives me nuts because it's the opposite of gratitude. Gratitude is the master of all emotions. If someone is grateful, they tend to be humble. They tend to be appreciative in many different ways. And you just want to be around them. You just want to give them things, you know? So if you want to get more, lose the entitlement mentality and be grateful for everything you get. It's like the old line "give without remembering, receive without ever forgetting." CALEB TAYLOR: That's awesome. -Yeah. -I love it. Thank you so much for your knowledge, Jim. This has been helpful. If you guys have any other questions, write in because we are here to help you out. Thrive on.

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