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This episode is a business coaching course that teaches that there should be a checklist for everything.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Notable Quotable: "Without accountability, you can count on it not working."
  • Checklists For Your Business: 7. Public Relations
  • Action Steps: 1. Create a thorough checklist. 2. Have the team member complete the checklist and sign it, 3. Have a supervisor verify the checklist was completed and sign it.


-We don't want to-- do you think that I want to like tell a customer, hey, I'll follow up, and I'll make sure-- I'll make sure I follow up. I'll make sure I send you those receipts, and I forget. No.

Do you think that I want to go two months in a row without paying my sales tax? No. Do you think I wanted to go and ruin all those girls' weddings? No. Do you think I wanted to go to Barnes & Noble and get there and every single time-- every freaking time I went to Barnes Noble-- I was like, and I'm a reader.

And they closed down the other one-- what was it? Borders? Borders got closed down. So I'm like in there like-- I had to take a run for the books, and like, you know, try to run over there to get a copy of a book and run back. Like it was awkward shopping for books, because I screwed up her wedding.

Sale systems. Do you think I want to pay a bunch of sales guys who work all the time and never close anything?

Marketing. You think I want to do marketing that doesn't work? I have done so many mass mailers that I forgot to put the phone number on it. It's crazy. You got to have a checklist.

Now the final is public relations. If you're contacting the media, don't you want to make sure your sending, you know, the press release that includes all the information that a press release needs to have. I mean, wouldn't it be terrible if your first impression with the New York Times was a bad impression, because you forgot to send them the stuff on the checklist that you needed to send them, right.

So, now we get into how do we make a checklist. This is our third step. How do we make it? We're going to start specifically with the-- we'll just make a checklist for HR today. OK, so we're going to try to have a rapist-free work environment, all right. So, you go in there and you like the guy. You did an interview. He came in. You liked the guy. Do you feel like for the interview you should have a checklist of what questions you ask every candidate?

SPEAKER 1: Yeah, just to keep it consistent.

-All right, so we're going to go ahead and make a list of questions that we ask, check. One, two, three. Then after we do that, then we want to go ahead and make a checklist.

Here we could say, do a background check on-- do a background check on the guy, right. So we put here background check. Remember our goal is to have a rapist-free work environment. What's the next thing you'd want to put on your checklist?

-Um, references.

-Yeah, references. Let's put them down. References. you'd want to get two phone numbers for the guy. You'd want to know his address, right. You'd want to know his zip code. You'd want to know his state he's in. You'd want to go over here, you want to look at his Facebook. Is it OK to look at your employee's Facebook? I don't know, your customers do.

SPEAKER 1: Yeah.

-The one thing that was great about the rapist guy is not only was he a rapist guy, but his Facebook looked like he was a rapist guy. So on his Facebook it's like all these like gang signs like--

SPEAKER 1: A mugshot.

-You know what I mean, like I'm serious like it's crazy. Do you think your customers Google your employees?


-Oh, dude, let me tell you a little story about that. A couple years back, I was Googling a guy, now that I have a checklist--


--ran the guy, Google, see homie from the side--


--little tattoo. See him from the side, little tattoo. See, see him from the front, little DUI. See him from the side, little DWI. See him from the side, little firearm possession. See him over here with a little-- see him in my office? Hell no, because I got a freaking checklist. So, I Google people. Make sense?

SPEAKER 1: Yeah.

-But you've got to do all this. Now look at all the steps we've already come up with. You've probably got to ask him 10 specific questions. You've got to do a background check. You've got to do references. You've got to do two phone numbers. You got to do an address. You got to do-- what else would you want to do, anything else?

-I mean, some of these questions would be in the 10 questions, like work experience.

-So, you want to get a resume from the person?

SPEAKER 1: Yeah.

-Now how stupid would it be to hire an HR director, and he's like, well, what should I do. And I'm like, well, what you should do is you want to basically do research on each candidate to make sure they're properly qualified and they're not a rapist. He's going to forget a step, isn't he?

SPEAKER 1: Yeah.

-Unless there's a--

SPEAKER 1: Checklist.

-But with a checklist--


--but still it's not done just because we make a checklist. You have to have the signature of who?

-The HR person.

-Right, so our team member has to do it. OK. Signature. And then we have to have the signature of who? The owner, the manager, whoever's going to follow up. Because without accountability, you can count on it not working. Without accountability, you can count on it not working. It being everything, right.

So now you want to have a manager signature. So you're saying-- you're saying, Clay, that even if I have a checklist I have to go through my time to verify that a guy actually did a background check? Yes. You mean, just because I made a checklist-- I already made a checklist that says that all the DJs have to bring a mike, speakers, they have the first dance. You mean I have to-- yes.


Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Action Steps: Create a detailed checklist and have a supervisor follow up on the checklist to avoid mistakes and dishonesty in your business.
  • Lesson Nugget: Recognizing the value of checklists and creating checklists will minimize avoidable errors and forgetfulness in your life and business.
  • Notable Quotable: "Without accountability you have to count on people doing it wrong."

-So let me tell you what you do incorrectly if you want to screw the system up. I made this beautiful checklist-- because I was an idiot, or I was ill-informed, or whatever-- I made a checklist for loading my DJs out. Speakers, mic stand, lights, XLR cable, CD players, backup amp, backup cords-- that's like a 50-point checklist.

I'm talking about the Taj Mahal of checklists. My checklist was on the top of Mount Awesome. Mount Awesome, population me. My checklist was awesome. Here I am at the top of this thing, feeling good about life. I have read my checklist manifesto. I feel like I'm the boss. I have an awesome checklist. This thing is 50 points. It is freakin' awesome. Aw, baby. I went to Dagobah, spent time with Yoda making this checklist. I am pumped! Right?

So I said, hey, McKayla, you've got a show tonight. If you want to go ahead and load yourself out, and we'll see you tonight. Dumb! Do you think the guys actually used the checklist?


-That's right. And do people think that I'm an ask-hole because I asked them if they used the checklist. Yes. So I walk up to the guy, and I say, hey, did you use the checklist? What does the guy say?

-Yeah, of course.

-I'm like, OK, let's go through your car and look, then. Mic stand, I don't see it. Speakers, got 'em. Mics, OK. Great. Amp, XLR cord. First dance, have you tested it? Yeah I did. No you didn't. Gas, lighting, amp, crossover, mixer, cordless mic, map for the show, Garmin to get there, schedule, itinerary, two contact numbers, two contact numbers.

Do you know that I had one DJ who was loading out for his show, and he goes, I know where it is. And I'm like, you do? Yeah, I know where it is. There's a city by the same name in Kansas and in Texas. Do you think he drove to the wrong state?


-Yeah. Hell yeah. He drove to the wrong state. And why did he go to the checklist? Or, why did he go to the wrong state?

MALE SPEAKER: You never did a follow-up.

CLAY CLARK: I didn't follow up. Because without accountability, you have to count on people doing it wrong. And people will think that you are an ask-hole, because you asked them. Does that make sense?


-People are all like, dude, don't get up in my business. I remember there was a 45-year-old man who used to DJ for us. And he was like, do you not trust me? And I remember, like no, I do trust you. He's like, well, why do you have to follow up all the time? Do you not trust me?

Well guess what? I didn't follow up with him. And you know what he did for me? Do you know what he did? Guess what he did to me. He robbed me blind. He stole everything I had. Seriously. Right? So next time you make a checklist, one, make the checklist. Remember that you have to follow up, because without accountability, you can count on everything not being done right. You have to be ask-hole.

But next time you think about not using a checklist, remember this sound.


And you're in that meeting.


And let me tell you what. We had some girls working with us, and they looked over and they were like--


And when they found out homie had an ankle bracelet and they started Googling and found out that he was a rapist, do you think they wanted to work for my company anymore?


-No. So I'm just telling you have got to, one-- step one, recognize why it's so important to use a checklist, and why pride will get in the way. You gotta decide right now that pride is not going to get in the way. The second is you have to understand that the quality control is not possible without it. And the third is you need to make a detailed checklist for all aspects of your business-- hiring, firing, sales, marketing, PR, anything that you want to do repeatedly. Should you even make a checklist of what to pack when you go on a to trip?

-Yeah. I have one.

CLAY CLARK: Why? Because I'm not going to forget a charger. I'm not going to forget my underwear. Have I ever got to speaking event without my shoes? Yes. Why? jackass-ery. Why? I don't have a checklist. You see what I'm saying? So it seems like it's an easy thing. But now, today, we have to bring phone chargers, he have to bring laptop chargers, going to bring-- right?

Have I ever gone to a speaking event without a credit card? Let me tell you a story about that so we don't forget. This is my final thought I'll give you. I had a speaking event in Wisconsin years ago. I fly up there. I didn't bring my credit cards.

So I get there, and I'm about ready to rent my car. And they're like, well, you need to go ahead and give us the card. And I'm like, the card. Yeah, the card. I've got the card on file. No, I mean, we need to see the card. Oh, you need the card? I got my license. I don't have my cards on me. Well, sorry, you can't rent the car.

Well, my speaking event is like-- I fly into "Milly-wauk-ay". I fly into Milwaukee, and I fly there, and I've got like five hours away, like than northern regions of the state. And I don't have a card. Now as luck would have it. A taxi driver's looking around trying to figure it out. He can sense some trouble in the force. He says, I'll drive you up there. I said, you will? $800. $800 to drive up there, taxi fee? He says, yeah, I'll do it. I mean, if your wife can call you with a credit card number, I'll run it right now.

So I paid $800 of dumb tax because I didn't bring a freakin' checklist of what to bring on my speaking events. I ruined a girl's wedding who still hates me at Barnes & Noble because I didn't have a checklist. Doctors are killing people because they're forgetting to use a checklist. I mean, it's unbelievable.

So it's very, very important that you do that. So when you go back to back home to New York, think about all the aspects of your business. And every time you're out there doing it, make a duplicatable and scalable process. Make a checklist. Make sense?

MALE SPEAKER: Makes sense.

-Hey, you are beautiful man. Have a great day, and--


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