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This business coaching episode explains how to make cold calls like a pro.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Cold Calling Super Moves: The Fake Laugh
  • Cold Calling Super Moves: Don't Ask for Permission
  • Lesson Nugget: In sales, never ask someone if they have time to speak with you, they'll say no.
  • Lesson Nugget: Laughing is contagious. Use it often while reading your script, even if what you are saying is not necessarily funny.
  • Cold Calling Super Moves: Skip the Intro
  • Cold Calling Super Moves: the Stutter
  • Lesson Nugget: Intentional stuttering makes you sound like a human on the phone and will build more trust with people.

-Other thing, here on this sales training, OK, is don't ask for permission for stuff that's already yours. Do you have a minute? Write that down. Don't ever ask that again. You need to write that down. Never ask if you have a minute again. Because I don't. If you ask me, do I have a minute, I'll always say no.

Let me tell a story about someone who doesn't ask me this question. Initially it irritates me, but then long term, it's a good trait. So this guy over here, Caleb, he works in our office, he usually will be like, hey. And if he'll just ask me, I'll respond. If he asks me, do you have a minute, I'm like, ah! So it's not that I don't care, it's just like I've got a lot going on, and when someone interrupts me, I'm like, ah! Ruins my flow. But if someone just asks me the question I'll respond. If they ask me for permission, I'm usually like, eh, no. Does that make sense?

So you just-- in a hierarchy in an org chart in an office building, I would prefer if people would ask me, when's a good time? But I'm just saying for the purposes of selling stuff, don't ask. Make sense? I'm just being objective with this, OK.

Don't ask, is it OK if I-- who's done that so far? Is it OK if I ask you a question? Don't do it. Is it all right? Because they'll be like, no. Don't give them an out. You don't need that stuff, OK?

A couple other little moves, little super moves, here. Just want to make sure, OK? If they don't ask you something where the intro doesn't make sense, don't do the intro. So you're like hey, is this such and such? Yeah. Hey I'm a freshman at [BLEEP] university. How are you? Fine.

At that point just go into the next part. There's one part you skip. Everyone look at your script real quick, on the report. There's a bullet point you're going to skip. So the bullet point is, you'd go, hey the reason that I was calling you is-- you don't need to tell them at that point. If you say, how are you? And they say, fine. Well things are going to really good here. You don't need to. Just skip that part, OK?

Other little thing. The fake laugh, it's a power move. Now I'm going to give you the fake laugh. Its power move. I give it to you. It's like the force from Star Wars. I believe in the force. But if I were to give you the force, it's a dangerous thing. Because once you have the force, it's like, are you levitating my car, bro? Stop it. It's the force.

So the laughter-- I'm going to give it to you. I'm only going to give it to a couple people, OK? Because it's based on numbers and I'm going to get to everybody hopefully in a minute. Brandon, you can use the force now. You can use this move, OK? This is a dangerous move, be careful, OK? It's a dark dark, man. It's a credit card-- it could be good or bad, OK? Now here's the thing. Here's the thing. This is the thing about the laugh. The laugh makes people feel like they should laugh. Ha, ha, ha!

So the thing is, you got to find your own move, but just laugh about something not funny. So we worked at faith Highway and my boss, Shane, used to be like, hey, how are you doing, pastor? And the pastor would be like, I'm doing great. The pastor would say, how are you? And he's like, I'm doing great but getting better. And then he would laugh it his-- it isn't even funny. But he would just-- ha, ha! We were like, what? He would always just, ha, ha! It's like the Christmas vacation where he's just-- you'd hear him laugh at himself, but then the pastor would always laugh back. We'd hear the call. And we're like, that's crazy.

So he would intentionally laugh to make other people laugh. I'm telling you, it works. It's a super move. Be careful. But if they're like, how are you? Oh man, things are great. You just sound like there's a laughter in your voice. If you smile on the phone like, it is just going great up here at camp and it's just-- man it's just great, but it keeps getting better. They're like, who is this person? And moving on, OK?

Now, the stutter. This is a move that everyone in this room needs to use right now. The stutter is where you intentionally sound like you're trying to think of what to say as opposed to just firing it off like a machine. The guy in this room was the biggest problem with this so far is Marshall. Now you're like, Marshall's got a lot of-- yeah, it's true. He's calling his mom, his sister, whatever. But honestly he in this room needs to work on the stutter more than anybody in this room I've heard. And you, you two. And then third, is you-- the stutter.

Because when you sound like you're super error-free, people get skeptical. Because who do you know who's like, hi I'm calling on behalf of [BLEEP]. The reason for my call is that-- you're like an error-free person. You're like, you jerk. I'm hanging up. You can't even be around error-free people. It freaks us out. OK? You can't have too much fundamentals. You need to have a little bit of crazy, a little crazy town, OK? So everybody clear on this? We're good? So what I'm going to do is I'm going to go ahead and switch. I'm going to have Paige move over to be here. You're going over there to where Paige is. And then, mixed martial arts, you're going to switch with-- I'm going to say you and Connie you're going to


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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Cold Calling Super Moves: Energize Those around You
  • The Four E's: 2. Energize - The ability to motivate others.
  • The Four E's: 3. Edge - Being focused on the goal, rather than how people feel in the moment.
  • The Four E's: 1. Energy - The ability to motivate yourself.
  • Ask Yourself: What can I do to get better?
  • Lesson Nugget: Find the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) in your industry and learn how they became successful so you can copy their moves.
  • The Four E's: 4. Execute - Getting things done, no matter what.
  • Lesson Nugget: If you are stuck or frustrated, find out how someone who is already successful got through your situation.


-OK, OK-- so you two are switching. All right, and then what we want do is you want to energize the person next to you. And I'm going to leave you with this final thought, then we're done. Jack Welch, the best CEO of all time, gives America four E's. He says, if you're going to hire somebody, you're going to hire somebody, it's fine. But If you're going to promote somebody ever, ever, they need the four E's.

And I will give them to you now-- the four E's. And this is why I'm making the switch here, OK? One is energy. He's saying you cannot ever become a head of a company, a leader at all if you don't have your own energy. You just can't. It's impossible.

People will not follow you, unless they're mentally-- would anybody with a pulse follow somebody who didn't seem passionate about they're talking about? Probably not, OK? Now, the next is energize. This is something that almost nobody in the world has. I would say 1 out of 10 people can do this. Everyone can do it, but 1 out of 10 people choose to do it.

That's where you have the kindness, the courtesy, and the understanding of growth to actually help others around you grow. Because most of us, we're so focused on our own deal, we don't even think about the guy next to us. But that's a big thing.

You could go in-- I'm sorry for the basketball analogy. But you could go in, and go ahead, and just lay it up yourself. But instead, you pass it to the big guy and let him dunk. Because you know he hasn't played, he hasn't scored all.

You got to get him involved. You know what I mean? You know that you could easily take the credit, but instead, you praise somebody else in the meeting. You know that you could whatever, but instead, you choose to energize other people.

Now, the next one is edge. The edge means that you care enough about people that you don't care if their feelings get hurt. You're focused on the goal, not the feelings of the time. Does that makes sense? OK, edge.

And then the final is execute. Can you, bottom line, get it done. And we're in this weird culture. We're like, well, I know the Bible says this, but I don't want to do it. OK. I know the script says this, but I don't want to do it.

I know I'm-- so some of us are reading the script, and we're like, well, I'm just not getting enough rapport. So I'm trying my own thing. Don't do it. Fight it. Execute, follow the system.

If you are sitting there, and you're like, I really am terrible right now. Just have the edge to say, what can I do to get better? And if you're sitting next to someone who's trolling out. And there like, how are you doing? Good to see you're doing good. I'm loving this call campaign. Just-- do you have a nail gun?

No, that kind of-- don't, don't allow them to kill themselves. It's a little severe. Just energize them a little bit, OK? Who here's not seen a mountain goat climb? Anybody see one?

SPEAKER: I've seen a picture.

-OK, can you cue it up there on the YouTube for a second. We watched this morning, and the video's just-- it's spiritual.


So here's the thing. The mountain goat can do things that we think are hard to do. It can just do it. They just up the mountain, bam, we go. In business, I talk about goats all the time with clients, and so recently, I did this article about it. And I realize I need to talk about it more. But it stands for Greatest Of All Time.

So what you do is any time you face a mountain that's like, you think it's not possible to get there, you want to find the greatest of all time. And ask them how they did it. So for Thrive, I'm unlike like-- I'm trying to build this online school, build this website, do this thing. and like this, and this, and that, and this. This is a lot of stuff. I need the guy who's been up to that mountain top before.

So I reach out to my friend Dr. Zelner, and Dr. Zelner is like, oh, yeah. When I was building my auto auction, this is what I was dealing with. Or when I built my optometry place, this is what I was dealing with-- a bunch of smart, educated people thinking their doctors, and not being very trainable. But then I had to manage extremely educated people.

It sounds like you with web developers. And I'm like, but you got to find a GOAT who's already been there. And ask them-- Greatest Of All Time-- how did you get there? And they'll show you what they did. And if you do it, you'll get the same result.

So if you are talking to yourself, and your at the base of mountain circling around. Don't get frustrated. Just ask, how did the GOAT get there? Does that make sense? The GOAT, Greatest Of All Time.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • The 4 Probes: 1. Standard - Questions asked to all new buyers.
  • Cold Calling Super Moves: Probes
  • Lesson Nugget: Asking the buyer to dream allows them to get excited and open up. This will also give you more insight into exactly what they want.
  • The 4 Probes: 2. Best Probes in the World - Questions that let the buyer dream.

-Probes-- this is super selling move number two. We're going to make sure everybody has a great understanding. What was super selling move number one? Your intro, OK. You're letting people know what's going on.

And the second here is the probes. And the probes, let me explain to you how this works. These are the questions that we ask. So once you understand why you have the sales presentations-- it's not based off of my cranium. This is based off of research from people smarter than me.

Soft Selling In A Hard World, he lays them out. I'm just going to give you the summary. Save the read. One-- standard probes. A standard probe is where you ask the same question to every buyer.

So if you call DJConnection. When I owned it, people would say, thank you for calling the amazing DJConnection. This is such-and-such, how can I help you. And they'd say, yeah, I'm calling to book a wedding or book a party or book a whatever. How much do you charge?

They'd always say, I'm calling to book a whatever. How much do you charge? And no matter what question they ask, you always said, great. What day are you looking at? No matter what question.

And then we would say, now, what venue are you looking at? And then we'd say, how many guests? We do all of that, because those are standard-- what? Probes, that's right. Standard probes.

You go to the doctor. Every time, they do the check-up thing. Blood pressure, they do the whole-- you're like, man, my foot hurts. And he still wants to do the whole thing.

That's the standard probe. Cool? Lets them get a baseline understanding of you're at. Got it?

Next one-- best probes in the world. These are the best ones. This is where you let somebody dream. Let me ask you this-- if you were president for a day. Let me ask you-- in a perfect world-- oh man, let me tell you a story about a home-builder I know.

This is a true story. Guy I know-- multimillionaire. He decides he's going to downsize and buy a small house for he and his wife to live on. Builder says, let me ask you-- this is a true story, it's so funny. He says, well, so you guys want to do a small house?

He goes through his standard probes. And he says, well, let me ask you. Sharon, if you can go over here, make a list of what you want. And Bill, if you can go over here, make a list of what you want. I'd like to just have you guys dream, in a perfect world, all the things-- I mean, you guys have worked hard your whole career-- all the things that would make your house perfect.

Whether it's granite-- you've always wanted granite. Maybe you've always wanted to have wood floors. Maybe you've always wanted a room to study. Maybe you've wanted a library.

Let's just at least take about a half hour. Let's just write down the things you've always wanted. Let's just dream.

I do this a lot when I do any type of persuasive bid, because you've got to get somebody excited about the bid. You've got to get yourself excited. By the way, if you ask yourself these questions, it works, too.

Now you're dreaming. Now you're like, whoa. Now you're not thinking within the boundaries. So this couple comes back. And he's like, well, would did you want?

And she's like, boomedy-boom, boomedy-boom, boomedy-boom. What do you want, sir? Boomedy-boom, boomedy.

Well, I mean, we could try to trim it down. Let's look at what things on your wish-list are you willing to go without. I know you've being going without it for a long time. Which ones are you willing to just-- well, they ended building a house three times the size of what they were going to build.

And that's that guy's super move. He makes all his money that way. He's a super luxury builder. It's unbelievable.

And I've heard that story over and over and over about that dude. It's awesome. You want to get people talking. That's the point of it. Make sense?

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