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This business coaching episode explains how to successfully make cold calls.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Action Step: Address frequently asked questions and issues people are having as a group, rather than as an individual.
  • Notable Quotable: "Seek first to understand, then to be understood."- Stephen Covey (Bestselling author of "7 Habits of Highly Effective People")
  • Cold Calling Super Moves: Seek First to Understand
  • Cold Calling Super Moves: Make a Sincere Connection
  • Cold Calling Super Moves: Pros Always Go Slow

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-Paige Taylor here, and today we're with Clay Clark, who's in the midst of running a call center. He's going to be talking about cold calling supermoves in this sales training . Now we all know that cold calling isn't necessarily fun, but it is necessary in order to sell our product and make some money.

In this episode, Clay's going to go over some super moves to make your cold calls more successful. So let's not waste any more time so we can get back on those phones.

-Everybody, I need you to focus. We're going to get through all these issues at one time. By the way, whenever running a call center or a call campaign or having a business, it's better to have a group meeting than individual meetings. So I'm going to tell you things that'll be offensive if you take it as like I'm attacking your character. But if you look at it as I'm trying to help your performance, then we're good.

But if you're going to be like, well, I prefer if we could meet privately, I'm never going to have a private meeting. I don't do private meetings. My favorite private meetings are in a group. OK, so here we go.

Next thing, people who are bitter don't seek to-- when you're doing any kind of sales, never seek for them to understand. You seek to understand them-- ever. And by the way, just in life, if you want to ever win a debate, don't just try to let-- don't try to convince people that your point is right. Try to find out why their point is right.

And I'm telling you they're going to like you more. So if they're like, I'm just not happy with school. You're like, well, hey, I want to know what happened. Well, I'll tell you what happened. Please do. What?

And then they're like, I'm sorry, it's not you, I just-- I'm telling you that's how you do it. So just seek to understand, not them to understand you, OK?

Other stuff-- don't sound like a cold caller. Oh, man. So I'm going to go through the rules here on this cold calling, and I'm going to try to help you. Don't get upset. Nobody cry. Please nobody go you're attacking me. I'm just trying to help you.

You sound like you're reading. So the only way to sound like you're not reading is to really be cognitively aware of it. Because if you sound like you're reading, than I am immediately no longer listening to what you're saying and I'm trying to figure out why you're calling me.

So if people are telling you, hey, I really don't want to give you feedback. It's been a long time since I've been here. It's usually a direct result of them not believing that you're actually calling to get their feedback. Does that make sense?

So example of someone on the phone who's been doing great. I've listened to Caleb Taylor on the phone and he sounds like he is sincerely calling like out of the blue-- like he's not reading a script. And that's why people don't feel like he's reading a script.

-The reason why I was just calling was I just wanted to be able to keep you guys up to date with what's kind of going on at our university here, and get your feedback on the overall direction the university's been going. I guess on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, how satisfied are you with the overall direction of the university [INAUDIBLE] over the last 12 months or so?

-However, this is a little feedback for Caleb Taylor. The pros are always going to go slow. I'm going to march through all these so we make sure we don't forget any of these. But pros always go slow. I need you guys to write that down-- pros always go slow.

It just has to happen that way. It will never work any different. You have to go slow. You just have to go slow. Pros go slow. Everybody got that?

Pros go slow. So you've just got to go because-- have you ever heard the phrase he's a fast talker? That usually means that someone's a liar, so people do not trust people that go fast. So you've just got to slow down. You can be enthusiastic and slow, but it's got to be slow.

Also you're on a phone, so people can't understand what you're saying. So you just got to slow it down. Because if you're going fast, people just don't get it. Pros go slow.

Other stuff-- sincere connections. That's what I want you to work on. When you talk to people, you need to sound like you're sincerely-- they say how are you? You need to go I'm doing awesome. In fact, I'm actually a freshman at ORU or whatever that-- whenever your truth is. I'm a sophomore at ORU.

I'm doing great. I'm a sophomore at ORU and walking around campus and a duck walked by and it was amazing. You've got to connect with people, OK? So make sure you don't sound like you're reading. Because if you sound like you're reading, I don't care how many times you call or who you call, I'm still going to think you're reading.

If you're not really sure of how you sound, we have this thing called smartphone technology. Bust it out real quick, record yourself, and then just pull yourself aside and go, whoa, I sound like that? And then you'll be cured of that, whatever that is. But just make sure you hear yourself, OK?

[INAUDIBLE], you can do it. You sound articulate, but you sound like you're reading and we don't want to do that. You want to sound like you're not


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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Cold Calling Super Moves: Use Your Call Log
  • Action Step: Keep track of each phone call made with a tally. If the person does not answer, highlight the row yellow to show there was an attempt to contact them.
  • Cold Calling Super Moves: Follow the Script
  • Lesson Nugget: When beginners first start to make calls, make sure they are following the script. That way it will be easier to help them improve.
  • Lesson Nugget: If the preferences or tendencies of potential customers differ from the callers, do not try to convince them otherwise, this can alienate them. Prepare beforehand with your team how they should work around the customer's lifestyle.

-Other stuff-- use your call logs. Everybody here has a call log. You're supposed to mark your tally marks. I think I see a few people are not doing that.

I don't feel the need to point out specific people, but if you're not putting a tally mark on that call log on every single thing, then you need to do that. That cool? Brandon, you feel me? Can you show us your call log real quick, just verify--


-Oh, no. OK, so we need to do that. Everybody feel me? Also, if you call somebody, go ahead and make that field yellow so we'll know that, earlier this week, you tried to call them and say hello. You feel me?

So anytime you call somebody, mark that whole row yellow. Now, one thing you have to do is all this bureaucratic stuff. You've got to log this and write this here. But you're going to find a way to maybe mark it yellow while you're calling the next person, because that will give you double the calls.

Who here has more than 20 calls so far? Who has more than 30? 31, 32, 33? Awesome, we're on pace. We're doing good.

So other stuff-- follow the script. Some of you guys-- when I say, some you guys-- all of you guys really need to follow the script a lot until you're wicked awesome. Here's the deal-- anybody here into physics or science or any kind of some sort of science, biology? They're really into that whole-- if you're going to test something, you want to have a control.

You can't be like, I ate bagels so now I'm sick. I'm like, well, you ate bagels. Are you sick? Yeah.

So you ate bagels and you're sick, you ate bagels and you're sick. No one else is, though. OK, did you guys drink like 47 beers before eating those bagels. Yeah, OK. But if I didn't tell you that, you couldn't possibly diagnose the symptom.

So you're intoxicated and you just had bagels but you didn't drink alcohol. OK, I did. I mean, I can't help you on the phone if I don't know what you said before then. So if you're making up your own hoo-ha, I have no idea what you're saying. And based on your about two hours of experience, I don't think it's possible you could possibly have a good idea at this point.

So just follow it, OK? Then, once you get great, then we can nuance. So right now, I'm going to allow nuance to begin, because I'm hearing it consistently. I'm going to allow Nick to do some nuance. Not a ton of nuance but enough-- because I heard your calls consistently enough for you to do a little nuance.

But your nuance that you get to do is not a script change at all, really. It's just you going slower and making sure you connect. Because you're so close, but we've got to get that part. You want to focus on the nuance. Because right now, the words you're saying are great. We focus on the nuance.

Don't ask people their last name or their address-- it's disconcerting. Just verify. Let me verify your address real quick. Because you have it on the screen.

If I ask, what's your address? I'm like, how'd you get my information? Don't ask-- just verify. You feel me? Other stuff here-- use logs, got that.

If somebody tells you they want to pledge, is there any other place on the whole planet where people are used to pledging? I don't think so. But how old are these people we're calling?

Did some of them help Noah? I guess they were wiped out by the flood. There were people that came after Noah that landed on some land. The point is, these are some older people. There's people who, they remember, starting [BEEP].

They were a freshman back in 1963, I don't know. So we have some people like that, do we not? So they are a little less likely to even have a credit card. Who's talked to somebody who does not have a credit card or a debit card? Don't bludgeon them about that.

But just go, hey, you know, I totally respect that. Do you want to do a pledge? I'll send it out to you. You just have to, because you're not going to convince them that they should do it. And they're like, look, when I was 20, our country wasn't in debt and we were the best.

And now you yahoos with your credit cards and your internet are now not best and the Russians are beating us and we have a bunch of debt. So screw off and I'm going to be old. That's how they feel, honestly. But you guys are on social media and you don't have any real friends. Meanwhile, I have like five real friends and I've never been on the internet.

That's how they feel. So if you say something to them that makes them feel like you think they're weird, they're going to just be like-- does that make sense? I'm just telling you, you're not going to win brownie points by trying to convince them to get an email account at this point in their lives.


Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Ask Yourself: Am I going to justify or am I going to ask why?
  • Notable Quotable: "The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be."- Reid Hoffman (Cofounder of Linkedin)
  • Lesson Nugget: People have the ability to justify anything, but this will not help anyone improve; don't make excuses but ask how you can be better.
  • Cold Calling Super Moves: Be a Catalyst
  • Lesson Nugget: Do not react to other people's emotions, but decide that no matter how someone else acts, you are going to be irrationally kind.
  • Cold Calling Super Moves: The Switch


-Overall, I feel really good. I just want to make sure that everybody here is connecting with people. Remember, this call campaign is about helping you deal with this false promise that if you get a degree in this or that and you stay at the job, that you will achieve massive success. That's not true. It's the ability to influence people that equals massive success. So everybody has got to do it and I will not stop harassing you until we get it, because I know you can get it.

Reid Hoffman, that's the guy that started LinkedIn, OK? Andrew Carnegie, that's the guy that started Carnegie Steel. Napoleon Hill, that's the guy that studied Thomas Edison. I don't know, Jesus, that's the guy who-- you know.

So these people, they all believe that you should surround yourself in fellowship with the people who have like-minded views. Church once a week, maybe. Reid Hoffman says if you want to become successful, surround yourself with successful people. It will double your rate of growth, that kind of thing.

So what we have is we have two options right now, OK? And I want you to write down your options, A or B. A or B, OK? A, A, is that we are going to justify-- uh oh, uh oh. Or B is we're going to ask why.

This is what happens in life, justify or why. So I'm just going to give you an example. Today I was on Bloomberg Radio with Dr. Zoellner and I want to show you guys my visual illustration because this is what I do.

I send a text message, and the message I send says this, OK, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. OK, here we go. Check it out, check it out. The lady is texting me from Bloomberg. She says, hey, you killed it today on our show. You're so good on the fly. Can't wait for your radio show. Well, that's great.


-I mean, I practiced a lot. I prepped, and prepped, and prepped, and so I was ready. And you saw the script, I had it right there so I could hit on it. But then I did something that nobody does, but you're going to do it. I asked, did you like it? How can we improve? And now I get a different response.

Honestly, you did amazing, I just feel like maybe that it didn't make a lot of sense that the eye doctor talked about how you didn't need school and now you're like, oh. And I think it's a little odd that-- now all of a sudden, you're hearing stuff. And it's like, overall though, I think it's great and-- that kind of thing.

But if I didn't ask how can I get better, then it's like I'm-- if I'm committed to explaining to you, and my wife, and myself how awesome I am and how because the anchor was mean-- now, I already researched the anchor and I knew. I listened to about five hours of her interviews and I knew. It's called "The Hays Advantage", it's on Bloomberg. If you google it, you can hear me on Bloomberg today. Google it.

But "The Hays Advantage", the co-host, she's mean and she does not like college, or doesn't like entrepreneurship. She loves college. So I knew she would be mean, so I was ready, but I feel like I could have prepped my partner better. I could have been like, you know what? She hates college, or she hates entrepreneurship, so just be ready. And when she asks, here's how we're going to handle it. But I didn't do that.

So whose fault is it? It's mine. I could blame him, he could blame me and there's probably things I could do better that he'd blame me. You know what I mean? But you have to, what can I do better? So I want to make sure, if you've got a thing going on, a psychological problem called justification, you're just smart enough where we can justify anything. And if you've been around people that justify anything, I mean, I can justify anything, anything.

But all I'm saying is because I have to be a catalyst to create the emotion I want, not react to the emotion I see, feel, does this make sense?


-But people who are looking to justify can't handle the concept of being a catalyst. They are waiting for somebody else to come help them and no one will. No, I can't wait for the Calvary to come, I've got to do what I need to do, you know? This morning, I woke up at midnight. Why? Because I had a freaking interview to do and I had to be with you guys today, and so I just did it.

I could wait for somebody else to come help me, but instead, I'm just going to lead the way. So what we've got to do is on the phone, if somebody's hateful, who's talked to a hateful person so far? Yeah.

You could either like, all of a sudden become meek and be sort of short with them because they're short with you, or you could extend to them unbelievable, and because we're on a Christian campus, I'll go as far as to say godlike, grace, where it doesn't even make sense. Where they'd have to go, well, that must be a Christian, a Christ-like person, for them to be that way, because I was so mean.

Next thing, OK? So the switch. So what we're going to have to do is right now, if you're kind of in a emotional funk, maybe I'm emotionally good, but my numbers aren't good. I'm going to have to move you, right now, to sit by somebody who's already doing it a little bit better than you.

Not that they're a better person, because a lot of times, we like to do this whole person thing. Like, well, because he has a higher GPA, he must be a better person. No, that's a bunch of BS. Some people are good at things, some people are not. We all have to learn. I took algebra three times, OK? I took my ACT three times to get into this college before I got kicked out of this college.

So the thing is that we have to go be prepared to make a switch and not go, well, that means I'm a bad person. I'm not going to put a label on me. It doesn't mean I'm not going to do well in life because I took algebra three times. I just have to-- OK, so we're going to make a switch here in just a minute, OK? Moving some people around. Don't get all emotional, don't get crazy, OK?

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