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This business coaching lesson discusses the meaning of commitment.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1


JOHNNY G: Showing up to work early. Being the first to arrive and last to leave. Being there no matter what. Being there for somebody else.


CLAY CLARK: John, we're talking today about commitment and it's something that I am absolutely obsessed with because whether it's-- how many years have you been married by the way?


CLAY CLARK: 27, OK, so whether it's marriage or starting a business. When you started the whole spin movement, how long did it take from when the idea was in your head to when it actually started making any money?

JOHNNY G: 12, 14 years.

CLAY CLARK: 12, 14 years. Let's go a 13 years. So 13 years of that, you have 27 years of marriage. Commitment. Nothing good happens without commitment. You look at your Dojo. We have some great footage we'll put up on the screen. The trees you planted, the bamboo you planted, the pool you built. It doesn't look beautiful until years later. It takes a while to develop.

So it's all about commitment. And it's an easy word to say but it's not so easy to do. And so I want to just allow you to really walk us through. And when you hear the word commitment and you're talking specifically the Thrivers out there who are dabbling in this idea they might just commit and start a business, or they might just commit to becoming successful, what advice do you have on on commitment?

JOHNNY G: That is an amazing, amazing part of the whole process. If you can provide an opportunity for yourself and provide an opportunity for someone else to provide an opportunity for themselves, that's an incredible thing. It's an amazing thing. Not only can you provide for yourself, but you can provide for somebody else to provide for themselves.

CLAY CLARK: So you're not only teaching yourself how to fish but you're-- by committing and doing something well-- let's just say that I'm working right now and I'm watching this and I'm at the bottom of the food chain of a business. I'm the lowest level employee-- You're saying that if I commit and I work my way up to where I, maybe, become a manager or owner or a leader of some kind, I can actually then teach other people how to provide for themselves. And that doesn't happen unless you commit.

JOHNNY G: That's right. And if you ever leave the place that you working at, the skills that you develop along this journey are going to be fundamental and primary to what you're doing in the business sector. So if I learn something and I'm committed to learning something that I don't know, I'm going to be able to share what I've done now, what I now know with somebody else. You're becoming philosophical today. Our conversations being very philosophical. Teach a man to fish.

Are you committed to fishing because you need to fill your own bowl? Or are you committed to fishing so you can teach somebody how to fish so they can fill their bowl. If you can provide an opportunity for somebody else, you genuinely all support it. If I can provide an opportunity for a whole team, that teamwork will genuinely support because I'm offering them an opportunity. If I'm committed to my own well being and I don't provide an opportunity to the rest of the team, I possibly will fail because I won't have enough support from the team. So the structure of the pyramid is a lot of people holding up the top of the pyramid, or is the pyramid the other way around?

CLAY CLARK: You are a guy who seems to be very well read. You study, you meditate. Where did this idea of commitment, at this next level, come from? Where did you first get-- Thrivers, if you get a chance to look up Johnny G it's amazing. And the thing that's interesting about your success is you've had success in multiple decades. And so obviously the closer we get to now the more you'll find about your recent products and developments. But at one point, you had five to eight million people a day doing your spin class right? Every day.

JOHNNY G: Yes but it is their spin class.

CLAY CLARK: Their spin class?

JOHNNY G: Not my spin class. If it was my spin class, then I would have been the top of the pyramid and they would have been supporting. But it worked the other way around. The pyramid looked like this. I was standing at the bottom, giving them support to create their own spin class.

CLAY CLARK: And it started with your commitment at the bottom to this belief. So I was committed, they weren't pushing me up the pyramid. I was pushing them up the pyramid.

CLAY CLARK: This make sense.

JOHNNY G: What I took I gave away. So if you hold it for yourself-- you know that thing about give it away and then we'll come back to you? I met a billionaire a few months ago that said the reason why he's a billionaire was that he believed from day one that he would circulate his money into community and it would keep circulating. And the more you circulated, the more you would have to circulate and everybody was circulating. And a lot of people was circulating in this industry and he kept feeding into this industry. And he kept circulating in this industry and everybody was circulating and he has a happy life.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2


-He's a billionaire, multi-billionaire, he has a tremendous amount of resources. I was fascinated by this concept. To answer your question, the tomato seed philosophy.

Plant a seed, tomato bush comes. From the one seed, many tomatoes on the bush. Take a tomato and give it to a friend.

In that tomato is many, many, many seeds. That friend plants the tomato seeds, many bushes come from the tomato. What does the friend do?

He gives a tree away to a friend, who now has many, many, many, many, tomatoes on the tree. I think this concept of multi-level marketing, I think that all these concepts come from the tomato seed philosophy. Keep giving this stuff away. Keep planting seeds. And keep growing bushes.

If you can give a bush away, if you can give depth away, if you can give the commitment through your own example and the commitment through your business structure. Showing up to work early. Being the first to arrive, last to leave.

Being there no matter what. Being there for somebody else. Helping tutor or mentor somebody that doesn't have the tools to grow.

The philosophy of the business structure has to have a certain business ethic. No commitment to the business ethic-- I had a conversation with my daughter a couple months ago. She got a new job. She said I'm making 25 bucks an hour.

25 bucks an hour at $3,000 a month. I said, that's fantastic. She said and with the $3,000 a month, this is what I get to do with the money.

And the whole thing was about getting the money so what she could do with the money. She never spoke to me once about what she could do to improve the opportunity or the business she was working for. It was pulling the money so she could spend her money or the difference was to get paid for what she could do to retain the job by building the organization.

If the organization builds and she's partly responsible for that, she possibly as longevity. If she's working for the organization to get paid the check at the end of the month, the replacement or the word is when you can be disposed or--

-Oh, when you're replaceable?

-Replaceable. So then you become replaceable. So do you want to be replaceable or do you want to take the discipline, dedication, and have commitment to be the bigger part of what the outcome can be? I would have commitment to the bigger part of the outcome versus just taking the check at the end of the month.

Johnny, I appreciate you for enlightening us and really talking about something that's a subject that's near and dear to your heart. And I also appreciate you for planting all these plants in your dojo and for planting the seeds of your business and for planting the seeds of a great marriage because now you see the fruit of that coming to life in all those areas.

You see a great marriage, a great dojo, great businesses, it's just an honor to be here with you to see the fruits there. And I love on Thrive because we have some great training, where we talk about your roots and how you started.

And, again, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you allowing us to sit here and look at some of the fruits and then also talk about the roots that allowed you to produce those. So thank you so much, my friend.

-Thank you so much.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3

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