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This business coaching lesson focuses on the commitment in the workplace.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Lesson Nugget: The Commitment: Promises To Get You From Point A To Point B.
  • Lesson Nugget: Be certain everyone clearly understands the boundaries of their commitment.
  • Fun Factoid: The record for most wins by an NBA team is held by the Chicago Bulls 1995-96 season with 72 wins.
  • Chicago Bulls power forward Dennis Rodman: Getting the rebound.
  • Editor's Note: Michael "Air" Jordan
  • Editor's Note: The five separate positions in basketball are: point guard (PG), shooting guard (SG), small forward (SF), power forward (PF), and center (C).
  • Lesson Nugget: When everyone knows their roles, things get done.
  • Lesson Nugget: Everyone needs to have 100% clarity about their expectations on the job.
  • Lesson Nugget: Everyone needs to have 100% clarity about their expectations on the job.
  • Lesson Nugget: If you're the manager, you are responsible for the outcome (results) of your team.

- Okay so the next thing that you are going to want to do and include in the operation's manual is the commitment section. So all of your employees are going to have to commitment to a number of different things if they are going to work with your company, and this is a section, excuse me, section for all of your employees to understand specifically what are they committing to? So, Clay, why is this important for businesses and entrepreneurs to include this part of their operation's manual? - There was a guy in our office with the last name Kay. This ones for you. Talking to you right now. He said to me, "As a manager I don't like the fact that my bonus is" "tied to whether my team gets their stuff done" "because I can't control that." What do you mean? You're the manager. You job is There's a "I" in the word commitment, right? Commitment right here "I" right there in the middle. If you are going to be the manager, then you "I" have to be responsible for the outcome, whatever that outcome is. If you're the front desk person at your restaurant, you have to commitment to what? Keeping everybody happy so your job as a front desk person is to get people in, get them out, greet them, make sure they're happy. If you're the server, you job is to serve them food quickly and to make them happy. If you're the guy who makes the beer, buys the beer brings in the beer, your job is to keep it cool, make sure it tastes good, get it out to people. If you're the guy who serves the coffee ... so you need to make sure everyone clearly understands the boundaries of their commitment. Now I want to make sure you see this. In the game of basketball, okay, and I know that some people that watch this are going, "I don't like sports." I know and I try to give you a 1/10 sport's analogy. Work with me on this. If we're playing the game of basketball, okay so we're playing basketball. We got this full court going on here, right? We got this thing going on here. Got a little three-point zone going here. So anyway this is the three-point line, little three-point line, little three point line. You got five guys on the team or five girls, probably five girls, but you have five people on the team each person needs to know their role. So if you think about a team here Let's think about it. Think about the Bulls. Currently the Bulls have won more games than any team in a season in the history of national basketball, and this year the Golden State Warriors are very close to beating them, but check it out. On the Bulls they had Michael Jordan what was his job? He was a two guard, right, so he was the shooting guard. So as the shooting guard what was his job? Marshall, what was Michael Jordan's job? - To facilitate and shoot the ball. - Okay, so his job is to shoot the ball, right? That's what he does is to shoot and score and to facilitate the scoring. He's a shooting guard that's the name. Now the point guard his job was to do what? - [Marshall] Bring the ball up the court, and get them into their offense. - Yeah, and here's like the focal point for where the offense starts you pass the ball, you look for guys who are open, so they knew that. Then you have a guy who's a center. The center his job is to do what? Be big, to rebound too, right? Then you have like a small forward. What's the role of the small forward, Marshall? - Small forward usually he's a defensive specialist to shut down the other team. - Okay, so he's playing defense that's his job, okay. then you're going to have a power forward, and what's the job of the power forward? - Well, for Dennis Rodman it was to come back from Vegas the day before the game and just get all of the rebounds just all of them. - But on a team there was a 100% clarity about what each guy should do, so on the Bulls Dennis Rodman his job they would tell him all the time, rebound the ball. Get 20 rebounds, get 20, get 15, get 20, just get the ball. If we miss a shot, grab it, don't let anyone else have it, and then do not shot, bro. Get it to somebody else. Michael Jordan, what's your job? Score, that means you scoring or getting someone else to score just score, win, get the points, score more than the other guys. Point guard, what's your job? Steal the ball, pass the ball. Pass the ball, steal the ball, that's all you do. Center, what's your job, clog up the middle. Don't let guys score on you easily. Make sure that you stay big. Small forward what am I supposed, play defense. And when everyone knows their role, things get done, but when people go, "I thought it was his job to shoot the ball" A lot of businesses, think about this, a lot of businesses no ones shooting the ball. What does that mean? No ones doing sales. " I'm doing customer service." " I'm doing accounting." " I'm helping out with the sale's team." " I'm helping." You're helping with the sale's team how come nothing got sold? " Well, I was trying to help the sale's guys." I mean how come no one recorded the video? How come no ones recorded the training videos for our customer service? " Well, I thought that was the sale's job." " I wasn't sure." Why? Because in the operation's manual it wasn't defined, so you need to end the dysfunction, and you need to go from being a disorganization, which you're not but by default you would be, and become an organization, so everyone needs to have a 100 % clarity about the expectations. And the final little visual I'll give you guys because I think it's important for you to see this. If it was like a puzzle piece, you know your business is a puzzle piece, you need to make sure that every one of these boxes is checked, and that every area is covered. I see a lot of businesses. I go in as a consultant, and it's a gaping hole right here. And you realize no ones doing accounting. And you're like, "Who's doing accounting?" "We're all kind of working together." "Who's doing sales?" "Well, not really", so you got to define all those roles. Does that make sense? - [Marshall] Yes, absolutely. - So you got to get everyone on the team to commitment to what they are responsible for. Get that in the operation's manual. - [Marshall] Okay.

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