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This business training lesson teaches about the focus of your company.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Principle #2: Meet Objectivism
  • Notable Quotable: “My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute."
    -Ayn Rand
    (Author of Atlas Shrugged)
  • Notable Quotable: "You must be an enemy of average within your organization."
    -Clay Clark
    (Founder of Thrive15.com)
  • Ask Yourself: Am I focused on the achievement of my ideals, my goals and my mission or on making sure that every single human within my organization is happy?
  • Notable Quotable: "It's hard to help others if you cannot help yourself."
    -Clay Clark
    (Founder of Thrive15.com)

-Principle number two, meet objectivism. OK. Clay I want to get into this second principle here with a notable quotable. It says, "My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute." This is from Ayn Rand the author of Atlas Shrugged, Anthem, break this down for me.

-Somebody reading this or watching this is going to go, I don't agree. And that's OK. The idea of Thrive is to help you think about things differently than you did before, or at least to solidify your own values.

She says here, my philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as being heroic with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life. That's an interesting thought. In the world of business I have these high ideals which is that we are going to-- the happiness of our customer is the main focus. The happiness of our team is the main focus. We're trying to make our customers happy and make our teammates happy, that's our focus.

Now, anybody who doesn't want to make our customers happy or who doesn't want to make themselves happy, anybody who doesn't want to help the customer thrive while helping themselves thrive, is my enemy. Anybody wants to come here just for a jobby job to work and make x amount of dollars per hour until they can find the next gig, I want them to feel crazy uncomfortable. I want them to say things to me, and they do they'll send me emails-- that's usually the best way to do a passive aggressive move. Emails will say, I just feel like you guys are pressuring me to really be great and I don't want to be great. I just want a job. And then I know, hey it's time for you to move on.

I try not to bring people into the organization unless they're the right fit. I want to have such a viral organization that you literally-- the body doesn't like viruses. If you get a virus your body's trying to build up an immunity. Like a fever, you'll start to sweat, your body's trying to get rid of that virus. We want to create a culture that's so viral that when you enter into this culture if you're not the right fit, if you're of a foreign mindset that's not right, the company kind of ejects you like a virus. Its uncomfortable for you to be here.

-OK. So, you talk about happiness as the moral purpose of life-- or Ayn Rand talks about it. How many business owners that you work with do you see where the happiness is not their own happiness but happiness of their employees? Do you see that a lot?

-What I do see is a lot of times I see business owners who start off and they go, my number one goal is to make sure every employee is happy. Then what happens in a meeting, and there's like five employees, six employees, and one of the employees is like, so we have Christmas next week. Can I take off the eve of Christmas Eve? And you go, what? You know, the 23rd. And you go, uh sure, Carl, sure. You can do that because my number one goal is to make you happy.

Then employee number two goes, hey Carl got off on the eve of Christmas Eve. Can I get off, too? And you go, well I can't let both of you off because if I do then I won't be able to open up our gas station today. We won't have enough people to staff it. So then you say, hey Carl, you can get off. But Ed, you can't get off that day. You have to work. So then Ed goes, well how come I have to work and Carl doesn't have to work? Can we both be off? So you have to decide, are you going to upset one employee and satisfy the customers? Or are you going to please all the employees? Most business owners they go, well Ed I tell you what. You can have off too.

And now, guess who has to work every single holiday, every single day, all the time. It's you, the owner. By putting everyone else's needs first you now are last. Which means that you lose all the time. That's not good. You don't want to do. No one wants to work for somebody who hates their job, hates her life, and has no control. You've got to be an authoritative leader. You've got to be somebody who knows what your goal is, your chief aim. You've got to be able to pursue happiness not apologize for it. You've got to wow your customers and you've got to create an atmosphere where you're happy and your teams happy, if it all possible. But at the end of the day the customer is the boss. So if someone has to be not happy it can't be your customer, it has to be your team.

-And so bringing that back to the second principle here, meet objectivism. OK. Objectivism is talking about making good business decisions at the expense of emotions of your employees, or what is that?

-Objectivism is Ayn Rand's belief that being happy is the end in of itself. That is the whole goal. That's her whole world view. And I'm not saying to anybody here that you have to switch religions, I'm not trying to advocate that. What I'm saying is, if you're just a martyr for life and every aspect of your life is terrible, how many people want to switch over to your religion? If you have a business and you're just in the hell hole of business every day and you're struggling, how many people want to come work for you? You've got to be happy or no one wants to work with you. No one wants to work for someone who's not joyful. You've got to have your own joy.

I relate it to this example, if I have a glass of water and its full then I have enough where I can drink the water and I drink a glass and it's enough to sustain my life. Now, if I have a jug of water then I have enough to share with everybody and I can sustain my life. But don't be the business owner who has one glass of water and you're giving everybody else sips and then you die. That doesn't make sense. You've got to make sure that you are alive and everybody else is, too. The only way to do that is to have abundance and success.

-So that's the second principle here. Meet objectivism.

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