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This episode is a business coaching course that is comparing different types of branding.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Branding:
    -Episode 2
    (Part 1 of 3)
  • Action Step: Add Calls To Action Above the Fold
  • resources o' fun: CrazyEgg.com
  • Action Step: Add Search Engine Compliant Layout
  • resources o' fun: SEMRush.com
  • Action Step: Add HTML-Based Website
  • Action Step: Verify Presence of an XML Sitemap
  • Action Step: Secure Quality Backlinks
  • Action Step: Create A Weekly Content Creation Regimen (3,000 Words of Content Per Week Minimum)


-The next is you have to have a call to action. And you want to have three calls to action above the fold. So we go to your site, if we can, we want to do that. So if we go back-- let's go to Epic Photos Tulsa, again, Marshall, when you have a chance.

Our site, we have that Get a Quote button. Then you have the Contact Us at the top right. In a perfect world-- scroll down a little, Marshall-- I'd love it if I could see that third Call to Action at the bottom, Get a Quote, if I can see that above the fold. And fold is the point at which you have to scroll down on the site.

So, Marshall, will you scroll up again. When you go to the site, this is above the fold. But if you put your mouse over the Experience the Knots-- at the bottom, that little ribbon-- down below there, that's below the fold. And we have all sorts of research that we can show you. And I want to make sure-- we'll add this to the screen here.

And so, Marshall, if you can reference this, there's a tool, and it's called Crazy Egg. And we're going to go ahead and get Crazy Egg working for you today. And Crazy Egg will allow us to diagnose where people click. And you'll find that nobody clicks below the fold. So we have to get three Calls to Action above the fold.


-Makes sense?


-Other item we have to do on your sites that's super duper important is we have to make sure that we are search engine compliant. So there's a great tool called semrush.com. And my team is going to run a report on that for you today. And it's going to show you all the things that we have technically wrong with the site.

But as a big, broad stroke rule here, I need to make sure that one, your site is HTML based, two, that it's WordPress based, three, that you can update it yourself. And we're going to make it available for you at all the Thrivers.

There's a document we call the SEO Bible that we use internally. And I'll make sure that you have access to that. It's something I've created, and over time I just keep adding to it. But we make sure that your title tag is correct. We make sure that your keywords are correct. We need to make sure that your description is correct.

This part breaks the mind of people. We have to make sure that you have a thousand words of content on every page. Because if not, Google looks at your site less favorably. Wikipedia is topping Google for any term.

So if you go to Google right now-- Marshall, will you pull it up on the big screen. Let's say we google the word dog on the big screen here. Wikipedia has a lock on the word dog. And if you click the word dog, look how many things they have about the word. They have more content than anybody else in the world about the word dog.

We have to make sure that you have more content about St. Louis optometry than anybody else in the world. So we need to make sure the HTML based WordPress. We need to make sure that we go ahead-- it's very, very important that you can update the site. So it's update, kind of a self editor. or Content Management System, CMS, so you can do it yourself.

Title, tags, updated keywords, description, thousand words of content. We also have this thing called XML Sitemap. And we also have to have an HTML sitemap. And we'll do all this. And I'll show it to you. But we have to have it.


-Then, we have to have backlinks. We have to have more backlinks than anybody else in your industry, period. Then-- and we're still not done-- we've got to have a weekly SEO accountability documents. This is something big for you. Do you have anybody in your office who does some sort of back office work, that helps you behind the scenes?


-OK. And whoever that person's name is, get a mind on them.


CLAY CLARK: They're going to need to have a regimen of how much content they can create per week. There's a tool called The Dragon. So I'm writing this down here for ya. You're going to have a content regimen-- regimen? Regimen? I feel like I spelled that wrong. Marshall, did I spell that wrong, regimen?


-Ooh, wow, E-N-T, regiment. I don't know how you say it right, too. A content regiment-- but anyway, so on the content regiment, the main thing is you have to a set amount of content they're going to produce per week you hold them accountable to.


Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Branding:
    -Episode 2
    (Part 2 of 3)
  • Action Step: Create Targeting Ads
  • Action Step: Create Retargeting Ads
  • Action Step: Create Followup / Drip System: 1. Auto responder 2. Email 3. Text 4. Mail
  • Action Step: Website Must Be Mobile Compliant
  • Action Step: Site Must Be Google Compliant

-Google looks for original content. It has to be original, and it cannot look like it was written by a robot. But Marshall, scroll down real quick. I just want to show them on the Epic site where we keep all this glory.

And this stuff, we do the best we can to write the best stuff we can, but I can tell you honestly, over the years, scroll all the way down, way down, just keep on going, I have never had a client call me and go, I love how many words you have on your site.

Or, wow, the stuff you wrote on the bottom of page seven really made my brain explode with awesome. If you look at the bottom right, it says site map. And look how many pages of just pages of just pages of just pages. Look at all that. Just content.

Each one of those is an article that's a thousand words long. So click one of them. So we've been doing this. It's the slow steps up the mountain. We didn't climb the mountain in one day. But you scroll down, look at all that. We just keep adding content every day.

So no one can catch us. So you have to have a content regiment that's going to work for you.

-Fact checker says no T at the end.

-Ha ha. Ha ha. How do you spell it?




-I'm still wrong, but at least I'm less wrong. So content regimen. But you have to have 5,000 words per week. So you have to have a system for this, otherwise you'll fall. You will get to the top of Google, then you'll.

Other stuff we have to do is we have to have a targeting ad. Targeting ads are the ads where anybody who's on like Facebook would see your ad. People who go to ESPN, see your ad. People who Google, they see your ad. And we are paying to be in front of those people.

Then we have to have a retargeting ad campaign. And the retargeting ad follows people around so if they've ever been to your site, they see your site all the time. But this is all, and we're still not done, we're getting it all done today, so don't feel overwhelmed, OK?

And then it just has to happen. We have to have a drip system in place. So we have to have an auto responder. So anybody e-mails for the first time or inquires, we have to have an e-mail that automatically goes to them. So we have to get that auto responder going, OK? So auto responder.

Do you mail postcards to people?

-Not very much any more. All emails. Going to through it out here for you. Email is awesome. However it offers you to quick delete. So you might want to do email, and then do a little text, and then do a little mail. OK, so this year maybe month one you do email. Month two you do text. Month three you do the mailer.

But you have to. Because I bought glasses. I really am not, but you got to stay in my mind, OK? So we got to have a drip system. I'm going to put email, text, and mail.

But this is what we have to create for you today. And it has to be done this way otherwise your site won't work. And we go, well, are we done? No. It has to be mobile compliant. So this site has been built in a way that if I'm look at it on tablet, or a fablet, or a Samsung, or an iPhone, or anything, I can see it. So you have to have mobile compliant.

And then after you have your mobile compliance, we have to have the most back links of anybody in town. The most content, the most Google compliant. So we look here, Google has kind of a-- and you say, well, how's mobile compliant different from Google.

Well, Google is constantly wanting us to make sure that we're doing the right thing. And so we want to make sure that if Google thinks we're cheating, we want to know. Because we're not cheating. But we have to do this.

And so we want to make sure that we're to have a system in place where we're running this SEM rush report consistently so we maintain our Google compliance and we keep tweaking it. But does that makes sense for you?

-It does.

-Do you have any questions about all this? Because we're going to do all this fabtabulousness, but any question about that?

-Not so far.


Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Branding:
    -Episode 2
    (Part 3 of 3)
  • Action Step: You must create a One Sheet marketing piece that succinctly explains to your ideal and likely buyers why they should buy from you in a compelling way.
  • one sheet contains:: Differentiation
  • one sheet contains:: Benefits Supported By Fact
  • one sheet contains:: Media Mentions
  • one sheet contains:: Testimonials
  • one sheet contains:: Logo
  • Ask Yourself: When are you going to schedule time for the creating of these resources for your business?
  • Ask Yourself: What did you learn from this training?

-And now what we have to do is we have to create a one sheet. And we'll do that today too, and he'll type this up. But the one sheet, first thing is it has to have your differentiator. It has to explain clearly what do you do differently from the competition?

JOE: So Purple Cow.

-Yes, exactly. And it's kind of like a line by line Purple Cow, where you go, we do this. Most guys do this. And I'll help you with that today.


-But we have to get that for you. You also have to have your benefits supported by facts. You can't just say a bunch of claims that don't make sense or that aren't supported. Even if they're true, if you don't support them by a fact, people don't receive it very well. So we have to the benefits and the facts.

Then we have to have our media mentions. We got to that to the print piece, As Seen On, Featured On, that kind of thing. OK? The next thing is you want to have testimonials. You want to have people that have said great things about you.

And this is all on one sheet of paper. So we give this to people. It's a tangible, walk away, 8 1/2 by 11, here you go. Next thing you want to have here for you, is you want to get your logo on that thing.

JOE: Right.

-You want to get your website on that. You want to get your phone number. And you want to go ahead and get on here and share about your cause. All this needs to go, so when a patient shows up in the first time, we want to give them that one sheet.

And Marshall, can add to the notes, I want to give a copy of my PR kit as an example to Joe? And then also I want to give him an Epic Photography-- and for all the Thrivers-- get you those so you can see what I use for my own companies. So you'll have that right there for you.

JOE: Good.

-Does that make sense?

JOE: Yeah.

-So this is our immediate homework. And we're going to go upstairs and knock all this out. And then what we're going to do is we're going to be able to kind of pull out the before and afters and knock it out.

So we're going to spend-- again, this is if, you're back in St. Louis, this is that 30 minutes a day.

JOE: Yeah.

-And you might find, I've got one client I work with who likes to spend just four hours on a Friday. So he's a doctor, and he doesn't see patients on Fridays. Another doctor I know sees patients six days a week. But he comes in Saturday morning 6:00 AM to 10:00. That's when he does it.

So I don't know, for you, would it be better for you-- if we weren't involved-- would it be better for you typically to handle this in the morning, like 30 minutes a today? Or is it better for you to do all at one deep dive every week? Or what's more sustainable for you?

JOE: I'm a night owl. So I do a lot of stuff like 11:00 to 1:00 sometimes.

CLAY CLARK: 11:00 to 1:00.

-After everyone's in bed and I got some time to myself.

-And that's great. And see, that works for you. And there's nothing wrong with that. So what we need to do is, we're just going to need to, moving forward, you go, well, Clay, jeez. When I'm going to find the time to make sure that my person is writing my content? That's that time.

And what will happen is you'll get a lot of growth. And I just want to make sure that we've built a system that's sustainable for you.

JOE: Right.

-That cool?

JOE: Yeah.

-And Marshall, you got all those notes there, my friend? All right. So we're going to print that off. We're going to go upstairs, and we're going to begin making stuff.

JOE: Awesome.

-Cool. Boom.

JOE: Boom.

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