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This episode is a business coaching course that teaches how to connect and sell ideas.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Networking Strategies: 1. Create your Dream 100 list; 100 people or businesses who could change your life if you were connected to them.
  • Recommended Reading: The Ultimate Sales Machine : Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Stategies - Chet Holmes
  • Lesson Nugget: Your Dream 100 should be made up of people that have the contacts, connections, or capital to potentially change your life.
  • Networking Strategies: 2. Focus on serving other people.


-All right Thrivers, we are talking today with one of our good friends, Augustine, here. Now he is actually a Thriver of the month, and he had some awesome questions about how to personally connect to sell his ideas. And to just give you an example, I think we've all had an idea, we've all had a business epiphany, we've all said, oh my gosh, it would be great if I could open up that business or do that. And then we go, I need to start networking and to meet the people that I need to know to turn my big idea into reality. And usually when we start to network, that's when we start to go, oh, well, what do I do? How do I actually do that process? And so we're going to talk about that today.

And so you wrote, "how can I best sell myself to others on an individual basis as well as through PR? I am getting better at this through the "Thank You Move" and solving problems for others, but continue to search for additional ways to break through the clutter and rapidly sell myself and my business idea." Talk to me about that.

I want to accelerate that process of networking as best as possible, understanding that, hey, to a certain extent, networking just takes time.

Yeah. Now I will say this. Networking could be a huge waste of time--


--or it could be a huge benefit, and I really believe if you look at networking, you break it into these four categories. I think that's the best way to get this, OK?


So the first one. We've talked about this on different episodes, but it's important that we just keep saying it and saying it and saying it, doing it and doing it, because it actually works. But we don't do it. It's not going to help. So the dream 100. We do it and make a list of those 100 people, 100 contacts, 100 people that have the potential to change your life, game changers. And this is specifically written about in chapter 6, 7, 8, and 9 of the book called The Ultimate Sales Machine, but the point is, make a list of 100 people that have the potential to change your life.

Literally you're here, you want to be here, and this person has the contacts, connections, capital, whatever, to get you there.


OK? They have the three C's. The contacts, the connections, and the capital to get you there.

All right.

They can do that for you. They might not have the contact, but they have a connection. They can get you in the door. They might not have the capital, but they have a contact. May they don't have the contact, but they have the connection. They don't have the connection or the contact, but they have the capital. Then after you have your dream 100, the next thing you do is when you go to network, you need to be focused on serving other people. You've got to have some sort of game plan for how you're going to serve people.

OK. You have to over-deliver. It cannot be a deal where you're going to the networking event, you're going to the dinner, and you're trying to immediately convince somebody to invest in you, because they're not going to do it.


So you've got to go in the mindset of what are you going to offer these people for free to help them.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Networking Strategies: 3. Establish a follow-up process.
  • Notable Quotable: "Don't network with people who don't have the contacts, the connections, or the capital to help you."
  • Networking Strategies: 4. Have pigheaded discipline and use time blocking to execute your plan.


-So I own my DJ company. Every time I meet somebody, if they were a big influencer, I'd say, hey, I'd love to do your next party for free-- birthday party, wedding, corporate event. I'll do any event you want for free. I'd just love to get to know you.

And people were like, for free? I mean, is there any catch? Now, you've got to find a way. For the men's grooming lounge, Elephant in the Room, that I'm a part of, we basically offered guys free premium haircuts-- straight razor shave, hot towel treatment.

But you've got to have that in your mind, the free. Some people will call this the serve. Some people will call this the freemium. But you've got to have that. OK?


-The third is, you have to have your follow up process figured out.


-It has to be the same every time. So I'll make this the next example, I'm going to write what I think you should do.


-One is after you meet somebody, you want to send that handwritten note. Send that note -- handwritten. Because no one ever does that. Send a note to the address on their card. Hey, John, it was a pleasure to meet you.

STUDENT: And I can tell you, for the Thrivers that are out there as well. That's one of the sessions that I have really taken to heart and really concentrated on, both in my kind of full-time day job as well as--

CLAY CLARK: It works doesn't it?

-It is amazing. You know, I've gotten people who have sent me thank you's for the thank you that I sent them. A crazy thing but, yeah, it works every time.

-Because the question that you asked, again, is how you personally connect. So one is you do the note. The second is, I would do an invite on my social media. I would do my LinkedIn invite. I might do my Facebook invite. I want to connect with them on that social media, OK.


CLAY CLARK: The third is, I'm going to go ahead and say follow up, call up. So if I'm meeting you today, I need to put it in my calendar right away when I get back to the office. Call that guy on Tuesday.


-Follow up, OK. Now this final thing is, I have to look for a problem. We already said, we're going to figure out what we can offer people for free. But I want to look for a way I could help this person.


-So the question is, how can I help them? Now don't network with people that don't have the contacts, the connections, or the capital to help you. That's called ministry. That's called volunteerism. That gets called charity.

But a lot of people go to these networking events, and they're networking with people that don't have those three C's. They go network with people that, even if you wow them, they don't have these three C's. And these three C's, again, the contacts, the connections, the--

STUDENT: Capital.

- --capital. If you network with people that they don't have capital, can they give you capital even if you do this?


-And if you network with people that have tons of capital, but no connections and no contacts, they probably can't give them to me. The point is, you've got to do that.

Now this final step-- so you're going to get the Dream 100. You have the Serve. You've got the Fault. The final thing you have to do, otherwise this won't happen--


- --is it's pig-headed discipline and time blocking. Because we've all got the good idea-- hey, I should send handwritten notes. Hey, I should invite people to Facebook. But when are you going to do it? When?

Well, I'm going to do it. I just have to take my kids to basketball and baseball. And then I gotta-- I would do it. I just gotta finish this class. I was going to do it but I-- and then we get to the end of the month, the end of the week, the end of the year. And we go, I didn't do it. So when-- so this final step is when. When.

But I, literally, have checklists that I have made for clients that I've used. So that when I meet somebody at a networking event, I go to the event, I would go to the event. I pass out free haircut cards. I collect all their cards. Or I passed out "We'll DJ for you for free" cards, whatever. I'm just passing that out. Then I'm collecting their cards.

Afterwards I send a handwritten note to everybody. I invite them to the social media. Do the followup call. Call them, how can I help you? Boom-- and I have a time blocked off to do it. And that's how you do it.


-Now what happens if you schedule times to follow up with these people. Let's say you met somebody at an event today. You met them here, and it's August, OK. Well, what if you put it on your calendar to reach him again in September, again in October, again in November. How many months does a person have to send you handwritten encouraging notes.

Maybe they have to serve you in some capacity. Maybe they have to send you another note. And after the followup call, how many times does that have to happen before-- how many months in a row-- August, September, October.

At what point are you going to start to feel like you like this person, if they do the right way. I mean, how many months does it take? I'm just asking.

-I'm guessing. If you're really lucky, less than this, but probably about four to six times in terms of making those connections.

-I've got to be honest. I wouldn't invest in your company, or your company, or anybody's company if I didn't know you. I'd say, no, I want to know your family. I want to know who you are. I want to know your integrity. I want to know what you're about.

I'd probably want to see you get pissed off once. I'd probably want to see how you handle adversity. I'd probably want to see how you handle the good things. I'd probably want to see if you're selfish, how you handle money. I want to get to know you. And it's when I get to know you, that's when I start to open up my contacts, my connections, my capital.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Ask Yourself: Who has the contacts, connections and capital I need to reach my goals?
  • Notable Quotable: "Your network will determine your net worth."
  • Recommended Reading: Your Network Is Your Net Worth: Unlock the Power of Connections for Wealth, Success, and Happiness in the Digital Age - Porter Gale and Guy Kawaski


-Make sense?

STUDENT: Yeah, absolutely.

-You've got to look at this. I want to make sure you're seeing this here. If you look at it as like this is this big, old, maybe a big, old treasure chest? And in this treasure chest, it's everything you want. You're right here and you want to get here. This treasure chest has the plane ticket.


CLAY CLARK: It has the ticket. It's already been paid for. And if you go in there and you get that ticket, all you need to do is just get that ticket. You take that ticket to that airport. You can fly to your destination.

Boom. Next thing you know you're sipping on margaritas. You're sitting there in a palm tree, underneath a palm tree there. You're surrounded by water. You're on an island of your choice, OK? You're there.


-And all you got to do is get that ticket. Well the key to unlock this-- you've got to unlock this. The key to unlock the three Cs again, which is contacts--


CLAY CLARK: --connections and capital.


TEACHER: So ask yourself, Thrivers, ask yourself.


-Who are the people I need to know-- and dream big-- who have the contacts, the connections, and the capital? Let me give you an example of someone I know who has no contacts but have the connections.


-There was a guy I know who used to work at the United States government. He worked for the US Accountability Office. And he knew me. I knew him. And he doesn't have a lot of contacts, but he called me and he says, hey, we'd like to book you for an event.

Guess what he had? The connection.


-He had the ability to call the shots, to make the call, to hire me. It's a connection.


-He didn't have a lot of contacts, though.


-I know another guy, very good friend of mine. He has zero capital that I can tell, zero, you know, really-- but he has the contacts. He knows everybody who knows everybody.

STUDENT: Uh-huh.

-If you want to get on a reality show, you want to get your company featured in the news, you want to go to dinner with a celebrity, you want to meet this guy, meet that guy, he can just connect the world. And for some reason financially he hasn't really built up a big war chest. He doesn't have a lot of capital. He doesn't really have any authority or decision making power.


-But everyone likes him. But you've got to think about those people, and that right here, because your network-- oh, here it comes. Your network will determine your net worth. OK? Your network will determine your net worth.

So you've got to build that network. But don't be the guy who's out there networking with people. If you network with me, I remember when I owned my DJ company, when I first started my wife and I didn't have any contacts, didn't have any connections, didn't have any capital. If you were networking with me, and you're doing handwritten notes and you're following up, and you're going through the system, and you're doing the dream 100. I'm on the list somehow.

You're serving me. You're following up. You're being pig-headed. Eventually I have to say, look. I literally have no money, no contacts--


- --no connections and no capital. And you're like, oh that was a waste of time. And that's how most networking is. So it really starts with making sure you're only networking to people who have the capacity to help you.

-And is there any good way to weed that list out then?

CLAY CLARK: Sure. That's a great question. Great question.


CLAY CLARK: Great question. What I do is every local community has a magazine.


-So in Tulsa, they have one called Tulsa people. In your town it might be called Wichita people, might be called the Denver people, might be called Boise people, New York people, your local magazine. There's a local-- you gotta find that local magazine, OK?

Then, there are the top advertisers. OK? There's top advertisers. In your community there's probably a guy who markets like you wouldn't believe for car commercials. He's an advertising machine. You see him everywhere.

And then you see these celebrities. And then you see the rich list.


-One, open up that magazine. See who's in there. Go through old issues and pull names out of there.


-Who are they writing stories about? Let's reach those people.


-Second, top advertisers. If they're top advertisers it's probably because they're top, or they want to be top. So that's a good place for you.

Celebrities. Make a list of celebrities that are household names in your community, your city, the country. Because they have the power to change things. Imagine your product right now. Imagine that your restaurant you're working on that's going to do the beer and the coffee.


-What if-- I'm just giving an example. I'm not saying you'd like this. But what if-- you know who Charles Barkley is? He's a basketball player.


-What if Charles Barkley, you met him, and Charles says, I love this place. So he goes there every day.


-Would that affect sales?

STUDENT: I would think so.

-If he talks about it all time when he's on TV, talking about the place, and mentioning it, and tweeting about it, and talking about it.


-Is that going to help you?

STUDENT: Absolutely.

-Now, there's probably other celebrities where you go, I don't want that guy--


- --for endorsing my product. So you have to find it but, again, take your local magazines, look at the top advertisers, look for those celebrities, and then look at a rich list. And that's how I would do it.


CLAY CLARK: Rich list, like who's the wealthiest person in Kansas, the wealthiest person in Missouri. Who the wealthiest Floridian? Who's the wealthiest Oklahoman, that kind of thing.

STUDENT: OK. Perfect.

-Does that bridge the gap for you?

STUDENT: Yeah, absolutely.

-Awesome. Man, I appreciate you. I'm going to give you a boom.



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