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This business coaching session teaches the contractor super moves for dishonesty.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Lesson Nugget: Step #4 - Watch out for the “The Universal Contractor Super Moves for Systematic Dishonesty and Jackassery.”
  • Contractor Jackassery: Super Move #1 - Passive aggressive refusal to ever commit to a price or a deadline.
  • Contractor Jackassery: Super Move #2 - Getting the project started before a price and deadline has been determined.
  • Contractor Jackassery: Super Move #3 - Constant creation of very detailed personal issues.
  • Contractor Jackassery: Super Move #4 - Constant creation of emergencies through failure to plan.

- Okay, step number four, okay? Watch out for the universal contractor super moves for systematic dishonesty and jackassery, okay? Clay, I'm going to read through these and maybe you can tack on a little bit to them, okay? - We'll go rapid fire. These are super moves that have been honed since the time of the Masonic Lodge, the Masonic Temple. For thousands of years, masons and artisans have worked, and they've passed down this oral tradition. The good ones, apparently, became part of the Freemason movement for success. The bad ones just became the dark art of jackassery, which is now a universal language that people all over the world understand, and here we go. - Okay, so the first super move that contractors will try to pull on you is a passive-aggressive refusal to ever commit to a price or a deadline. - It is what it is and that's what it is. Somebody who refuses to give you a deadline or a price, because, well you never know, the cost of materials could go up, the economy with the way it is right now, my guy, I can't get a hold of my guy. My guy was going to do it but he fell off the ladder. I was going to get him on the ladder and then I called him, his wife's having a baby and she's going through some stuff and I'm like boom, do you want me to, do you care more about babies or do you care about your job? And that's what they do a lot, so you just don't get into that whole move. Next one. - Okay, super move number two that contractors will try to pull on you is getting the project started before a price and deadline has been determined. Why is this dangerous, Clay? - Because what happens is they try to get started, hey let's get started, I love your idea. This is the move, I love your vision. Your vision is so good, I love it, I can see it. They say that, because they know that you get excited when people say good things about your business. So, I can see your vision, Augustino, it's just so good, and your wife, she's so nice, and your child, just, I love, where do you teach at again, Augustino? Where do you teach? - At Wichita State. - Yeah, actually my sister's cousin's friend graduated from there. What was your wife's name again? - Bianca. - Oh, yeah, I dated a girl named Bianca, it was a crazy deal, you know, but she, you know, she left me for a better guy, and I always knew right then that I missed out, you know, and you're just the best guy and I love you. Can we get started now? And they just they lull you into that and you're like okay. Next thing you know, now they're started. So now they started, now you don't have any leverage. Don't let them start without a contract. Back to you. - Super move number three. Okay, this is the third super move that contractors try and pull on you, is constant creation of very detailed personal issues. - And I am just saying this because I alluded to it a little bit earlier, but there's usually the deal where they have these really elaborate stories. So it's like, I was going to be there on time on Tuesday, but what happened was I was in traffic, and I was in traffic, when I was there, the highway, it was a big accident, and it was like someone had died. I don't know they died, but it looked like they had died, and I pulled over, and when I pulled over there was this wind, I never felt a wind like that before. And I lost my phone and I could not call you. The new phone I have looks remarkably similar to that phone, and I know I've been gone, and I know I smell like alcohol, but that's not what happened. I saved someone from alcohol addiction on the road, that's why I got in the accident. And you just, you hear it all the time. The more detailed, the more dishonest. I'm telling you, that's how it always is with those stories. And I literally right now, today, I have four different contractors working on projects for me in my own life right now, in my own business, and I use the same people over and over and over and over because everyone else is crazy. - Okay, so super move number four. Okay, super move number four of what contractors will try to pull on you is constant creation of emergencies through failure to plan. - Yeah, so the move is, hey the reason why we can't do the brick right now is because the foundation wasn't cured properly, and so I'm going to need to get another $5,000 from you right now so I can get the brick guy in here tomorrow, and he'll be in here tomorrow to reassess the weight load, and I know that you don't know a lot about bricks, but the rebar is-- and they keep doing this, and what they're doing is they're trying to create these complicated scenarios that you can't possibly understand, thus getting more money. - Yeah. - It's unbelievable. That's why I'm telling you, put that in the contract, but just get it in there. - Okay.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Contractor Jackassery: Super Move #5 - Not showing up to the job site / a.k.a. using your money to fund another project and waiting for someone else’s money to fund your project.
  • Contractor Jackassery: Super Move #6 - Constant use of misused words to create miscommunication.
  • Editor's Note: Lobster Diving
  • Contractor Jackassery: Super Move #7 - Taking advantage of you on the purchase of each and every item by charging insane markups.
  • Editor's Note: Dunrite Plumbing and Remodeling is a team of highly skilled and professional craftsmen.
  • Editor's Note: www.AugustinoBrew.com

- Super move number five, okay the fifth thing that contractors will try and do to you when they're taking a job is not showing up to the job site, AKA using your money to fund another project and waiting for someone else's money to fund your project, okay. - That's huge. They usually require half-down. They take that half and they immediately go finish the job they already are doing using your money. And then they take your money to fund the next project. Then they bring in another client who funds your project and they're always robbing Peter to pay Paul. It is a bad deal, cause they're commingling their accounts. Therefore, if a contractor hasn't been in business for a long period of time, for a big business, I wouldn't touch 'em. - Okay. - Okay, for that specific reason. - For a big business. If you want to use a small company. You know, a new startup, for a big project. Maybe you want to. Break your projects into small contracts. Like a small one, you're just gonna start off by doing the entrance. If that goes well have a contract for the kitchen. If that goes well have a contract for, each one is a separate contract. So you don't get too long in the deal before, you know, you don't want to get stuck with somebody who's terrible, cool. - Super move number six, constantly referencing of the word miscommunication. The sorry miscommunication. - Yeah, I didn't check that email. I didn't know you emailed. I mean I gotta new email address. My phone it got disconnected, you know? My phone it's a weird deal with AT&T. This is one, that one guy said to me. He said literally said this... he died in a lobster fishing accident too, by the way. True story, I kinda want to do a moment of silence. I'm just gonna keep talking, but I do want to reflect in that moment, but he did die in a lobster accident while screwing me. But he said to me, he goes, I go, "Where are you at? "What are you doing?" And he's like, "Oh AT&T cloned my number." Is that even a thing, cloned your number? So what does that mean? He says, "Somebody, they gave them two numbers. "My phone was given to somebody else, my number." "So you're phone number was given to someone else?" "Yeah they got all my calls, and I got all their calls. "They cloned my number." They cloned, I mean that would be two people with the same number. I'm in the background, hearing like these steamboats, not steamboats, but boats andfishing, seals, you hear seawater I remember finally I was like, "Where are you?" I mean, cause you know what I'm talking about. If you're calling from San Francisco, on the beach, it's like In Tulsa it's like Over there it's like And I'm like, "Where are you?" Finally on like the third question he goes, "I'm in San Francisco lobster fishing." "You're lobster fishing?" "Well actually I'm diving for lobster, you go down--" "Really who's doing the job then?" "Well that's the weird deal. "My phone got cloned." "What I did was I let..." I've had that story... I just want give you a bunch so they don't happen to you. I had another story with a guy who we paid to do some remodeling for us and he literally goes, "City shut us down, "city shut us down, they city shut us down. "The city you know how it is with the city, "the city shut us down. "You know with the city, you can't just go up there "and deal with them. It's the city." And I'm like, "Who particularly in the city "has shut you down?" "Well what do you mean?" I'm like, "You said they've shut us down like six times. "What is the name of the person who is shutting you down? "I will talk to them, and I would like to apologize "for not giving you the adequate preparation needed "to be successful. "So what is their name I will call them." "Uh, I don't know." "So you've talked to them every day "but you've never asked their name? "That's interesting." The other move I had was, "I'm in the hospital. "I'm in the hospital. "I've gotta hole, like a hole in my heart." "You have a hole in your heart, really?" And they always do that. "An actual hole?" "Yeah, well it's more of a murmur." "Really, okay, okay. "Well what's the name of the hospital? "I want to come up and I want to bring you food, "and my wife and I'd like to pay you 500 dollars a day "while you're gone as a way to help you get back." "Well we're at home." "Really." "Yeah, we can't afford it." "Really, you're at home with a heart murmur. "Who told you have a heart murmur?" "Uh..." These are things, I'm just telling you, so don't get into that cycle. I'm just telling you this, because this literally, in my lifetime has cost me, and I'm not exaggerating, 400 thousand dollars, and I'm 35, so far. You typically, most small businesses will double their construction costs here. This is like serious. Do not let it happen to you. - Super move number seven, okay. Super move number seven of what contractors will try to pull when they're working with you, is taking advantage of you on the purchase of each and every item by charging insane markups. - So every time they buy an item they just make up the cost and they can't find the receipt. So you stop this by saying, "I would like to personally buy all the items. "I have no problem paying for your labor. "But Augustino's I want to do a draw. "I want to write the check to Lowe's." Then you're going to find you just bought a bunch of Red Bull. You just bought a bunch of chips. You just bought the guy a new nail gun for himself. I mean, and they charge these insane markups and it creates a situation where you're losing money every day. So this is the rules for managing a contractor, and if you will do these, you will apply these diligently. You'll make a little checklist for yourself, and you'll follow that spreadsheet. I promise you'll be okay. - Alright. - And real quick, the company I'm using right now to build out my man cave is called Dunrite Plumbing. They're based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They are very honest, solid dudes. They've been in business for 20 something years, or I want to say 30 years actually. Dan Dunrite's from Brooklyn. He's intense, get's it done. Love that company. I just recommend when you hire someone like a Dunrite or whoever, just get the right people. If you rush into that, every other part of your business will become stressful, okay, cool? - Cool. - Any other questions you have for me about that? - No, that's great. - Augustine, thank you so much for joining us. We've got Augustine Iacopelli here, from Augostino Brewing, www.augustinobrew.com. Best coffee in Wichita, best beer in Wichita, as well. - This is the commercial that I'm trying to pitch for you that I know's not going to work. But it was an idea, some of my best and my worst ideas for your branding ideas. The place you go to get up in the morning and to get down at night, Augustino Brewing. But it's basically coffee in the morning though, right? And it's like a party at night. You've got the alcoholic beverages at night. - You bet. - Coffee in the morning? - Yep. - I'm so excited. By the way if people Google you, they can see that you've actually been featured in the local media. We're so excited for you guys. This is going to be the best year of your life, I know it, and I'm super excited to have you here. - Alright, boom. - Back to you, Marshall. - Boom. - Boom.

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