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This business coaching session teaches about testing with the Crazy Egg.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Lesson Nugget: Testing with CrazyEgg.
  • Lesson Nugget: CrazyEgg is a web analytics service that utilizes “heatmaps” that allow you to see what people are clicking on your website. CrazyEgg helps you to decide what to change and how to pivot to convert more customers.
  • Ample Example:
  • Lesson Nugget: CrazyEgg helps you to decide what to change and how to pivot to convert more customers.

- Alright, Thrivers. We are here now. We are talking about how to analyze some data on your website, and specifically we're playing a little bit of Craig Mack "Flava in Ya Ear" right now, because he has not got any love or any props in probably a decade. Probably because he's not making any music. But anyway, we're talking about testing with Crazy Egg, OK. How to test with Crazy Egg, which I think is a great way to get you flava in your ear. It gives you feedback. Seriously. You can hear it, you can see it, you can feel it. It gives you feedback. You need to get a little bit of flava, a little bit of, like, you know, if you have ever eaten something and it has no flavor. Have you ever done that before? - Sure. Absolutely. - Perhaps you've -- not your mother-in-law, not my mother-in-law, your mother-in-law. You've been over to her house, and you're eating something, and they, "How does it taste, Jason?" And you're going, "Umm... "I think my phone's ringing." And then you just don't come back in. I mean, so, that's kind of like a website where you're not getting any deals. You're getting no feedback. If you're not getting any feedback, you can't fix it. You can't get any, no flavor, you can't really comment. It's just kind of like, "ugh". So here's the deal, I want everybody here to understand, if your website right now, if you have a website and you're not getting the data that I'm showing you right now, this is what's going on. And that's the sound of you getting poor. - [Jason] Yeah. - So, without this, this is the kind of flavor you're getting in your ear right here. And you don't want that kind of flava, because you want this kind of Flava. Yeah. Yeah, OK. That's how it works, so here we're going to get into it now. So, Crazy Egg, we're going to talk about it. OK. Crazy Egg. First off, what the heck is Crazy Egg? Stew, can you explain it to me in kind of like a third-grade way? What is Crazy Egg? - Sure. Crazy Egg is tracking software you can put on your website. It shows exactly what people are doing. Not what you think they're doing, but it shows exactly what they're doing. Where they're clicking, where they're coming from, right? - [Clay] Yeah. - Flavor. - [Clay] Flavor in your ear. And I'm kicking new flavor in your ear. Craig Mack is kicking new flavor in your ear. That's how it's going to sound, versus, Right. So that's the deal. So, let's get into it. So, Crazy Egg is a web analytics service that utilizes heat maps. They're not a sponsor of this program. We use them because they are good. - [Jason] Yeah. - They allow you to see what people are clicking on your website. Crazy Egg helps you decide what to change and how to pivot, pivot, how to pivot to convert more customers. Let me walk you through an example of people who don't pivot. Have you been to the mall, Stew? - [Jason] Yes. Unfortunately, yes. - I know the people in the studio there, these people, they've been to the mall. Have you ever been to the mall, and you ever noticed there's a guy, he's usually a guy, he kinda dresses like Eminem, I used to be that guy. - [Jason] Yeah. He's walking slow. He's got some old-school, you used to wear, like, Lugz, I'm not sure what you're wearing now, but you're walking slow, and you're kinda wearing these weird Bieber pants where they're kinda baggy, but tight. What is that? And you're walking, and you're walking the opposite direction of the traffic. Have you seen this? - Oh, yeah. - Everybody else is walking this way, and then they're walking this way, so you're on the right like you're driving a car. They're walking this way, and they're walking this way in the mall. It's this circular action. You, though, have chosen to walk a different way. Because, you, my friend, are that kind of guy. And you won't pivot, either. So, you're just walking, and you're like... You know. And somebody who's a man, he's usually someone's father -- are you 40? - [Jason] Unfortunately, yeah. I am. - OK, I'm 35, so this is what happens. I'm like, "Hi. How are you, young man." Thank kind of thing, you know? Everybody who's 18 looks like they're seven now to me. But I'm walking, and this guy's like... He won't pivot. And he justand he hits me, and he's like, "Dude, what's up, Dude? "What's up? What's up? Whazzup?" When I'm just going, first off, let's learn to enunciate, my young pal. Whazzup? Whaz? It's like a weird thing that he does. He won't pivot. And he's like, "I -- I swear, I swear. I will -- " And you're just like, calm down, young Eminem. I understand. You're having a problem. It's a little bit of an identity problem right now. Soon you will grow out of it, but the tattoo on your neck will not disappear. So, just, don't get any more. Please. And I know that God can judge you, and all that, just don't put it on your face. Maybe just stop there at the neck, you can wear a collar. The thing is, not pivoting is a bad deal. It doesn't make any sense to not pivot. A lot of us are building a website, we're like, "It is awesome!" No one's paying you, Clay. - [Jason] Yeah. - That doesn't matter! What matter is that it is awesome! And we've got to learn to pivot, and you've got to pivot based off of the data. The data, check it out, this is the kind of haiku you're not going to get, this is the kind of stuff that a brochure domis like myself will give you. The data will tell you what's the matta. - [Jason] Ooh, that's good. - Yeah. And, drinking too much coffee will cause you problems with your bladda. - Anyway, moving on, alright. And cake will make you fatta, and that's all I got. So, anyway, moving on.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Things you can learn from Crazyegg: Is your site’s design clear or confusing? Does your customer know what to do?
  • Truth Cannon:

- That's what happens when you just play enough Craig Mack. But the thing is you've got to get the data. So what kind of data can we get? Is your site's design clear or confusing? Does your customer even know what to do? - Yeah. - So let's pull up a crazy egg, again, let's kind of zoom in from a crazy egg. Screenshot so we can see, can we kind of zoom in there? Okay, so it'll show you specifically where people are clicking on your site. Imagine that's your website. - [Stu] Yeah. - [Clay] We have downloadables, we'll send these to you. Okay, thrivers? We have downloadables and it'll show you how many people are clicking on your site. So you see it there on the top left. It's red, it says direct. That's how many people typed in your domain, directly. - [Stu] Yeah. - [Clay] Then once they came to your domain, where did they click? And every time you see a little red dot, that's where they clicked. So, how many people came to your website from quicksprout.com? Whatever the heck that is. Well, apparently if they click it, it's going to show up orange. How many people went to your site as a result of Aweber! That's your mass mailing, email program. You see it in the green right there. So you emailed people, 249 people came to your site as a result of that. But where did they click? - [Stu] Right. - If you don't see any patterns, you've got to start to realize I don't know what I'm doing. - [Stu] Yeah. - Now Crazy Egg has four different views you can do and I'm just going to go through a couple of them to help you but we'll have specific more detailed screenshot by screenshot training. If you type in crazy egg - okay? Heatmap. Love the heatmap because it shows you patterns. So it shows you look, everyone is clicking right on this portion of the website, it's getting kind of hot here. High pressure, low pressure. It's like you're watching the weather channel. - [Stu] Yeah. - [Clay] Little bit of high pressure coming in from the South and from the North we got a little bit of low pressure coming. You can start to see, though, patterns forming. - [Stu] Yeah. - [Clay] And there's this thing called the triangle, which we'll have other trainings on. But if you click up at the top, second to the top left, the one called guardian right there. ♫ To the Left! To the Left! - [Stu] Yeah. - [Clay] ♫ To the right! Sorry. Okay, now right here, if you notice there's a little triangle. People tend to congregate on the left side of the site and the top. - [Stu] Yeah. - [Clay] Now, if they're in China. - [Stu] Right. - [Clay] We actually have a lot of thrivers in China, right now and I have the national anthem ready to go. No offense to anyone in China, but I do have this song ready to go at any point should communism catch on. As a general rule I like to build walls to keep people out. - [Stu] Yeah. - Not in. - [Stu] Yeah, that's true. - But, anyway, one more time. I digress. So you'll notice people tend to click upon the left and down. - [Stu] Yeah, western. Western. - [Clay] Western. - [Stu] Yeah. - [Clay] Because people read in America and the other Americas, to quote George Bush: "People from America and the other Americas". - [Stu] 'murika! - [Clay] Americas tend to, anyway, they tend to read from the left. And down. - [Stu] Right. - [Clay] Left to right. Top down. - [Stu] Yep. - [Clay] So if you're in a different country, I just want to say if you are used to reading from right to left or up-down it's going to be a little different. If you're reading like, if you're a Klingon, Klingons tend to just read like a whole page. But anyway, the thing is, you just want to look at the data and you want to put your most important stuff, where? In this case, to the left and down. I mean there's just patterns you can see, okay? - [Stu] Right. - [Clay] Very important. They also have this thing that's called a scroll map. - [Stu] Yeah. - [Clay] And the scroll map allows you to scroll up and down and up and down and up and down. And up. And down. And up. And down! And up! And down, one, too! And up, and down. Oh, yeah! And oh! Oh man! I can't stop playing that song. It's so good. If you scroll down, you'll notice less people are clicking down and why do you think less people click on the down key? Why are less people clicking down low? Despite the Isley Brothers, "Down Low", keep it on the down low references we could be making right now cause we have so much musical references going on right now. Why are people not clicking on the down low? - Honestly? - [Clay] Yes. - They're lazy. They don't want to do the effort. They don't want to scroll. - [Clay] Judger. - I'm sorry. But it's true. - Thrivers, the chemistry that we have is one that I would call two parts disrespect mixed with one part hate for people. - [Stu] Yes. - And those three parts are what you're getting right now. - [Stu] It's true. - People don't scroll down. - [Stu] Right. - So I see a lot of business owners make the mistake of doing, what do you see, Stu? What's the mistake of how they organize their data? Where do you see the screw up here? - Yeah, well, they make the wrong priority decisions. They don't put their most important stuff at the top. - Have you ever tried explaining to me that having 17 things on a webpage is counter prioritization. - [Stu] We have had that conversation a couple of times. - We had it today. We had it yesterday. And I'm like, "We see 17 buttons, 18 widgets under all these words!" - Yeah. - He's like which one's the main important thing? They're all important! - Yeah. - I disagree with the question. - These are all things I've said, thrivers. I'm just trying to help you. - If everything's important, nothing's important. - That's why, typing in all caps on email doesn't work. - [Stu] That's true.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Things you can learn from Crazyegg: Is your navigation text clear and easy to understand?
  • Things you can learn from Crazyegg: Is the contact information super obvious and easy to find?
  • Things you can learn from Crazyegg: Are customers clearly following your funnel?

- Okay, so moving on here. Is the contact information super-obvious and easy to find? You'll find out on Crazy Egg if people can find it. - [Voiceover] Right. - A lot of people, you'll notice they're clicking, so let's pull up EITRLounge.com. That's the men's grooming lounge that I'm a part of. Not that I'm trying to sell you a haircut, but seriously if you're in Tulsa, just come on and get your hair cut. Not that I'm trying to sell you, but seriously, if you were in Tulsa, that is the best place. People click the heck out of our top right, right there. "First time? Start here." Why? Stew? - 'Cause it says "First time? Start here." - It's the biggest button, too. Stew helped us on this. Whatever the action is that people are looking for, people are looking for the contact information. We're talking to them, check it out. We were talking to real customers, asking them, also tracking the data, and we made it big. You know what? It's been a game changer. I'm not gonna give Stewart any praise, because as his life coach, I taught him these things, no, but seriously, he had great insight that allowed us to do that, which is why I'm... so amazing for having chosen to bring him on our team. With all do respect, moving on. Next, is your navigation text clear and easy to understand? - Right. - Why does it have to be clear and easy to understand? I'll tell you why. Editor, please take out the words I'm going to say, and please put some sort of black over my mouth, and play some sort of sounds ready so you can't hear the website that I'm saying to go to. Let me get ready here. Stew, please go to... Block it out, don't want anyone to know what I'm doing. This, right here. We can't let people see what we're talking about. We kinda make it blurry. - [Stew] That is hot. - [Voiceover] That's hot. Have you ever been to the state fair? - [Stew] Yes. - In Oklahoma, a lot of people have a lot of... The state fair, a lot of people say at the state fair people think of Oklahoma, and they go, isn't Oklahoma just one big state fair? This is what happens at the Oklahoma state fair. "Hi, Serge, ya gotta deep-fried, ya wanna deep-fried corn dog?" "No, I'm on a diet, I'll do the funnel cake. I won't do the deep-fried corn dog, 'cause I'm on a diet, but I will do the funnel cake." And you'll see a lady, you'll see a guy she's with, she's usually attractive lady, you know, she's with a guy who's, you know, he's got a shirt on that he should not be wearing ever. He's like, hey, I'll wear this shirt 'cause it shows my arms, and he's got a tattoo where it's... that thing, where he's got the whole tanning thing going, where the tan has stopped, looks like he has a shirt on. The farmer's tan, you know. He's like, "Hey, Babe, how do I look?", and she's like "Baby, you look good," and he's like, "All right, let's go to the fair." And he goes to the fair, and he's like, "Well I'm gonna go get one of them corn dogs, there. Let me get some BluBlocker." She's buying BluBlocker, the glasses at the fair. "Let me get ya one of them juicer demos. I love them juicer demos. Let's buy some big 'ol... let's buy some deep-fried something, let's get a bird feeder. Where the hell's the bird feeder? Let me find... All I want is a bird feeder and some deep-fried... You know what I'm saying, Babe?" And he's just got that shirt he's wearing. What's the point? The point is, is that that shouldn't happen. The thing is this website shouldn't happen. The thing is that sometimes the contact information shouldn't have the navigation bar so crazy. It shouldn't happen, but your friends are like, you know, "Hey, Leroy, you look good, man." "I know seriously, dude, how do I look?" "I don't know. Let's pay $15 to hop in a photo booth. Why don't we get one of those ski lifts and take that all across the park. We'll get photos together, 'cause I love the way you look, Leroy." "Well that's good, Cletus." That's just the how it is, and that's not how all of Oklahoma is. It's just most of Oklahoma. Just kidding, seriously, but it's true. Go to the state fair. Okay. So where are people clicking? What are they doing? These are questions we should ask. Crazy Egg will teach us. Our customers clearly following. It's easy for me to say that. Our customers clearly following our funnel. Why didn't you write it that way? Our customers clearly following your funnel. What does that mean? - Well, when you design a site, you think people are gonna behave a certain way. You think they're gonna go to this button, and that button. You're gonna be wrong. You're gonna have to pivot. - [Voiceover] Almost every time. - You're gonna have to make changes. You'll have to continually tweak that and dial that in.

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