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This business coaching lesson teaches how to create a Level 10 meeting agenda.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Today's Topic: The Ultimate Agenda | 9 Super Moves To Transform Your Meetings
  • Notable Quatable: "Meetings that don’t resolve problems are a waste of time. The Level 10 Meeting Agenda incorporates the psychology of what makes for great weekly meetings, forcing you to look at and address what is most important, solving your issues as they arise."
    -Gino Wickman
    (Founder of EOS Worldwide, a leadership team development company based in Livonia, Michigan aimed at the small business and entrepreneurial community. )
  • Mystic Statistic: “73 percent of professionals admit to doing unrelated work in meetings and 39 percent even dozed off in meetings.”
    -Dave Johnson
    (CBS Money Watch)
  • Editor's Note: Please be sure to not bring your cellphones, laptops or any non-essential items while attending Clay Clark's meetings...
  • 10 Super Moves For the Level 10 Meeting Agenda: SUPER MOVE 1 - Have an Agenda SUPER MOVE 2 - Segue SUPER MOVE 3 - Scorecard SUPER MOVE 4 - Rock Review SUPER MOVE 5 - Customer / Employee Headlines SUPER MOVE 6 - To-Do Lists SUPER MOVE 7 - Identify. Discuss. Solve. SUPER MOVE 8 - Conclude SUPER MOVE 9 - Meeting Rating (1 to 10)

- [Voiceover] Three, two, one. - You have to have an agenda, but you have to start on time. It's ridiculous. You have to start on time. - All right, Thrivers, we are back. We are live-broadcasting in 44 countries now, worldwide. We're excited to be joined with Clay Clark, Claytron. And Jose Miranda. Thank you guys for being here today. We're talking about the ultimate agenda, Clay. So break this down. Why do most Thrivers, A, have terrible meetings, and B, why do they need to use this, kind of, this ultimate agenda here? - Okay, first off, on behalf of the Thrivers, I don't know you're talking about. The other people, people who are on Lynda.com have terrible meetings. Thrivers, we have great meetings. So this video is for people who are on Lynda.com who are sneaking in right now. Because I know our Thrivers have perfect meetings. But anyway, back to how to do this. It's so important, because what happens is, when you are trying to grow a business, you're gonna start to have more than one person in your business. Two people, three people, four people, five. And I used to do this, so I'm not ripping on you, because I've been there before, but you will start to have some seriously awkward, painful, slow, low-energy, terrible meetings that no one wants to be at. And so, what I have been is, I've been done consulting for years, a company will ask me to come in and observe them in their meetings, or they'll say, "Yeah, I don't know what the deal is. "People aren't getting anything done." I'll say, "Can I come and watch one of your meetings?" And I'll go, and they start late, no one has a plan. At no point is there a point. It just drifts around, it's terrible, people don't wanna be there, people are texting while the meeting's going on, and nothing gets done. And so that's just what you don't want. So that's you, and I know it's not you, because you're a Thriver. And if you are a Thriver, I understand you're just going through a dark patch right now, and you're just learning some of these skills. But if you're a definite Lynda.com subscriber and you're having a hard time, I get you. We're here to help you. - Now, we're talking about this level 10 meeting agenda for any Thriver, or anybody watching across the world that doesn't know, this is from Gino Wickman's book, Traction, okay? So why are you so passionate about this book? Why is this such an important, you know, core concept for the Thrivers to learn? - Well, Gino Wickman, his book is transformative. It's called "Traction", it's fabulous. I know lots of entrepreneurs who've used the system. I personally endorsed the system, it's a great system. And what Gino has broken it down into some very specific things you need to do to get traction in your business. A lot of times, people they think like, "I don't need to "read a book about how to lead a meeting. "I'm above that. "I need to focus on bigger problems." But this is a big problem for people. How to lead an effective meeting, so this book teaches you how to do it and we're gonna break it down here for you. Give you a little bit context to it, a little bit of meat to it, and some examples and we're gonna, hopefully, everybody will finish this training empowered on how to go out there and lead the next meeting properly. - Now, Clay, I have a mystic statistic prepared for us. - Unleash the beast. - Okay, I have a mystic statistic, how big this problem is, it says, "A feature that was published by CBS Moneywatch "called, 'How much do useless meetings cost?'" It showed 73%, 73% of professionals admit to doing unrelated work in meetings and 39% even dozed off in meetings. - I just have to say, I can't say the words I wanna say, because they're curse words and so I have to think of a different way to say it. But I hate it, I hate when people come to meetings, and aren't physically there, and mentally, not present. I hate it. If you're watching this and you come to one of my meetings and you're on your freaking laptop, typing about your whatever, I am pissed. You can't be typing in meetings, you can't be on your email in your meetings, you can't have your head in your rectum when in a meeting. You have to be focused on getting something done. And then end the meeting as soon as possible, because what happens is, I go to these meetings, and I was watching somebody, and they were like, typing the whole time, typing, click-click, click-click, click-click-click-click, type-type and then they go, "What do you think, Greg?" They'll say, "Greg, what do you think?" And Greg will say, "What?" Then Greg won't know what's going on, and so then Greg will say something stupid like, "Yeah, I pretty much, overall, agree." And I just hate that crap. It's a layer of BS, so I would stay a step ahead of this agenda is, ban cell phones from the meetings, ban laptops from the meetings, ban anything not essential for getting stuff done. Otherwise, it's just a complete waste of time. - [Jose] The man has preached. I'm gonna take an offering right now. - [Clay] It just frustrates me, so I'm serious. I normally don't get this irate this quickly. - [Jose] So you mean I cannot take the phone while you're talking in a meeting? - [Clay] This is what happens! - [Jose] I can't order pizza? - I literally was at a meeting, this is what? Right before Christmas, I'm at a guy's business. He said, "Because it's Christmas, could you come to my "business the day before?" So I go out to his business, and I'm not kidding. In his meeting, he's taking sales calls from potential customers while someone's trying to explain an idea. He was like, "Wait a minute, wait a minute." He just, and then the other person's, it's just stupid, so we need to just ban cell phones and the email and laptop. Just get rid of all that crap and focus on having a good meeting. - So we're gonna get into it, we have nine super moves here that break down the level 10 meeting for all the Thrivers, okay? So the super moves are one, have an agenda, and we're gonna get into all of these, okay, Clay? Super move number two is segue, okay? Number three, a score card. Number four, the rock review, number five, customer-employee headlines. Number six, to-do lists, number seven, identify, discuss and solve. Number eight, conclude and number nine, a meeting rating, okay? So we're gonna break these nine down systematically here, for them. - [Clay] Do it.

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