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This business coaching course teaches the steps to creating an operations manual.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Today's Guest: Thriver of the Month - Augustine Iacopelli
  • Editor's Note: Augustine is turning a business idea into reality and now wants to know how to knock out that nitty and gritty task of creating an operations manual.
  • Augustino Brewing in the works for west or north side: Augustino Brewing will be a combination brewery and coffeehouse.

- You gotta understand, like, you're writing this operations manual to create an ideal, a guardrail for you and your team. - Thrivers, welcome back! We are here broadcasting live to 45 countries around the world. We are joined today with Clay Clark, aka the White Moose. We got Clay, and we got Augustine Iacopelli, did I do well, did I do well? - You got it. - Okay, one of our Thrivers of the month, he's having massive success in his business from things that he's learned on Thrive15.com, Augustine, Welcome! - Good to be here again! - Awesome! Clay, what are we talking about today? - Well, specifically, and I'm gonna use my little tool here, it's probably gonna be just awkward and terrible moment. So he had this idea right up here in this little cloud-ski going on, a lot of Thrivers have this idea, you know, thunderbolts, ♫ Thunderbolts of lighting ♫ Very, very frightening the ♫ Galileo ♫ Galileo magnifico ♫ You know, you're very excited, you have this idea, but at no point did it turn into reality. Now seven months later, your idea, you're down here talking about, "How do I write an operations manual?" And nothing can be more boring than to talk about how to write an, that means you're doing something, because once, here's the thing is, I meet these entrepreneurs at these coffee shops, no disrespect for your business but, coffee shops and they're like, "What I wanna do is I wanna change the world "and I wanna be successful, I just have a vision." And I'm like, but you know they're not actually gonna, they're not into it yet, but I know you're into it. I know we're gonna be showing up, what's the name of the place? - [Augustine] Augustino Brewing. - And because you've had a feature, we'll put the feature up on the screen here. You've been featured in, what was the media publication? - It was the Wichita Eagle, and then we got picked up in the Wichita Business Journal briefly as well. - So, I mean, you've been featured there a little bit, talking about your new business, and explain, briefly, what your business model is so all the people in Wichita can get out there, and then we're gonna get into operations manual. - You bet. It is going to be a brewery and coffee shop, with fast casual dining. So, you'll be able to get your fix in the morning on the way to work. We're gonna have a drive-through, so easy, through the drive-through, grab your coffee, head on to the office. - [Clay] Boom! - And after a nice long day, you can come on back and do your beer thirty. - Awesome, awesome. Now here's the thing is we're gonna teach how to make an operations manual, because that's what you need to do! - [Augustine] You bet. - So we're gonna get into all the nitty-gritty specifics, but Thrivers you're going, "Why would anyone want to watch a video about "a operations manual?" Because he actually is building a business, it's not a theory at this point, this is real talk. Taking it from the cloud, turning it into the operations manual. Marshall, back to you! - Okay, so we're going to get into the operations manual, and the training program and these are gonna just rock your world. So let's get into it.

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