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This business coaching episode explains how to cultivate personal and team success.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Lesson Nugget: Emotions have the power to put things in motion. Direct your emotions in the way you want to go.
  • Myth: "There is enough business out there for everyone"

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-There is a lady named Lori Montag, who started the Slapwatch and the Zanybandz. She sold $60 million of products. And I remember, I pulled her aside. She was a mentor of mine early on, and I said, Lori, a lot of the other DJ companies are really getting upset. And she said, honey, entrepreneurship is just a game, and you're playing to win, and I just want you to know there is not enough business in town for all of us. There's only enough business in town for me.

And so she said, as long as you keep that in mind that there's not enough business for everyone, there's just enough business for you, you're going to upset people, but you're going to win. And she said, you just have to have that mentality. This is kind of that time right now for you. Are you going to-- because my competitors-- I was so far ahead of them, that they started doing some cheap shots to try to get ahead.

-Well, you're cheating. You're cheating probably.

-Right, and so Lori was like, listen, this is a game, and as long as you're in the game, you have to play to win, or you need to get out of the game.

-Well, she couldn't have been more right, and it's another myth bomb. It's in the book. There's enough business out there for everyone. If you hear someone say that, they're not a competitor. They're not a winner. There is not enough business out there for everyone. If there is, then why are we all competing for the same people?

I'm sure that if I ask you for your business, a few other insurance agents have done it, too. There's a competition. If there was enough out there for everyone, we wouldn't be asking the same people.

-It is awesome. I am pumped up. I almost need to interview you every day just take me do that unicorn level of pumped-upness. I can just float off to other planets right now. It's unbelievable.

Now, what activities do you do on a daily basis to stay in this mindset? Because I have interacted with you on probably a half dozen, dozen times, something like that, and you're always bringing it. You just bring it. It's like how do you bring it in and then bring it again and then bring it again? What you do on a daily basis, [INAUDIBLE] to stay positive?

-What's funny is, and I don't know if this is going to answer your question directly, but this is what keeps me competitive. This was what keeps me going. Steve Jobs said this, "we did not do market research on the iPad. It's not the consumers job to know what they want." I would say that's how I run my business.

I'm always trying to think about what you want, what you would need, and throughout conversation with you, trying to think about how you would respond before you actually respond. So Steve Jobs was a million years ahead when he said that why would we want to market research something we know they want? We created it by watching them. We created it by studying the habits.

We didn't have to necessarily go put this product out to see if it would work. We know it's going to work. We designed it off of watching you.

-Is there a book or an audio book or a movie or anything that just really has helped you get this mindset at all, anything specific?

-Since we just talked about Steve Jobs, that book's phenomenal. Now, that's an idea book. That's a book to where when you read it you go, wow, I never thought about it that way.

-The book that's written by Walter Isaacson with the white cover?

-Yes, it's about Steve Jobs. It's got his picture on it. But, for mindset, I'm going to share a book with that you might not have heard of before.

-OK, I'm ready.

-It's by the author Joe Jordan, and it's called "Living a Life of Significance," and there's two editions of that book. This guy's a phenomenal speaker to the emotion of people. And when you're an entrepreneur, or you're in sales, you've got to understand that emotion is the interaction between you and your client. They want to know that you really care that there's a value. So if you read that book, I guarantee that within minutes of reading that book you'd think just a little bit different.

-So we're going to actually put these two books on the screen here. We're going to put up the Walter Isaacson and Steve Jobs book, and we're going to also add up the Joe Jordan book called "Living a Life of Significance."

I've heard it said, I believe this, that emotion is what puts things in motion. Do you believe that?

-I believe that if you want to win it does.

-You are just a treasure trove of great information here, and are you licensed to sell insurance in other states or just Oklahoma?

-I'm just licensed to do business in the state of Oklahoma.

-OK, if you're like in Iowa right now, you might want to just consider moving to Oklahoma just to buy some insurance to get a half hour of power with you. It's unbelievable.

-Or at least come across the border for a couple of minutes.

-Yeah, get your fireworks and head on-- no, don't do that. If you took your fireworks and brought them on back, that's you being crazy. That's not me suggesting it. So, hey, Brian, I appreciate you more than you know. Thank you for sharing, my friend.

-Appreciate it. Thank


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