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This business coaching lesson teaches about customer and employee headlines.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Super Move #5: Customer / Employee Headlines
  • Lesson Nugget: Customer and employee headlines keep everyone in the organization informed of the successes happening in your company.
  • Lesson Nugget: There is always some type of "win" you can find in your company to share with your team.
  • Lesson Nugget: Headlines are positive reports that have happened with an employee, a customer, or both that keeps everyone motivated.
  • Lesson Nugget: Keep your headlines brief and to the point for efficiency and do not make them lengthy.

- ♫ Break it down ♫ Break ♫ - Super Move number five. Customer-employee headlines. Spend about five minutes for the meeting on employee and customer headlines. What is that, Clay? - Where you're saying something good about a customer, like a customer, "Hey, this week, we had a good subscriber from UPS "who said this about their learning experience." Cool! "Hey, this week, we had a customer who is in," and these are just real examples I'm trying to think of recently on actual Thrive15.com. We had a lady who sent in this thing about how she's learning how to manage people effectively and how it's just changed her life. You wanna share those headlines because the guys in the editing department might not know of the successes that the customer service team is seeing, or the guys in sales might not know of the wins in the editing department. So you want to go around the room and you want to kind of get those wins, those headlines, and these are the kind of things I get excited about. Once the business has got to a point of no longer a startup, where you're kind of in that, in your profitability, or you're actually breaking even, you're kind of solvent, that's when you wanna start doing that, you know? - OK, 'cause I was gonna ask you, if a Thriver's asking, "But Clay, Marshall, Jose, I just started my business "just a couple of days ago, weeks ago, "what do you do in between that "to actually do this Super Move number five?" What else can you do? Obviously, you're not gonna make something up but, well, maybe you can, I don't know, but what do you suggest some Thrivers do if they're in that stage right now, in between? - Well, the reason why you do this is you do wanna have headlines, if you can, every week, you wanna do that. That's why we have our Monday morning meetings and our daily meetings and those kind of things. You have to find some sort of wins. Sometimes it's tough, 'cause I remember building the DJ company, and there's nothing really good going on. - [Jose] Right, what do you then? - So what you do is you start to go, "I think I'm a negative person." I mean, if nothing good. So you have to, that mindset, it forces you to think about what is a headline, so I remember thinking, I remember specifically going, "Well, you know one thing we did this week "is we finished our new checklists, "and those things look awesome, "and our new ad, our new Yellow Page ad we're launching, "that thing looks awesome." - So you turned it in, what I'm hearing you say, into the business versus like a customer that came in until that begins to happen. - You have to have some sort of employee or a customer headline, or both, where it's a headline, something positive, some news flash, "This just in, boom. "This just in from our sales department, "we have made a thousand calls last week, "we did not book anything, but we did make a thousand calls, "this just in." And you go, - [Jose] Awesome. - [Clay] OK, that's a headline, you know? All right, and you wanna have something. - So customer and employee praise reports, it's the headlines to really keep people motivated, educate everybody in the organization, what's going well. - And our main man, Gino, talks about this. You want a headline, you don't want a whole, big old thing, and a lot of times, employees, teammates, managers, bosses, everyone, they start to go, "But let me tell you what happened, here's the headline." Well, really, I gotta set the story up. No, really, really, before I get into it, I gotta be honest. - 20 minutes later. - And you're like, at some point, you have to get into it. - Call it the Reader's Digest version. - [Clay] The headline, boom!

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