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This business coaching lesson teaches about customer reviews.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Action Steps to get reviews: 4. Ask your customers to write a review.
  • Hammer This Home:
  • Recommended Reading:
    -by James L. Heskett, W. Earl Sasser, & Leonard A. Schlesinger
  • 5 Categories of customers: 1. Apostle
  • 5 Categories of customers: 2. Loyalist
  • 5 Categories of customers: 3. Mercenary
  • 5 Categories of customers: 4. Terrorist
  • Boom:
  • Bumper Sticker Car: If you pull up to this car, just keep looking straight ahead.
  • 5 Categories of customers: 5. Hostages
  • Ample Example:
  • Lesson Nugget: You want reach out to the Apostles (promoters) to write your reviews.

- So, one you register your business. Two, you gotta get those photos out there. Three, you gotta make sure that you optimize the actual description of your business there. Now, look at Oxi Fresh, he's got good images in there. Look at that. Let's click at some of those images. Some of those images are spectacular. That's the logo. That's the brand. That's one of the models, taking photos. It's their company, okay. Step number four, so, so important you do this, you need to go out there and ask your customers to write a review. Now, don't be an idiot, don't ask the guy who just said I hope that you die slow, 'cause the way you messed up my haircut today makes me. Don't go, is there anyway you can write a review? I know people, I've literally talked to people, probably not you, but someone else, business owners over the years consulting, and they're like, I just feel that it's unethical to not ask everyone. Well, you are hitting your head with a dumb stick. You need to just You need to stop that. So, just ask customers who you know that like you. Ask them to write a review 'cause the trolls are gonna write the reviews, let me tell you. They wake up at two in the morning going, I have been wrongfully terminated from my job. Did you see that review, that we read? It was such crap. So, let's go back to those reviews. You can tell if it's a real review, by the way. For the Elephant In The Room, lets look at our Elephant In The Room reviews because the real reviews, scroll down. Yeah, this is a real one. EITR is my new favorite place to go for a haircut. The atmosphere is relaxing, the complementary beer craft is cold, and barbers are very talented. You can't go wrong. 'Cause he's got crap going on. He's not gonna sit there and write a four page dissertation. Who does that?! The trolls. So, it's very important, you got to go out there and get a hundred reviews. - And you saying, people are more apt to negatively review on their own. Make their own decision to have a negative review. You have to encourage positive reviews. - Right, ask for it. - Just somebody who's listening to this right now, can you put this up on the screen? It's a book called the Service Profit Chain by Harvard. They break customers up, into five different categories. I apologize because I have this thing called The Curse of Knowledge, I've been reading about. Where I forget what I used to not know, so I want to make sure we're getting this. There's five customer categories. The top one is called the loyalist, I'm sorry the apostle, so you can put that down. Category number one is the apostle. That is a sick freak who will follow you, unpaid, to death. AKA Jesus had apostles, people who worked, unpaid to promote the cause of Christ. These are like your top 10%. The second area, is the loyalist. That's like your middle 50% of your customers. They're like, I'm loyal to you, but I'm not gonna promote you. Then, the next level is a mercenary. They're like, oh something's on sale, I'm loyal. Something's not on sale, I'm not loyal. Is there anyway I can get a better deal? That's a mercenary. Then the next level, this is kind of where it gets a little crazy. This right here is a terrorist. They hate you, and their spouse, and the government. They're the kind of person who's like, you know what, I do believe in capitalism, yeah. I believe in it because the system's inherently flawed, it doesn't even matter if I vote, and that's why I put all these bumper stickers on my car. That's the person, I call it the bumper sticker meter. If you have bumper stickers on your car, and you're a really nice person, I apologize. It's a calculation, it's almost scientific, that for every two bumper stickers you have, it equals one rage point. So, if you have 50, you're like So, if you pull up next to a guy - [Co-host] That is so true. - You pull up next to a guy, and he has like 50, just look ahead. If you stop in traffic, don't go 'cause he'll be like, what are you looking at? I'll be like oh God. Then, the final group is the hostages. That's when they have to use you because there's no other alternatives. That's what we all are for the USPS. We have to use the USPS. I want to buy stamps somewhere else. I go in and it's quiet, and I'm going can you guys just get some overhead music. There's a little lady, always a lady at the on we have here. She goes, sir you'll need to step back in line, and there's no demarcation of where the line is. I'm like, okay, where is the line? Sir... Then, you'll be there and we're a huge line, and she won't even acknowledge anyone is there. She's just like, well I'll tell you what, Meg, I do, no, I don't agree. I mean, I'll tell you what, I am swamped. What do you girls want to eat? Everyone's in line. Just USPS, we're all hostages. What you want to do, go ahead and make that list of your customers in your database, and you want to reach out just to the, take a guess. - [Co-host] Apostles. - Right 'cause they'll write positive things, and they will promote your business. Their called promoters, if you read the Harvard case study called the Net Promoter Score. Someone said, Clay, you just mentioned two case studies. - [Co-host] Man, knowledge bomb. Boom. - That wasn't good, that wasn't very good. - [Co-host] That was a low bomb. - It was weak. Okay, but anyway, you have the Service Profit Chain. Break your customers into those five categories, only go after apostles. Net Promoter Score, also a Harvard case study. Those are called promoters, people who promote you. That's what they are, people who love your business.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Action Steps to get reviews: 5. Formulate an email, a text, and a call script for asking for reviews.
  • Editor's Note: To obtain the FREE downloadable email us at: info@thrive15.com
  • Lesson Nugget: A. Positive reviews build trust with potential customers. B. If you have negative reviews it’s important to generate positive reviews to overcome the negative.
  • Feelin It Like A Petting Zoo:
  • Lesson Nugget: C. Google Reviews are more visible than ever on search results. D. Google Reviews are a proven factor in SEO ranking.
  • Editor's Note: Email us your questions to: info@thrive15.com or call 1-800-594-4457

- And then rule #5. Formulate an email, and a text, and a call script for asking for reviews. Formulate an email, a text, and a call script, and guess what, Thrivers, guess what? What, what is it? I know that's weird. I just asked myself a question, and got excited about it. We have an actual downloadable for you of what I actually send out to real customers and it works. - [Voiceover] Yeah. Powerful. - So you gotta do it. Now you have not because you asked not, not trying to get biblical. I know some people are watching this, and they're going, "I don't even like the Bible. That book is the worst thing in the world and I just... I'm sorry, the thing is, you have not because you ask not. It's a principle that's universal. The universe does not wake up with this burning desire to pay you. You've gotta get off of your ass and ask people. - You're blessed assurance. - Yes, you're blessed assurance. You gotta get off your buzzard. All this Christian Bible about humor. If anyone is watching and have no idea what we're talking about, it's probably better if you don't. But anyway the thing is, we just want to encourage you, that's how you go and get reviews. Now, Stewart, you and I've seen this before. We've worked with hundreds of companies together. How often have you seen it where people get organic positive reviews just as a result of just being awesome. - Just being awesome, I don't know, 5% at the most, not that many. - I feel like you have to be a sick freak of awesome. So let me tell you the kind of people who get awesome, awesome reviews. I went to the Bieber concert, and I go there, and we can say what we wanna say about the guy, but his performance was on fire. He knocked it out. He was so good, 'cause he sat down and played an acoustic version. A lot of people who are kind of passive fans, they don't know he can actually play the guitar. - [Stewart] Yeah, he's a prodigy, man. - He sits down and he does a segment where he plays on the drums, and he's just awesome. So people without even being asked, were like, I am amazed. So I wanna go up there and write great reviews. If you do well, you'll get more organic reviews, but you still won't get enough to counteract the trolls. I've got four little parting shots I wanna share about reviews. Positive reviews are going to build a trust with potential trust with customers. If you have negative reviews, it's important to generate positive reviews that are gonna eventually kinda overtake the negative. - [Stewart] That's true. - And who in hell hasn't screwed up? I mean, just throwing it out, I got these biblical stories that I keep doing, and I'm sorry. It's where I'm at right now. - [Stewart] It's coming from here. - But Steven, you know the guy we threw rocks at him, we stoned him? [ Stewart] We stoned him to death. - 'Cause, you know, Steven, they're like, "That's it." and they're just throwing rocks at him, I always kinda liked, "Hey, who's blameless, you know, cast the first stone. On reviews, customers know if you have 50 reviews and four negatives, you're human. You're real. It's a business. Calm down. Third is, Google reviews are more visible than ever on search results. Google has made them priority. They're top now. And the fourth, is Google reviews are a proven fact you're an SEO ranking. This will affect your actual search engine ranking, and that's the real talk. So, Stew, do you have something you wanna add there, my friend? - [Stew] No, man, that's good, that's good. It's about trust and credibility. That's what reviews are all about. - For some reason, the song "How Will I Know" by Whitney Houston is stuck in my brain. Just right now it's where I'm going. "How will I know if it's working? How will I know?" How will I know if they really love me? How will I know if... - You will know them by their reviews, right? - Yeah, you're gonna get those reviews, and I think so many people are like, "Well I don't know if I should ask my customers." You have to do it. You gotta get those reviews. - While you're warming up your vocal chords for that next song, I'm gonna tell you Thrivers that if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at info@thrive15.com, and if you don't want to email, you can call 1-800-594-4457. One of our great customer service representatives will be happy to answer your questions. We prefer the email. We're here to serve you, here to see you succeed, and remember, that's how to get positive reviews to allow your website to make you money.

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