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This business coaching episode is about the values associated with providing exceptional customer service.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Lesson Nugget: If you WOW your customers, they will be happy to pay you and even pay you more!
  • Ask Yourself: Am I doing the unexpected to help create apostle customers?
  • Ask Yourself: What skills/resources do I have that can be an addition of value to what I offer?

customer service training from disney world

-Well, I'm going to be real. Landscapers have reputation for peeing on your lawn. You hire them. They pee on your lawn.

-Well, it's OK. I do that too.

-But someone else's lawn, I guess. The customer's lawn. They have a reputation for wearing pants that don't fit. You would say if you were in a landscaping company, you would make sure that the people showed up looking sharp?

-I would put them in a uniform.

-In a uniform.


-OK. Now in this customer service training let's pretend that I'm a contractor watch this. I fix walls. I build walls. I build kitchens. What could I do to wow customers and to create viral apostles?

-Well, a lot of it's the extra things. What extra things are you doing for them? For example-- and I'm not a contractor.


-So if I had somebody coming in to repair a hole in the wall and yet I look over there and there's another small hole because I have six kids and somebody decided to play golf in the living room-- not that that happened-- so there's another hole. And I say, you know what? I'm going to go ahead and patch that hole on me.

You put that on the invoice and say I did this and I did this for free. Thanks for being a customer of mine. I'm going to walk away going, that guy was cool.

-I'm going to tell you a story because I think this might help. The thing is is that all of us can find a way to wow the customers--


--and I'm trying to hit you, put you on the spot a little bit. You could see how your mind works because you're really creative at this. There was a taxi driver in New York-- and we've all probably heard a story similar to this.

But there's a taxi driver in New York. He picks me up at the airport. And I remember I get picked up at the airport and I was super upset because my wife couldn't go on the trip at a speaking event.

And she forgot her license. So she couldn't get on the plane. So I'm in New York by myself.

And I'm in the taxi and the taxi driver says, where you headed? And I tell him. And he says, well, what kind of music do you want to listen to?

Now I'm immediately thrown off. What kind of music do I want to listen to? R&B, bro. R&B. Like Luther Vandross, something like that.

Keith Sweat. Give me something like that. And he's like, OK. I can do that.

So he puts it on and I'm going, all right, this kind of cool. Now I see on the fare it says-- New York has a standardized fare, basically, all the taxi drivers have to charge. He says, what would you like to drink?

And I'm like, what would I like to drink? So I'm saying, well, what are my options? And he says, well-- and he passes me back a laminated card that's got Coke, Sprite, water, tea, all these different options.

And I'm like, orange juice. He's like, OK. Then he's like, well, what are you doing while you're in town?

I'm like, well, I have a speaking event up here in northern New York, about upstate New York. He says, OK. What kind of things do you like to do? So I'm rattling off some things I like to do. He says, well, let me go ahead and he gives me the right brochures.

This is a cab driver in New York where they have a standardized fee. You're not allowed to charge more or less for the fee. There's a one mandated fee that the sensational government has decided that the taxi drivers have to charge.

So what am I starting to feel as I'm getting done with this trip? I've only been in the car with the guy for seven minutes. I'm going, it says the fare $15, whatever it was. Internally, I'm going, if I'm not a terrible person I at least have to pay for the beverage and the brochures.

I tipped the guy $30 for like a $15 cab ride. And I'm thinking, how many people do that?

-But you walked away happy that you paid that?

-Boom. Well, then another story that comes to my mind is I was out speaking for an event out in the West Coast there near Hollywood there, actually at the Crowne Plaza at the Hollywood. And the limo driver that picks me up, I asked him, so what famous people have you picked up over the years?

And he says, oh, and he starts listing off all these celebrities singers and actors and all that and football players. And then he just starts singing though while I'm driving. And I'm thinking, this is odd.

Well, then I start realizing he is good. He has got a talent. It's a gift.

He doesn't have, obviously, a lot of money because he's driving a limo for a living. He doesn't have a lot of capital. He doesn't have probably a lot of education. But he's using his voice as an extra value add.

And again, I felt compelled to tip the guy. And I'm just thinking about if I'm an accountant, I guess, would it hurt for me to include one free service on my line item at the end of the month?

-Absolutely not.

-Just put hey, we did your extra data entry free on us. Thank you from Greeno and Clark Accounting. Would it hurt to say, hey, we did a deep dive audit for you, Mr. Greeno, and we found that you missed $800 of deductions. No, it


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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Ask Yourself: Are you doing anything in your business so WOW worthy that customers WANT to tell other people about you?
  • Ask Yourself: Is there anything you can do to improve how much people enjoy being at your place of business?
  • Ask Yourself: How can I make the way my customers interact with me better than the way they interact with my competitors?
  • Ask Yourself: Is there anything I can do to make my customers feel more welcome and more comfortable?
  • Lesson Nugget: One way to WOW your customers: under-promise, but over-deliver. Systematically finish your work faster than they expect.

-Let's do another one here. Let's say that I'm a doctor, and I'm watching this.


-Doctors, famous for having waiting rooms where you wait, and then you get into the waiting room after you get seen, then you go to another room where you wait some more. If you're a doctor, how would you create a viral apostle relationship with your customer?

-I would-- first of all, what does the waiting room look like? You go into a lot of doctors' waiting rooms and they're basically showing soap operas or other stuff in there. So maybe you have different options on there.

-So you would just change the whole atmosphere?

ARTHUR GREENO: I probably would. I would make it more relaxing. The chairs are horrible in those places. Put some recliners in there.

-I shouldn't totally plug any particular brands, but we're going to. There's a company called Vitalogy out of Austin. Austin, Texas. And these guys have-- at least at the time of this taping, they offer wraps, healthy food, snacks, beautiful ambiance, neat atmosphere. It's fabulous.

I don't know why most doctors don't do it. It's not that expensive. I've got a chance to talk to some people who work there. It's incredible.

-And when you walk into a lot of doctors' offices, as soon as you walk up, there's that person sitting behind that glass, you know?


-Yes, exact-- you waited on me yesterday! But that's kind of how it is.

-Grab a seat and fill out this clipboard.

-Absolutely. So how can you make that more pleasant? Maybe why don't you have a seat? We'll be out there to talk to you. They go out there, the person's comfortable, you visit with them. Here's what you need to fill out. I'll be right over here, just wave at me when you're ready, and I'll come out and take care of that for you.

-Now let me ask you this. If I own a gas station restaurant slash truck stop and gift shop, how can I take merely satisfied customers and turn them into viral apostles? If I am that guy who owns the gift shop, meets the truck stop, meets the restaurant, meets the gas station, right by where we go to church.

-That's right. First of all, you need to improve your burritos because they're horrible.

-We go to a church in an ambiguous area. We don't tell you where we go, but the burritos are bad there.

-So I would start with, again, what does it look like when you come in there? Sometimes those places are just overwhelming when you walk in. It's like, where do I even go? Where do I even start?

Make sure that the person buying the counter is making eye contact, watching that door. As soon as that door opens, welcome to wherever you're working at.

-What about a tag agency? Can you fix that? If you owned a tag agency-- I know if I owned a tag agency, I would be going, this is a great business, because everyone has to come here. It's mandated by law.

I'm just thinking for me, personally, I'm putting a pinball machine in there. I'm putting video games. I'm putting in a coffee bar. I'm putting in really cool chairs and decor. What kind of stuff would you do to overhaul this tag agency so we become the boss, where we become known for being the best tag agency in Tulsa?

-Well, I've actually seen a tag agency you go into, and the guy loves trains. So he has trains everywhere in this place, and he has old license plates all over, and you're kind of walking around looking. He has newspapers, old newspapers, like from in World War II where Pearl Harbor got bombed.

-Gosh, I want to go there. Take me there!

-You're looking at it, but then the people are just super friendly. They're more interested in helping you than they are coming up with reasons why you can't get your things done.

-Final one. This might be a tough one to stump you on how we can create viral apostles. If I'm an attorney, what can I do to create viral apostles? Is it even possible?

-I think quit lying.


I think it is. Again, what was it like when you went in there? Can they add some added value services in there? Can they meet you out where you are?

-I have one that really just blew my mind today. Wes Carter is an attorney that I work with. His company, Winters & King, has done-- great reputation. But they've done legal work for Joel Osteen and different other projects. He says-- he always does this-- I'll have it to you by the end of the day. And then before that, he has it. I'll have it to you by 5:00, and at 3:00 you have it. I'll have to you by 7:00, I'll get to you, and he gets it early. It's the whole game of I'll get it to you by Monday, and then you have it by Friday. It's just that whole thing. It's amazing stuff.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Recommended Reading: Raving Fans: "A revolutionary approach to customer service." By Ken Blanchard


-So really, in your mind, any business can-- we can create viral apostles' simply by focusing on wowing the customer.

-Right, and then the other part is that what do your customers desire? You know, we talked about surveys out there, wouldn't take much to go out there and just ask your customers. If you were to come here and walk away and to say wow, what would impress you?


-Let them think about it, and then you can take what they have moving foward--

-So as another tool, we could benchmark in somebody else, we could have a mystery shopper shop and tell us how we're doing, we could survey customers to see how we're doing, or we could actually do kind of our survey-- I'm just going to call this the utopia survey, but we could basically sit down with a customer, and ask them what they would want in their ideal situation.


-OK, awesome. Well Arthur, I appreciate you letting us a borrow your brain for a few minutes here, to learn about how to create viral apostles. Is there any book that you would recommend for me to read if I'm a business owner out there? Any books about creating an awesome customer service experience?

-There is a book out there called create "Raving Fans".

-Yeah, are you into this book--

-Absolutely, great book.

-OK, awesome. Well, for more information on how you can increase the level of customer service in your business, we've got some neat downloads associated with this video. And I just really do appreciate your time, and letting us borrow your brain, Sir.

-My pleasure.

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