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This business coaching episode explains the importance of daily planning time.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Finding Time To Get Ahead: Determine How Long It Will Take To Do Your Daily Planning
  • Notable Quotable: "Singleness of purpose is one of the chief essentials for success in life, no matter what may be one's aim.”
    -John D. Rockefeller
    (American business magnate and philanthropist. www.history.com)
  • Ask Yourself: Who do I want to maintain a relationship with in my life?
  • Ask Yourself: How can I make the relationship better with those people in the next 30 days?
  • Ask Yourself: When am I going to spend time with those individuals?
  • Action Step: For the next 30 days, reach out to those people you want to maintain a relationship.
  • Lesson Nugget: What you schedule time for will happen. Whatever you do not schedule time for, by default, will decay.
  • Action Step: How long will it take to plan out your day?
  • James Brown: American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer and bandleader. The founding father of funk music and a major figure of 20th century popular music and dance, he is often referred to as the "Godfather of Soul."
  • Action Step: Ask yourself, "What truly matters to me?"
  • Action Step: Use: 1 calendar 1 email address 1 to-do list

- Action step number three: determine how long it will take to do your daily planning. So I'm gonna set this up with the notable-quotable, Clay. "Singleness of purpose is one "of the chief essentials for success in life, "no matter what one's aim." Clay, tell me about that, John D. Rockefeller. - Well, let's get into two areas I think every thriver can relate to. Maintaining a relationship with your parents. Or maintaining a relationship with somebody. Maintaining a relationship. If that person, think of that person, ask yourself who is that person, is it mom, is it dad, is it mom and dad, is it kids? Who are the people you want, I want you to go ahead and type them into your notes tight now. Who do you want to maintain a relationship with? Just think of three people. Who are three people you want to maintain a relationship with, okay? Who are those people? Now, as you picture those people in your mind's eye right now, think about it, how can you make the relationship better in the next thirty days? Well, you're gonna have to interact with them, because relationships are built upon the time that you invest in them, not the amount of touches, the amount of time, okay? So, "I love you" equals "I'm spending time with you." That's how it works. So you have to block out time. So, whether it's your spouse, your kids, today you're gonna ask yourself, "When am I gonna do that?" So now you gotta go ahead and look at your counter right now, come on, come on, thrivers, let's do it! We have the time management system available to us right here on Thrive15.com, it's available, get your Google Calendar out, do it! So when are you gonna do it? Now, put it in the schedule. Now, for the next thirty days what I want you to do is I want you to actually reach out to those three people. And send me an email and tell me how the relationship's going at the end of the month. I will tell you this, there is a guy that I was very, very good friends with in college, and I put it on my Google Calendar, back in the day I had an analog calendar, everyone's got their own deal, but I put in the calendar and it would pop-up and it would say, "Call this guy." So I'd call him, "Hey dude, what's up?" And I remember like four years, five years after college he's going, "You're like the only guy "from college that I still know." I mean what is your deal? Think about your wedding photos, think about the photos form your high school yearbook. How many of those people do you still stay in touch with? And the only way to keep a relationship is to invest that time and to block out that time. Now here is the great news. Whatever you schedule time for is gonna happen, but you don't schedule, here's the bad news, by default it will decay. So, get into any area of your life and just do that system. So what we have to do, back to our action, Adam, here, is you have to figure out how long will it take, how long will it take to plan out your day, how long will it take to plan out your day? And you have to have a singleness of purpose that you are going to do this. Now, for somebody watching this, if you're an executive, I know of executives who take four to five hours a day to plan out their day, because they have a highly technical career. I know surgeons who spend as much time preparing for the surgery as the surgery itself. James Brown, hey, James Brown! This guy was a legendary, he's been the hardest working man in show business. Now, somebody watching this is like, "Yeah, he definitely was on drugs "and he also had some problem," that's true. But he practiced maniacally. Think about the best hitters, Tony Gwynn, baseball player from the Padres. I know some people are going, "Is baseball still a sport?" But the thing is, the top athletes, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, they all spend probably more time planning and preparing and practicing than they do actually doing the actual playing of the game. But you've got to block off time, because LeBron can spend every second of his day doing an interview right now. He could literally just do endless interviews. If he just answered his phone and just did interviews, he would never have time to practice, but he has to prioritize what's important, which is practice. I just want to make sure that we're doing this. This is an action everyone can do, is ask yourself what truly matters to you, okay? And let's make sure we block off time to do that, when are we gonna do it? - And as you're being, what I'm hearing you said, you're being intentional about it, but you're being also proactive to get ahead in this action step and you're writing it down. There are many people that are so gifted with their mind, but what I've learned that if I write it down, Marshall, I don't need to remember it, because it's gonna be there, but I had to be intentional about writing out my day in order for me not to forget it on my mind. - And there's some things tight here, and I want to make sure we add these to the screen here, there are some things we need to stop doing right now, it could cause a problem here. One, is you need one single calendar, okay? One single calendar. - [Voiceover] What do you recommend? - I personally recommend, we're working on some great technology for Thrive right now, but for right now I would recommend you guys will use a Google Calendar, it works, it's solid, it's good stuff. But just have one calendar, just have one calendar. And have one email, o-o-oh! You can have all your emails flowing into one email. We'll teach you the technical skills on how to do that. We'll do training on it if you want to know, we'll do it. But you gotta get all your emails flowing into one place. You have to do this, you need to have one to-do-list. So let's get into it. One to-do-list. - Uno. - One calendar, right? One to-do-list, one calendar, one email. Do not become part of the digital clutter where your mind explodes. Disorganization causes people to not be able to focus. We're in the digital world, no one can find their photos, no one knows what their phone numbers are, everyone's losing their contacts, don't let that happen to you.

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