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This business coaching lesson teaches about the dedicated IP address.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • 25 Variables to Google and User Compliance: 17. Dedicated IP Address
  • Lesson Nugget: An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device (e.g., computer, printer) participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. An IP address serves two principal functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing.
  • Lesson Nugget: IP address is also a unique string of numbers separated by periods that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network.

- Okay, so next we're gonna talk about a dedicated IP address and how your IP address, I don't even know what IP stands for, but how that relates to a Google-compliant website. - You down with IPP? - [Marshall] IPP? - No it's totally different. That's a Naughty by Nature reference, sorry. Don't even look up what that mean's either, it's bad. But anyway, IP. So what does IP stand for, is it internet? - [Stewart] Internet Protocol. - Boom, okay, I'm gonna show you something on my iPad here, I'm gonna show you something that I've been working on, it's a drawing I'm gonna work on right now, so here we go. This right here, let me just kind of move this up here so I can really draw and have an unobstructed view. This right here is a website. And this website right here is awesome sauce. This website is like an A plus, Google loves this site. Over here, this site, not so much. This site right here, we'll call this the spam capital of the world. This website is an F minus. And they both link up to the same IP address. So they both live here. So let me give an example. This person is in a gang, and this person is a pastor. So this person is a pastor, and he's like, "Hey everybody, we're having a bible study tonight "and we're gonna be talking about how to "help in our community." This guy's like, "I don't know where my gat is, but if I could find it I would definitely blast somebody." This is bad because you're both in the same house. So the policethey show up at both places, they go, "This is not a good house, because this house houses a gang member, and this house also houses a pastor." Am I oversimplifying it, or is that how an IP address works? - [Stewart] That's exactly right. - So Stewart, let's talk about it 'cause some Thrivers are going, "I don't understand gangs, "I don't understand pastors, "I don't understand either one of those analogies." That's fine, I tried to go both spectrums. Give me a different way to kind of explain just a little bit more, so there's nobody who could possibly walk away from this training and going, saying to themselves, "I have no idea what they just said." - [Stewart] It's true, my description may not be as colorful, I'll warn you now. - [Clay] Okay. - Okay, so IP. What that is, is it's kind of like a phone number for the website. You know how you type in Thrive15.com, that's a domain name. Well the IP, technically speaking, is the number that is the same thing as that domain name. It's kind of the phone number for the website. Oh man, that kind of is hard to understand, but an IP address is the computer number, right? - [Clay] Yeah. - So some people on the web call it a noisy neighbor, this is an example of a noisy neighbor. So if you have an IP address that's shared, like you have an example here, by someone who's a noisy neighbor, a bad neighbor, and they get blacklisted by Google, you're gonna go down too. - In what scenario are people sharing IP addresses without them knowing? - You know what, the majority websites are done this way, actually. If you go to GoDaddy or any of the major hosting companies, and you get on what's called a shared-hosting account, and most web-hosting accounts are done this way, you're sharing that same IP address with up to hundreds of other websites. - [Clay] How much does it cost for your own IP address, your own dedicated one, or you're like, "I'm tired of sharing it with this company." How do you get a different one? - Well, most hosting packages are kind of in that five to $15 a month range, - [Clay] Yeah. - when you get into dedicated IP, you gotta put some cash out there. - [Clay] How much cash? - Maybe 150, 200 a month?

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: A Dedicated Hosting IP gives your hosting account and website a unique IP address, one that's not shared by any other accounts on the same server.
  • Editor's Note: Email us at: info@thrive15.com
  • Ask Yourself: How much money is it costing me to have a bad website?
  • Action Step: Request the link for the tool that shows you who is sharing your website IP Address. info@thrive15.com

- Let me show you a move. This is something that I discovered back in the day. You don't have to, if you go, I don't like when you tell stories about back in the day, that's fine, but just think it was so much better then. You remember when you could talk to somebody, Stuart? - Oh, yeah. - You could talk one on one, and at no point would you get a text message. - That's true. You could just talk. You could just marinate. Paul Pressey, one of our Thrive mentors, and I, we talk about this a lot. It's the mentor. He's one of our mentors. It's about marination. But back in the day, I worked with a client, and what I found was they had this site, again that was the A+. This was an awesome site. There site was very, very good. We could not rank high in Google. For whatever reason, you know, this is page two, and we wanted to get on page one. And we really felt like we've done everything. We have all the backlinks. We have all the content. We've done everything possible. Well, we went here, and we looked. This is a true story. We went here, and we looked, and we found out that one of the sites on their -- it wasn't like bad, like unethical thing, just, one of the companies had every possible, every possible search engine violation you could have. Everything you should do, that you know, that you shouldn't do as far as Google optimization, they were doing it. And we said, hey you need to probably have your own dedicated IP address, and I think that'll fix it. And sure enough, they moved, and it made -- It was worth it for them. - Yep. - So, um, it might be $150 a month, - Right. - but that might be worth it to you if your sharing -- If the guy who developed your website has worked with a ton of other people, it's very, very, very, very possible that you're sharing your IP with somebody who's not the best. How do I look to see who I'm sharing my IP with? How do I do it? Is that something we can do? - That is. We're gonna post a link, Clay, or you can e-mail info@, - Yeah. - and there's a link we can send you that you type in your web address for your website, - Yeah. - and it will show every other website, and not only that, Clay, it'll highlight the ones that it considers either blacklistable, meaning they're risqué content, if you know what I'm saying. - Yeah. - And, uh, you really need to pay attention to that. So, in your example, if I could pay $150 a month, that could -- how much revenue could I generate, right? - Yeah. And the way I always encourage business owners to look at their website is how much money is it costing you to have a bad website? Not how much money could you make with it, but what does it cost you? I'll love to start there. Worst case scenario. Because, I look at it as, like, as an example. My brother-in-law, he has a business called Elephant in the Room. I talk about it often, and I'm so proud of him, what he's doing. It's great. Site looks awesome. But, the thing is is that he gets tons of clients per month from Google. I mean, tons of men who are wanting to get their haircut find him, you know, through Google. What did it cost him when he wasn't on Google at all? Or when he was on page two? I mean, who goes on page two to find your website, except for your mom? Right? My mom, I mean, it's like, "Oh, I love your website. Look at it. So nice. It's great. Everyone's smiling on the internet, the internet webs. It's so great. Look at it." And you go, "Mom. It's on page seven." "No, baby it's on pa-- It's number one in my book." I mean, that's what moms do, right? Meanwhile, clients are like, "I, uh, definitely did not find it on page one. I am not interested in looking at page two. I use somebody else. Deal with it." I mean, that's how it is. So, look up, as an action step, every single thriver. You right now. I want you to request this tool. We will send it to you because you need to know who is sharing your IP address. Marshall, are you feeling me? - I'm feelin' it. - This is like having a terrorist living in your living room. You know what I mean? You're going, "Hey. Could you guys stop polishing the warhead? I'm trying to watch a movie." And you're like, "No, no. It's cool. I'm just polishing a warhead. Nothing weird going on here." That's what it's like. You don't want to share your living room with a terrorist. - That's right. - I mean, Stewart, is that weird for you? - Uh, no. - Stuart's laughing because he's like, "I can relate to this. My roommate used to polish warheads." -It's true. -Okay.

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