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This business coaching episode explains how to define your marketing campaign objective and goal.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Components Of Any Successful Ad Campaign: Clear Campaign Objective and Goal
  • Components Of Any Successful Ad Campaign: Define Target Audience Specific Location
  • Lesson Nugget: Facebook Power Editor allows you to target your ideal customer demographic.
  • Components Of Any Successful Ad Campaign: Strategic Timing
  • Components Of Any Successful Ad Campaign: Optimized Adjustments

Looking forBusiness Education?


-Offer some interesting content that's interesting for your target audience with engagement posts. You might want to run ads to someone who put a certain product into shopping cart, initiated a check out, but didn't follow through.


-Andy, I appreciate you letting me harass you out here at the University Club in Santa Barbara. We are talking about advanced Facebook Tulsa advertising in a nutshell. I'm turning it over to you here. I'm ready be educated.

-All right, and I'm ready to roll. So, what are we going to be talking about today? We're going to be talking about critical components of any successful ad campaign.


-We're going to talk about what kinds of ads can I run on Facebook?


-Ads Manager versus Power Editor, which tool to use.


-Facebook ad organization levels. How Facebook ads structured


-And organized within the tools. Campaign objectives. [EXPLOSION]

-Three steps to Facebook success, we'll talk about a little later.


-Budgeting. We'll talk about this at the end as well.


-Reporting and tracking. Ad Creative.


-And targeting options and audiences.


-And it's especially fun when the animations are out of order.

-Have you ever budgeted any time here for us to talk about your time playing on the Austrian national football team. Is that going to be covered here? Or is that going to be later?

-That will be later.

-OK, well anyway, Thrivers, stay tuned. I'm going to try to weave in as many shameless plugs for his professional football career as possible. So stay tuned. If you're big football fan and a Facebook fan, this is like your Narnia. This is your unicorn. You found it.

-All right. I hope I'm not going to disappoint. So, the critical components about any successful an advertising campaign. You want to have a clear campaign objectives and a goal. If you don't know what you're trying to achieve, you're probably going to be failing or not knowing if you've reached your goal. So that's very important.

-Now, real quick on that. Just to have a clear objective. You just have to know, I'm trying to get this many Facebook likes. I'm trying to get this many fans. I'm trying to get in this many customers. What is a typical goal? What could be a goal?

-A goal can be a certain amount of fan growth. You want to get x amount of fans out of your campaign. If you want to try to drive traffic to your website, you can say, I want to drive x amount of visits to the site. If you're trying to create leads, x amount of leads--


-Or sales. x amount of sales.

-We like sales.

-We all like sales. Define target audience. You really need to know who is your customer? Who do you want to target? Specific location. Where is my target audience? Where is my customer?

-When we talk about this define target audience and specific location. I mean, Facebook allows you to define what age of people are seeing your ads. Men or women. What gender? What age? What kind of things does it-- I mean, you can get pretty specific about who you're marketing to can't you?

-Yeah, you can get very specific. Gender, as you mentioned. Age, as you mentioned. Also interests, what are people interested in? Also behaviors. What kind of behavior do they show online or even offline? And Facebook works with a lot of third party data there that they pull into the tool that I'm going to be showing you and talking about Facebook Power Editor.

-And that down to the specific location? Where they live and where they're from?

-Yeah. You can target their country, state, county, city, zip code.

-And this is so exciting because you used to have to run TV commercials and the whole city would see it, or the whole county would see it, or the whole state. Or wherever you're from, the whole region would see it. And now you're talking about laser beam marketing, if you know this information.

-Oh, absolutely. And you can also exclude specific locations. If you want to target city, but not certain districts of the city, you can set Facebook up this way.

-OK. Awesome.

-Strategic timing. This can be as far as when do you want to launch and run the campaign in terms of time frame? Fall, winter, spring, summer, certain months. Or even certain times of the day.



-And that would be-- I know you mentioned in one of our other episodes, like, if you own a restaurant, and you want to tell dudes, hey, dudes, at 11 o'clock we're having our lunch special starting. Hey ladies, we're having a ladies night tonight at our yadda yadda club. Hey, parents, bring your kids by 4 o'clock on Tuesday. So you can do all that with specific timing?

-Absolutely. If you are trying to get your lunch menu out. Having that lunch menu show up at 2 o'clock in afternoon, it's probably not going to be very successful. It might be a little bit too late for that.

-Little too late.

-Might work for the next day.

-Too late to apologize.


-Appealing ad creative. And by ad creative, what we're going to be talking about is the ad copy, the written text, individuals as well. So, both of that is part of the ad created.

-Real talk, Thrivers. If your brother's making these ads, and your brother is not a good designer, rumor has it, people won't click them.

-Yeah. Well, they might even comment on it, but it's probably not the comments you might be asking for.

-So real talk. Keep it real. Make sure you have some great ad designs.

-Continue testing. See how your ads are performing. And if they don't perform, turn them off. Try something else. If they perform well, try to keep going until they stop performing. Keep an eye on them... Business Education.

-Don't stay loyal to bad ads. Test them, and if they're not working, get something else in there.

-That's right.


-And then make optimized adjustments based on what you see in your reports.

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