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This episode is a business coaching course that explains that you must define your goals for success to come.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Ask Yourself: What are my goals? How can dominating and being the best at my job help me to get there?
  • Lesson Nugget: Be engaged in what you are doing and figure out how you can make what you are doing get you closer to your goals.
  • Success Principles: 1. Nothing Is as Powerful as a Changed Mind 2. The Growth Mindset is the Difference Maker 3. You Are Either Sleeping at the Cirque Du Soleil or You Are Loving It

mindset video like udacity

-So what are we asking ourselves here though? You touched on it. You said, ask yourself. What are we asking ourselves?

-Ask yourself what are your goals and how will you dominating, and being the best you could possibly be at your job, help you get there?

-So how does this just-- sorry if I'm going back to it again. But how does this example of falling asleep at the Cirque du Soleil fit in with the growth mindset and what we're talking about?

-Because most people are asleep at the wheel. They're at a job. And they're in their car. They're driving to-- and they're just asleep and they're crashing. They don't understand, why did I get fired? Because you went into the ditch. Why'd you go into the ditch, because you fell asleep. Why'd you fall asleep, because you weren't engaged. You've got to be engaged in what you're doing. I'm just telling you.

-I feel so bad sometimes for my wife. But she'll say, baby, let's go on a-- we'll go camping. I remember we went to Lake Powell, if you've watched this. I don't know if they still have water out there. But Lake Powell, Utah. It's like this big resort, like you're on a houseboat in the middle of a cavern. It's like the Grand Canyon has been flooded. It's how the terrain looks. All the family's like--

(IMITATING FEMALE VOICE) Oh it's great. We're at Lake Powell. Look at--

For some reason, the family in my mind talks like that.

(IMITATING FEMALE VOICE) We're great. We're at Lake Powell. Look at all the water--

And I am literally miserable. I hate being outside. I hate being on a boat. I don't want to go in the water. And I don't want to fellowship with family about problems and what hap-- things that are going on. I want to be by myself in an office selling something. The point is-- don't be on this trip to Lake Powell and miss out on it because you're not in engaged. You've got to either find your big goals and get engaged in the job you're at now. Or you've got to be honest with yourself and say can I ever, even possibly be engaged in what I'm doing now. And if not maybe ask your boss for a lateral move or something that can engage you. But don't be asleep at the wheel. Because Cirque du Soleil is awesome. Lake Powell is awesome, just not for me.

-OK so that's what you're saying, though you really got to define those goals. You have got to define what you care about. Figure out your why. I know you talk about that a lot.

-Yeah, I mean if you take me to an office-- I remember I got a chance to shadow, years ago, a guy who's a billionaire. And I literally went to his office. And I never went outside. And we walked around and I watched him work.

-That was like your dream.

-And I'm like, oh man, this is so good. And I'm just taking notes. And I'm like do you ever-- how do you organize your day? And he's telling me and I'm like purring. I mean I am man-purring. I'm like a purring cat. I'm just purring. I'm starting to act like my kid. I'm starting to like lean back and start trying to get him pet me. I'm just purring because I-- I love it so much.

-You sick freak.

-Yeah but that's what I'm into.

-I know.

-So you've got to find out whatever you're in to, and then be fully invested into that.

-I love that. That's huge. And this whole thing, we've talked about it. We'll go over the three things again. Nothing is as powerful as a changed mind set. 2- The growth mindset is the difference maker and 3- you're either sleeping at Cirque du Soleil or your loving it.

-True, true, talk. And I'll tell you, if you're watching this and you're Dan McKinnon right now, or someone who knows Dan McKinnon or maybe someone who's ever met a guy named Dan or you like the arts, or theater, or music, or camping. I apologize. But the main thing is that you've got to understand you've got to be engaged in what you're at or you're going to be a jerk like me who is asleep at Cirque du Soleil.

-And this all plays into the growth mindset, though. And you're not going to be able to really thrive where you're at without that growth mindset.

-Well people believe that someday a better job is going to come. There's people right now who own a plumbing business who are like, well, if I was a different industry I'd be more engaged. But you've got to be engaged in the job you have right now. You've got to be engaged.

-And you have the capacity to grow. Like you have it. That's our whole point here is that we're talking about. You believe that each person actually has the ability to increase their--

-I don't believe it, I know it. And if you're watching this and you don't believe it, you're wrong. So we'll just come on down to Tulsa, we'll get a little crazy.

-Whoa, I don't know if you want to do that, you saw and acting out the cat thing. He's already, whoa, kind of crazy. So, thank you Clay. I appreciate it. You take care.

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