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This business coaching episode explains why you must design your life.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Mortimer Mouse: When Walt Disney was in the process of creating Mickey Mouse, he suggested the name of his new character to be Mortimer Mouse. However, his wife, Lillian Disney, felt the name sounded too pompous, and suggested Mickey, instead.
  • Adventures of the Starkiller, Episode I: The Star Wars: The Adventures of the Starkiller, Saga I: The Star Wars was the second draft of the script to the film that would become Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. It was replaced in May 1975 by a new synopsis called The Adventures of Luke Starkiller (episode one) "The Star Wars."
  • Fun Factoid: His script for the movie Rocky was rejected over 1500 times! Stallone was given a nod by United Artists for $125,000. BUT - only if Stallone would NOT star in it. Stallone refused. He was subsequently offered $250,000 and $325,000! He would not accept unless he starred in it. Finally they compromised. They would allow him to play the role of Rocky, but would only pay him $35,000 and a percentage of profits as a concession. He accepted.
    -Sylvester Stallone
    (American actor, screenwriter, producer, and director. He is well known for his Hollywood action roles, particularly boxer Rocky Balboa)
  • Notable Quotable: β€œAll the adversity I've had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me... You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.”
    -Walt Disney
  • Lesson Nugget: Success in business does not happen by accident. You have to be intentional to get it.
  • Ask Yourself: What is the differentiator of my business that makes it stand out from the rest similar to mine?

- Now, you're a voracious reader of Best Practices and you've worked with hundreds, thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, how many of them have gotten it right the first time? - I don't know anybody who has. I've never seen it happen. I've just never seen it, even one time. And I'm not just talking about people I've worked with, think about the famous people like Walt Disney. Look up his first mouse, let's put it on the screen here. Mortimer, Mortimer the mouse. Yeah, Mortimer. Not so awesome. He's kind of angular, didn't really work out. Walt Disney lost it all twice. Our main man George Lucas. The first movie was called Starkiller. That's what Star Wars was called was the Starkiller. Luke Starkiller was the character. Look at some of the earlier drawings, not so hot; right? If you think about Sylvester Stallone he started out with trying to make this Rocky movie series. Rejection, rejection, rejection. He couldn't make it as an actor. So he had to write his own movie, and then star in his own movie. That's just how it is. Every business starts with struggle. It has to happen. - Because the Thrivers are struggling on a regular basis, they might feel like, "This is just really discouraging. I really feel like I'm being discouraged, and broken down, and everything." So I want to hammer this home with a notable quotable here. It's from Walt Disney. Have you ever heard of Walt Disney before? - Yeah, absolutely. I actually hear he's catching on. - Okay. He's catching on. - Like Michael Jackson, he's selling a lot post-death. That's how Walt is. I think he's just now starting to get, you know. - Well, Disney they purchased the Star Wars franchise, and they just killed it. - That's my favorite entrepreneur's business, Walt Disney. Buying my favorite movie, Star Wars. When that happened, it was like a spiritual consummation occurred. That's what that was like. - I like to say Chewbacca. - It was a life changer. - So here's the notable quotable here from Walt Disney. "All the adversity I've had in my life, all the troubles and obstacles have strengthened me. You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you." What does Walt Disney really mean by this? - Well, my bias I'm bringing to the table is I'm low empathy. I don't empathize very well. I don't get it. I don't understand. I just know that the reality is if we don't get out there and start acting, we're just going to get our current reality. Life's not going to give you anything. You have to go out and get it. You have to go get it. So, what Disney's talking about is you have to go out there and go get it. You have to bring enthusiasm, you have to pitch your idea, you have to work, you have to try to go get that capital. And as you try to pursue that capital, you're going to get kicked in the face. I remember I talked to One Venture Capital, the guy, and he says, "I don't like your idea at all." And I was like, "Okay, okay. We can work with that. What's your main concern?" And he's like, "No, just the whole thing. I don't like it. I don't like it." "So what do you like?" He goes, "I can't think of anything I like." I said, "Well, can you specifically break down for me what you don't like?" He goes, "Beyond everything?" I'm like, "Yeah. Specifically." He goes, "Well, there's no differentiator. How is this different than YouTube?" How is this different than YouTube?" So, I was like, "That's a good question. We have downloadables where people can download outlines of trainings. They're transcribed. We're going to be working on the Podcast feature. They can ask questions. There's a workshop they can go to." And he's like, "Well, why is it not in this packet?" And I see he's pretty annoyed with me. "I'm sorry." He goes, "You're taking my time. You're meeting with me. I've got stuff going on. At least put your differentiators in your packet." And I'm like, "What else do you not like?" "Who's teaching all these classes?" And I'm like, "Well, myself and a team of mentors." He's like, "Who are you? How come I haven't heard of you? You're not famous yet." And I'm like, "Okay." He's like, "I can't even find you on Wikipedia. I'm like, "True." He's like, "Why aren't you on Wikipedia?" "Well, I'm not on Wikipedia because I just haven't put any effort into getting on Wikipedia. I guess I could do that." He's like, "Well, just do it then." I'm like, "Well what else?" He says, "Who are your mentors?" And I'm like, "Well, we'd have Clifton Taulbert and we would have." And he's like, "Well, why aren't they on this document?" And so you start realizing, "Wow, people don't want to sign up for a subscription based training website, if they don't know who the mentors are. If they don't know who I am. If there's no credibility. They didn't know. And because I'd had success in my own little sort of dagoba, of-the-grid, yoda way, I didn't put a lot of my successes on Wikipedia. I didn't document a lot of my achievements. I didn't do that. And I had realized I had to do that. I realized I had to make the downloadables a more prominent feature on the site. - I'm sorry. You know there's some Thrivers that are watching right now and they say, "Well, that's you Clay. You got the experience. You got the personality, the charisma." What is it about you that gives you that strength in the midst of somebody saying, "Well, why is it not here?" Some people may think, "Oh, my god. I must be a horrible entrepreneur. I might be a horrible person." What is it about you that took that perspective and just turned it around to strengthen you? Because some people might be watching and saying, "Man, if I hear that in my first meeting, I'd just throw in the towel. That's it." But you took it as, "No way." What is it about you? What makes you do things like this and not give up? - That's a great question. And, I know, as you're watching right now, if you feel like that, you have to determine that your life is never going to get better if you don't design it.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Notable Quotable: "Control your own destiny or someone else will."
    -Jack Welch
    ( Retired American business executive, author, and chemical engineer. He was chairman and CEO of General Electric between 1981 and 2001- Wikipedia)
  • Ask Yourself: Am I going to be afraid of rejection and accept mediocrity financially? Or am I willing to push through, no matter the rejection, in order to achieve success?
  • Lesson Nugget: Your "why" has to be so big that when opposition tries to knock you out, you are still inspired to press through and persevere!
  • Lesson Nugget: Your "why" has to be so big that when opposition tries to knock you out, you press through and persevere!
  • Lesson Nugget: The more rejection you face, the more pay you will earn in return.
  • Lesson Nugget: You have to go through the breakdown before you experience the breakthrough.
  • Recommended Reading: The amazing gripping account of the business saga of a company that rose to dominance through technological innovation, and maintained its leadership against competitors through aggressive marketing, tough business tactics, and liberal use of legal firepower.
    -Andy Grove
    (Hungarian-born American businessman, engineer, and author. He is a science pioneer in the semiconductor industry. He later became CEO of Intel Corporation and helped transform the company into the world's largest manufacturer of semiconductors.)
  • Editor's Note: For all FREE downloads email us at info@thrive15.com
  • Editor's Note: If you are Marshall's future wife... feel free to email him today.

- If you don't ordain your destiny... - [Jose] Right, right. - Somebody else will. This is a Jack Welch quote, I'll put it up on the screen, I'm just gonna paraphrase it right now, but I'll put the quote up here. But, Jack Welch talks about, if you don't design your destiny, somebody else will. Just understanding that, when you grow up, when you don't have the economic means to do a lot of things, you know? When you wanna go play a sport, let's say, and you can't afford to do it. When you want to go to a certain school, and you can't do it. When you wanna buy certain clothes, and you can't do it, and you wanna go to a movie, and you can't do it. I remember, The Olive Garden, man, I use to be so pumped to go to the Olive Garden. It was like, bam, I'm at the Olive Garden, I'm getting whatever I want. I'm getting soup, and I'm getting salad. - [Marshall] And breadsticks. - Yeah, and the guy is like, you want some more? Yes. Totally abusing it. You know, limitless, like it's an unlimited amount. Sir, you've had 18 bowls of bread. I think I'll have some more, you know what I mean? When that's your reality, to my thought is, am I gonna be a person who is afraid of rejection and just accept mediocrity financially? Or am I gonna be somebody who pushes through? So I would just say right now, if that's you, determine right now what you want. Determine your why. Write it down, why am I doing this? What is the point? That has to be so big and exciting and motivating, and just compelling, that you will push through anything to get there. If that is you, you're gonna have success. But if not, you're not going to. There's nothing wrong with you, you just probably need to go get a jobby job in a place where there is limited rejection. Now, we'll tell you, the less rejection, the less pay. If you're a manager right now, and you have a ton of rejection, and a ton of obstacles you face, you probably get paid more. - [Jose] Say that quote again, that was crucial. - The main thing here is, the more rejection you face, the more pay that comes with it. You know what I'm saying? Promotion equals problems. The higher you get promoted, the more problems you have. Make sense? - Yeah. So you're saying that if I'm facing this resistance, I'm facing this rejection, I'm being broken down, you have to go through that before you have a breakthrough. - Yeah, you always have to go through the breakdown before the breakthrough. Especially when you're trying to raise capital. You don't become successful by just giving money to people with an idea. Investment is all about investing in the people behind it. Look at the greatest companies in the history of American business. They all have what at the top? Strong leaders who fought through things. If you look at Intel, Andy Grove, their CEO, that guy is like, you read his story, we're talking about a first generation immigrant who came over here, had to fight to get it. Anybody watching this who's an immigrant, you know what I'm talking about, it's tough to get in here legally, right? Then, did the language barrier, and then starting a company. Then you're trying to ask a guy like that to give you money, who's just fought for everything. You're like, hey, by the way, could you give me some of your money? You have to really, really, sell them on you. The only way to galvanize your idea to make it better and better, and in my case, to add the value propositions to the pitch deck, is to learn that you're doing it wrong. The only way to learn that is to get out there and do it. You have to do it. On Thrive, we try to empower you with awesome training on pitch decks, you can go up there and watch. Our training's on a pitch deck, so you don't go in as blind as I did, but that's just how it is. - If Thrivers want a example pitch deck, you guys can actually e-mail us at info@thrive15.com, we'll send you the downloadable. Happy to do that, just e-mail us at info@thrive15.com and we'll get that over to them. It's an example pitch deck to kinda help you get on the right track and everything. - You can e-mail us, we'll send that to you. Also, if you e-mail us to info@thrive15.com, you wanna e-mail Marshall any dating tips, we're distilling that into a binder, and then we're double stamping that and we're triple stamping, we're having it certified, notified. - I'm able to actually translate that into Spanish, although he is fluent already in Spanish, I can help with that. - What's happening is, his dates are becoming less and less terrible. Each week, they get better and better. The rumor has it, he has an actual lady friend right now, who just is a virtuous, wonderful, lady. So your tips are helping Thrivers, don't stop. - [Marshall] If my future wife is out there, I'd greatly appreciate that, so we can stop talking about this on the trainings. That would be awesome. - Yeah, I would never wanna bring up your personal life more than twice for training. - Well Clay, thank you so much, Jose, thank you. - Thank you. - We're excited to work through resistance training works. Until the next time, Thrive on. - You're a great American.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Today's Topic: Resistance Training Works
  • Notable Quotable: "Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you."
    -Thomas Jefferson
    ( American Founding Father who was principal author of the Declaration of Independence (1776). He was elected the second Vice President of the United States (1797–1801) and the third President (1801–1809). )
  • Ask Yourself: Am I hesitating and waiting for the "perfect" time to launch my business or idea?
  • Editor's Notes: To learn more about this principle watch: The 6th Day Principle: The Art of Getting Ahead series
  • Lesson Nugget: 4 step process when launching your business: 1. Define 2. Act 3. Measure 4. Refine
  • Ask Yourself: Which of the 4 steps am I getting caught in?

- [Voiceover] Three.Two.One. - You have to determine that your life is never going to get better if you don't design it. - Thrivers welcome back. We are getting into resistance training works today. We're here with Clay Clark and Jose Miranda. - Hey you got it right. - Did I do it okay? - Miranda. - Okay here we go. - Miranda. - Miranda. - And so Clay we're talking about resistance training works. Tell me what is that, for all the thrivers that are kinda like huh? - [Clay] Okay. - What is that? - Your trying to raise capital and the reality is when you're trying to raise capital your going to sit in a dorm room, sit at your house, sit in the garage, sit at the kitchen table, sit around, you're gonna be sitting and your going to be going I have the perfect plan. So you fix the perfect plan, then you fix the perfect plan, you fix it some more and you fix it some more. And then someone says we should hire a professional writer. So you hire a professional writer, you pay them to write it, then someone says we need to talk to somebody about the legal ramifications of this kinda business. So then you do that and then someone says but what if someone already has this idea. And then you talk to someone else, they go don't you need to trademark that first? And you talk to someone else they say I don't know really if that idea would work. And then someone else says what are gonna fall back on someone else and pretty soon you never send it out. - [Man] Right. - You just never send out your pitch deck. You never call anybody, you never present it, you never called a venture capital company, you never ask a banker, you never go to the bank, you don't do anything. And action is what creates results and so what happens is you're afraid, not you I'm sure if your watching this, your smarter then I am. But your sitting around, your going I'm not going to ever pitch this yet cause it's not quite ready. Right? But eventually you have to do it and when you do it your gonna come into this thing, your gonna come against this thing called resistance. And that is what we're talking about. - [Man] You sound a little bit passionate about this here. - I'm passionate because I-- - Just a little. - I'm passionate because I'm talking to thousands of thrivers and I'm probably talking to you specifically. If you're watching this right now, I've probably talked to you but we are talking to you and your saying I can't pitch my thing yet because I need to do this. Well guess what, your gonna be dead soon. I mean guaranteed. So you can't be like a 44 year old grown man, I'm 35 right, I meet guys who are 45 years old. Who are like when I retire I wanna start a business. What are you doing you only live one time you gotta do it so how do you do it? I talked to one thriver, this is a specific example of what I'm talking about I said, do you believe your idea? They said, I do believe my idea. I said, you do believe your idea? I do believe my idea. You do? Yeah. You do? Well then you need to stop doing what your currently doing. He said, well I can't afford it, I said okay so your gonna have to work on the sixth day. Your gonna have to get, maybe you work full time, and at night you work on your business. But you have to do it, you can't wait until you get to this magical time in the universe, when all the stars are aligned and everything works just right to launch. You have to eventually launch and when you do you will run into resistance, you can't have a perfect idea that doesn't have resistance, there's never been an example of that. - So there's a lot of ways to phrase that, done is the enemy of perfect and kinda the ready fire, aim, mentality. Maybe I'm not directly quoting that but can you break that down? A lot of thrivers get caught in between those two principles, done and perfect-- - [Man] Right. - And at what point do you just, let's go. - Here's the four step process. - [Man] Okay. - The first one is you want to define. Step one is define. Okay. D-E-F-I-N-E, define. The second step though okay is that you need to act, so you define what you think is gonna work, then you act, step two is act. So define then act. Then the third step, which no one wants to do, no one wants to do it. You have to measure. You gotta measure. Then you have to, the fourth step, is refine and you just repeat over and over. So here's what the deal is. Ask yourself right now as an entrepreneur, are you the define entrepreneur, where you just keep defining and defining? You keep defining what you think will work. Or are you the entrepreneur who's just violently acting, your just like let's just do it, let's do it. And your like I don't know if it's working. It doesn't matter just do it. Are you the measure person who's like I've got this report and this report tells me about this report and if you look here at this report. This report tells me about this report. - [Man] Wow. - Or are you the person who's just refining, your constantly changing your idea without doing all. It's all four steps have to work at the same time. Define, act, measure, and refine. Over and over that is the key to success that's how you do it as an entrepreneur.

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