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This episode is a business coaching course that teaches to determine the demographics for the keyword.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Ask Yourself: Who is my ideal and likely buyer?
  • Ask Yourself: Who is NOT my ideal and likely buyer?
  • Action Step: Schedule a time to evaluate who is your ideal and likely buyers
  • Lesson Nugget: Ask for feedback from ideal and likely buyers, not just friends and family members that are not passionate about your business who will not give you candid feedback.

- So, one you have to determine who is your most ideal and likely buyer. Who is the person who's most ideally and likely going to buy your products or services? Who are these people? So, would you for one buy a toxin-free spatula, do you care? - This is not something I'm looking for, no. - [Clay] Whatever, what about you Marshall, would you search for that? - I personally, no. - [Clay] Devon, you've got a young child, you've got a young baby, young baby, and you've got a beautiful wife, would you search for toxin-free spatulas? - That's not me. My wife might, but not me. - These people don't care about people, that's the issue, no I'm just saying. But the thing is like, not everybody's searching for it. - [Stewart] True. - But you have to ask yourself, who is your ideal and likely buyer? Ask yourself right now, this is something every Thriver needs to do. Who is your ideal and likely buyer? I'm gonna give you another example, which is gonna help you guys get this flow. The company I used to own called djconnection.com, when I owned it, I had the website, it looked entirely different than it looks now. The new owner has a little different perspective, he's doing a great job. But my whole thing was humor, like humorous enthusiasm. So if people every once in a while would find our site, and they would call us and go, "Why do you have big heads on little bodies? "Why are you doing caricatures, "and all the ridiculous jokes on your website? "Who do you think you are, who thinks that's funny?" Well, I thought it was funny, and thousands of people a year thought it was funny. But people who don't appreciate humor out of their entertainer, I frankly don't care if you book with me. So we have to figure that out. So I'm just asking you, Thrivers, who is your ideal and likely buyer? Now the second question one must ask, one, as in you, must ask yourself, who is not your ideal and likely buyer? So let's go ahead and Google our main man Donald Trump. Could we Google Trump, Trumpsky? Now if you're a Donald Trump fan, chances are you say the word beautiful a lot. Can we go to his campaign site? Maybe Donald Trump campaign or something like that. Let's Google Donald Trump campaign, or you know, website or something like that. We'll find it here soon, there you go, Donald J. Trump. So if you're somebody who, you know, likes Donald Trump, you probably believe that America once was great, and you wanna make it great again. You're probably in favor of guns, having the ability to have guns, you're probably that kind of guy, you probably are in favor of very conservative views. So if you're weird, if you are just weird as anything, if you were Donald Trump and you were just weird as anything, what you would do is you would optimize for social justice and income equality and those kind of things, and then people who wouldn't like you would find you. That doesn't make any sense, and I see a lot of business owners that do that, and the reason why I'm referencing politics is because it's so easy to see it. It's so easy to go, that wouldn't make any sense for a guy like Donald Trump to optimize for social justice. Or it wouldn't make any sense for Bernie Sanders to Google, to optimize for gun liberty. You know, it wouldn't make any sense. So you've gotta ask yourself, who is your ideal and likely buyer? So I'm gonna go ahead and pick on out team, we have a panel of gurus here. So I'm gonna pick on the team here a little bit here. - Marshall, what's a sports team that you're excited about? - I'm super excited about the Oklahoma City Thunder. - [Clay] Are you being serious? - Yes. - [Clay] Okay, so you're super excited. Stew, do you care? - I do, the Thunder, go Thunder. - Do you care? - Yeah, Thunder. - I don't care at all. - Mmm. - So here's the thing, like, they're not gonna get stressed out if I'm not buying from them. But if you were looking for the Thunder, Oklahoma City Thunder, if you were gonna go to a game, what would you type in? - I would probably, if I wanted to go to a game? - Yeah. - Find Oklahoma City Thunder tickets. - Okay, what about you Devon? - Probably the same, Oklahoma City Thunder tickets. - [Clay] What about you? - I would look for the schedule. - [Clay] The schedule? - I wanna know the dates, the next show, you know, the next deal. - The thing is, Thrivers, this is kind of an action step for every single person here. You need to sit down with yourself. You're going, with myself, that's so weird. Yeah I know, thinking, it's weird. You have to sit down and ask yourself, who are my ideal and likely buyers? Everything about the Thunder is catered for people who like basketball, and Oklahoma City basketball. And so you have to figure out who are your ideal and likely buyers. Don't worry about appealing to hockey fans if you're a basketball team. And ask yourself who are not your ideal and likely buyers. And Stewart, how often do you see this step, 'cause you're a web guy, you've been doing this forever. How long have you been building websites? - Oh man, about as long as Marshall's been dating. - [Clay] Oh, wow. - Maybe actually longer, maybe. - The way he did that, it wasn't appropriate. - I'm so sorry, Marshall. - We'll have to delete this part. So you've been doing this for a long time. - Yeah. - And when you do it, how often do you see it where somebody hasn't asked themself this question, and has built a site that doesn't appeal to their ideal and likely buyers? - Well, it happens a lot, and people waste time and waste money on non-targeted demographics. - So let me get real, this is the part where people screw this up. You're gonna go ask your best friend, hey best friend. So let's say you have this toxin-free spatula company, and you're like, hey best friend, what kind of spatula would you buy? And your best friend's like, "I don't remember "the last time I bought a spatula, "I'd probably go to a garage sale, I don't know, whatever." You can't get offended, you gotta find your ideal and likely buyers and optimize for that, it's so important.

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